√ [+Gambar] How to Make Circular Posts in Photoshop

One simple way to edit that many people may not know is to make circular writing in Photoshop.

Photoshop is an application editing photos with a myriad of features in them. This application is widely used to change certain parts, to support the needs of beautifying photos.

Well, besides that, in Photoshop we can also make special elements in the photo. For example making straight lines, making certain effects, and so forth.

Making circular round writing is also one of the capabilities possessed by this application.

This feature is not available in full in Photoshop, but we can make it yourself using each other’s creativity.

In addition to making circular writing, can also make Photoshop lines.

Function of Making Circular Posts

Function of Making Photoshop Circle Writing

There are several things you can make using methods editing circular writing in Photoshop, including:

1. Make a Stamp Design

Stamps are not always made directly at the factory.

Sometimes, the image on the stamp goes through the design process first, so the results become more varied.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if there are now many stamp products with unique, interesting writing. Maybe, some of them have gone through the editing process using Photoshop.

2. Making Font Beautiful and Unique

Most of the writing made in the picture uses horizontal style right?

Now, by making it into a circle, it will certainly make the photo more beautiful.

Likewise with usage font, which will automatically look more interesting by creating a circle.

3. Adjusting Font with Image

Not all images can be written on. Because, sometimes the distance between font with a certain object in the photo can be limited.

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Most people take steps by reducing the size of their writing. You mean the heart to make it fit, but the results actually make the writing illegible.

Well, different things if made into a circle. Automatically, the problem is limited space can be resolved directly or indirectly.

Basic Photoshop Techniques – Make Straight and Curved Lines Quickly

How to Make Circular Posts in Photoshop

After imagining a little about its function, now how do I make circular writing in Photoshop?

Actually it’s easy, that is, as I said before, using tools which is already available in Photoshop, then developed again as needed.

Well, anything? There are at least two ways that can be done, namely:

  • Use Ellipse Tool.
  • Use Pen Tool.

For more details, let’s, we immediately discuss the tutorial in full.

1. Using the Ellipse Tool

Ellipse Tool For Creating Photoshop Writing Circles

Is one of tool to make shape (form elements) in Photoshop, but the Ellipse Tool is more emphasized for making circular shapes in Photoshop.

Using this Ellipse Tool, we can make the text written following the shape of the circle. Thus, the text results do not become horizontal.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create a new sheet as usual in Adobe Photoshop. Click File > New > Then make a new sheet with size minimum width of 1000px and height of 600px (or can also be adjusted to the needs of each).

Create a New Page for Circles

Step 2: Once open, select Ellipse Tool. Press the U key to facilitate searching tool-his.

Ellipse Photoshop Tool

Step 3: In the top menu section tool, change the settings pixels Becomes path.

Path Settings in Photoshop

Step 4: Through the settings path that, please make a circle shape on a blank sheet that has been made. To make the size of the circle fit, you can try using the Shift + left mouse button combination.

Setting Circles in Photoshop

Step 5: Next, choose Horizontal Type Tool in Photoshop (or click the T button). If so, point the cursor to the right part of the Ellipse Tool line that was created before.

Photoshop's Horizontal Text Tool

Step 6: If so, then automatically the writing made is not horizontal, but follows the shape of a circle. Finally, just write the words as you wish. Don’t forget to set it too size letters so it’s not too small, yes.

Example of Photoshop Circle Writing

This is a standard tutorial. If you want, please try to vary it yourself, anything that really wants to be edited. For example, like giving letters to colors, or changing types font.

2. Using the Pen Tool

When it comes to functions, Pen Tool this is actually more universal, yes.

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That is, if the Ellipse Tool can only be shaped only round, this Pen Tool can be made into any shape as you wish.

And of course, we can also use this Pen Tool to make circular writing. The steps are like this:

Step 1: Create new paper. Set the size according to the standard, such as width 1000px, and height 600px.

New Photoshop Pen Page Settings

Step 2: Then, click the button Pen Tool. Can press the P key to speed up the search.

Look for the Pen Tool Photoshop Tool

Step 3: Create a new line that forms a circle. Connect the first point to another point. Check the following picture for example:

Setting the Circle Letters in the Pen Tool

Step 4: Click tool Horizontal Type Tool, then point the cursor to the line that has been made Type Tool. Then, please write the desired sentence.

Example of Pen Tool Writing Line Adjustment Results

It can be seen, the sentence that is made in the form will follow the line of the existing Pen Tool.

When it comes to results, actually both the Pen Tool and Ellipse Tool, it won’t be much different. But for this Pen Tool you have to be a little careful, so that the circle you make can be exact.

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The final word

Thus a review of how to make circular writing in Photoshop. Suitable for beautifying photos, or doing other creations related to writing.

Given so much tools available in Photoshop, maybe the steps discussed here are just one of several ways.

But, when it comes to the simplicity, I guarantee it’s easy to apply.

May be useful.


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