2 Ways to Convert PDF Files to JPG Online and Offline

how to convert pdf to jpg

Almost everyone has a file that uses pdf format. The pdf document can be an important document file such as a diploma, birth certificate, certificate, etc. Or it can also be a document related to your work. Is soft file of course it will be very helpful in every administrative arrangement, because there is no need to bother carrying it hard file his. But what if there is a need where what is needed is an image file from that file, not a pdf file.

Many purposes can require that you have an image file from the pdf document file. For example, for the purposes of registration or online registration which requires uploading an image file of the required documents, of course you may not use the pdf file. Some people might prepare this when scanning a document, i.e. scan it in pdf and image format (for example jpg or jpeg format).

However, the problem is when you have never scanned in an image format for the required document. While re-scanning is not possible, for various reasons of course. In addition, of course it would be very inconvenient if you have to re-scan just because the format is not appropriate. So, the only and easiest way is that you have to convert the pdf document format to an image or convert pdf to jpg or png.

How to Convert PDF Files to JPG Online and Offline on a Laptop

If you need a scanned document in jpg format, while you only have pdf format files, then the best way is to convert the pdf file to jpg. If you change an existing pdf file into a jpg format image file, then of course you do not need to re-scan.

To make the process of converting PDF to JPG can use several methods, namely online and offline. If you want to do the process of converting pdf to jpg offline, then the software that can be used is Nitro Pro. Meanwhile, if you want to do it online, there are many online tools provided by various sites, one of which is iLovePDF.

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1. How to Convert PDF Files to JPG Offline Using Nitro Pro

The first way you can do to change the file format from pdf to jpg is to use the Nitro Pro software. Because this method is done offline, then of course no internet connection is needed. However, in order to use this method, then make sure that you have previously installed the Nitro Pro software on the Laptop or Desktop PC you are using.

If you have already installed the required software on your Laptop or Desktop PC, namely Nitro Pro, then this method can be done. In addition, also prepare a pdf file that will be converted into jpg. If everything is ready, then please follow the steps below to change the pdf file format to jpg.

Please open or run the Nitro Pro software on the Desktop PC or Laptop you are using. Then, in the main window please click New to open the document processing window. Then, in the window that appears, please click the tab Convert and in the list of tools that appear, please click To Image.

conversion to image

In the window Convert PDF to Images that appears, please click Add Files … to add pdf files that you want to convert into jpg. Then, on the window open please find and click the pdf document that you want to convert to jpg, then click Open.

Add files to Nitro Pro

Next will return to the window again Convert PDF to Images, here you can do several configurations. If you don’t want to change all pages of the pdf file to jpg, then please click Choose Pages. Then in the window Select Page that appears please click options Pages then type the page number you want to convert to a jpg format image. When finished, please click Ok to apply changes. However, if you want to convert all pages, then just ignore this section.

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Back again in the window Convert PDF to Images, please change the desired image format in the section Image Format to JPEG (the same as JPG). However, if you want to convert it to another format, such as PNG, then go ahead, depending on what is needed.

In addition, you can also change the DPI (Recommended to use Keep Original DPI). In addition, you can also choose where to save the converted file which is different from the original file storage in the section The output. After that please click Convert to start the process of converting pdf to image. Please wait until the process of converting pdf to image is complete.

Convert pdf files to jpg using Nitro pro

You will see the results in the form of jpg-format images which amount to as many pages as converted pdf files. For example, in this article all pages of pdf file conversions consisting of 6 pages are converted, then as an output 6 images will be generated, where each image contains each page.

The results of the conversion to images

2. How to Convert PDF Files to JPG Online Using iLovePDF

The second way you can do if you want to change the file format from pdf to jpg is to do it online. There are many sites that can meet your needs, one of which is iLovePDF.

This second method is perfect if you don’t want to install offline software like Nitro Pro. However, of course you need an internet connection to be able to use this second method. To be more clear, please follow the steps below to convert pdf to jpg online.

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The first step is to open a browser on the Laptop or PC Desktop that you are using, then please open the site ilovepdf.com. Then, on the main page of the site, please click on the menu PDF to JPG to open the pdf to jpg converter page.

How to convert PDF to JPG online

Next, on the page that appears, please click Select PDF file to select a pdf file to be converted to jpg.

Convert pdf files to jpg online

After that, on the window Open please search and select the pdf file that will be converted to jpg. Then, please click Open to add the file.

Then, on the page that appears, just leave the option selected in the right panel Page to JPG. After that, please click Convert to JPG to start the conversion process from pdf to jpg.

Convert pdf to jpg online

Please wait until the conversion process is complete and the conversion results page appears. When finished, please click Download JPG images to download a jpg file that is the result of the conversion of your pdf file. The downloaded file will be in the zip format because the image file is more than one file. The number of jpg files in the zip file depends on the number of pages of the converted pdf file. To use the file, please extract it first after the download is complete.

Online pdf to jpg conversion results

Those are 2 easy ways to convert pdf format files into jpg that you can do quickly. So you don’t need to re-scan or prepare two or more file formats. So you can complete the registration process or anything that requires the image document file without feeling inconvenienced.


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