√ How to Blur in Adobe Photoshop in Just 1 Minute

There are thousands of ways you can use to enhance your photos.

All that can be done using the application editing photo. Let’s say, one of the most widely used is of course Adobe Photoshop.

Already know, what is Adobe Photoshop?

Photoshop is an image editing application that is generally used on PCs based on the Windows operating system.

Since a long time ago, this application is known for its abundant features. No wonder so many users.

Well, in Photoshop, we can do various settings for editing photos. One interesting setting to discuss is the effect blur.

Overview of the Blur Effect

Blur is an effect on an image that gives an unfocused look. For example, it becomes somewhat foggy, and the details on the object tend to be gray.

The blur effect itself has long been known in the world of photography, and is usually used to increase focus on certain objects. That way, the view of people who see it will be more focused on intact objects that are not touched by the blur effect.

For example like the following photo:

Pay attention to the background in the picture. Looks a bit fuzzy right?

Also notice that such a background makes the main object in the picture more detailed and becomes the focal point, which in this picture is the bird.

Here are some of the benefits of the blur effect:

  • Beautify the photos.
  • Make focus on an object.
  • Make photo details.
  • Create a blurred effect.
  • And others.

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How to Create a Blur Effect in Adobe Photoshop

As has been said before, there are certain settings that must be done, or maybe more precisely how to create a blur effect in Adobe Photoshop.

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I will explain the following.

For the steps, just 1 minute is enough, even less than that if you are more skilled and accustomed. The important thing, just prepare in advance the photo you want to blur, yes.

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Make a Selection on the Object First

The blur effect is more commonly used on parts outside the main object. For example, the surrounding scenery, background, and others.

Because in a photo an object is automatically integrated with the photo, so here we need to do a selection first, which part you want to blur, and which part is the main object.

For the method itself it’s very easy:

  • First, after Adobe Photoshop is opened, please click File. Then, select the menu Open.
  • Browse the photo you want to edit.
  • Click the letter “P” to open tool selection.

For tool There are several kinds of selections, namely:

  • Quick Selection Tools: To make a photo selection manually. Examples of line objects with one another.
  • Magic Wand Tools: To make object selection easily using the automatic detection feature.

In addition, there are also tools others that can be used, like Pen Tool (to connect one line to another), Magnetic Tool, etc.

Everything can be used according to your needs. Because the function is basically the same.

PS: Select the photo carefully, so that parts of the object do not mix with what you want to make blurry.

How to Create a Blur Effect in Photos with Photoshop

Then, for how to make the blur, first make sure you have made a selection of photos of the object with the outside, so that later in a separate condition.

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For the effect, we can use a setting called Filter. This filter has a variety of options, including for the blur feature too.

The steps to implement it are as follows:

  • After the photo has been selected, please click on the menu Filter > Select menu Blur > Then choose Gaussian Blur.
  • A box will open preview in Photoshop. Please arrange the section radius pixels to be as needed

The greater the value, the blur produced will be higher too.

So, why the heck do you use Gaussian Blur? The reason, because of this effect most suitable to be applied to photographic-style images.

But of course you can still use other blur effect settings. For example like Box Blur, Lens Blur and much more.

The results of the blur settings vary. Please try it yourself and see the difference.

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The final word

So a little tutorial on how to make motion blur in Photoshop. Easy right?

Try to apply it yourself, in less than a minute. Guaranteed the blur effect can already be made. Don’t just read it, don’t you love the knowledge.

After all, this tutorial should really be very easy to emulate.

Don’t forget that this is of course related to your flight hours. The more you use it, the easier it will feel. Even the results will be growing day by day.

Oh yes, for this blur settings you can use in all versions of Photoshop, you know. Whatever it is, starting from the old version to the latest version. For example CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and so on.

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That’s all, hopefully useful!


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