√ How to Check Internet Connections Easily

Nowadays internet connection has become a necessity that cannot be separated from daily life. from entertainment to work activities. for this article I will share simple tips on how to how to check internet connection on your laptop or computer.

The easiest way is of course you open a browser and then try visiting certain sites like google.com, gmail.com or also facebook.com. but in my opinion this method can not provide complete information. because sometimes when we visit a website / website, and can’t open, it doesn’t mean that our connection is the problem. it could also be because the browser is infected with a virus or the site is down (inaccessible).

Therefore the following tips how to check internet connections easily without the need to open a browser and also provide more complete information.

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1. For Windows users, please press the button Windows + R then type ping -t . or can also run cmd (command prompt) then type the command as above.

2. After clicking OK , a new window will appear that provides information on whether you are connected to the internet or not. like the picture below

The picture above shows a reply from server the thing to note is the part time, The smaller the time, the faster your connection. besides that time also shows the stability of your connection. if time value stagnant or does not change drastically then your connection can be said to be stable.

if a message appears Request Time Out. means your connection is a problem. This happens when you are connected to a router or WiFi but cannot connect to the internet. how to overcome it can be with reconnect or wait until the connection is stable again.

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other than that if that appears general failure or also unreachable then you are really not connected to the internet.

for linux users, the method is the same as typing the command ping in the terminal.

so many ways to check your internet connection easily, I myself always do the above method to check whether the laptop that I use is connected to the internet. and also to see how stable the internet connection is.


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