How to Save a Web Page as a PDF in Chrome

How to save web pages into pdf files

When you are browsing various websites on the Internet, often very interesting information is found. Such interesting information can be in the form of tutorials, recipes, stories, or other reading material. If so, it is not uncommon to want to save the web page so that it can be read later.

Actually, you can save these web pages to read offline. So, even if you are not online you can still read web pages that have been previously saved. However, it is not widely known that these web pages can also be saved in pdf format.

You can convert web pages into pdf files so you can read them at any time. So, all web pages that contain interesting information you can save in the form of pdf files. Thus you will have a more neat reading file because of the pdf format. Not only that, if the pdf page contains long reading information, then you will certainly be more comfortable reading it when opened in a pdf reader than in a browser. In addition, this method is also very effective if you want to share referrals to your friends.

How to Save Web Pages as PDFs in Google Chrome

If you want to capture web pages that contain interesting information, then one way that can be used is to save these web pages into pdf files. Thus you can read it again later using a pdf reader application. Not only that, you can also move and read pdf files on other devices.

Actually, how to save web pages into pdf files is very easy to do, especially if you use Google Chrome. Other browsers can also generally do this work, but this article specifically discusses its use in the Google Chrome browser. If you want to convert web pages to pdf files, then please follow the steps below.

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Please open the Google Chrome browser on the Laptop or Desktop PC you are using. Then open the website page or online article that you want to convert to a pdf file.

After the web page is loaded intact and no longer loading, please click menu (dot icon) located in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome browser window. Then, in the options that appear, please click Print.

Print web pages on Google Chrome

You can also do this method using shortcut on the keyboard. To open a window print use shortcut Keyboard, please press CTRL + P on the keyboard.

Next, on the window Print that appears please change the section Destination Becomes Save as PDF. This step is done so that the web page will later be saved as a pdf file. Then, in section Pages You can choose to save all pages or only certain pages. Likewise on the part Layout, where you can choose the orientation of the pdf page later, whether Portrait or Landscape. When finished, please click Save to move to the next stage.

How to convert web pages to pdf

Then, on the window Save As You can choose the location folder where the pdf file will be saved. Apart from that, you can also change the name of the pdf file in the section File name. When done, the last step is to click Save to save the web page into a pdf file.

How to save web pages to pdf in Google Chrome

After that the web page will be saved as a pdf file. You can open the pdf file and read it using pdf opening software or using a browser.

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That’s the easy way to save web pages into pdf files so they can be read later. By using this method, you can archive web pages that contain interesting information. In addition, pdf files that are converted from web pages can also be shared with your friends.


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