√ [+Gambar] 7+ How to Enlarge JPG Photo File Size

How to increase the size of a photo or JPG image.

Maybe this has never occurred to anyone before. Unless you are stopping by here. Yes, you.

The question is, what is it for? Lots. For example to make a passport photo look attractive.

How to Enlarge JPG Photo / Image File

For the method here there are several. Ie passing Computer, passing Android phone and by online.

One thing is sure of you No need editing skills at all.

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1. Enlarge JPG Image Resolution Using the Paint Application

Display Windows Paint to Enlarge JPG

Using this paint is the easiest way. At first glance Paint is usually used for images. But for editing photos you can.

Follow the steps below to enlarge your JPG file:

Step 1 : First find the JPG image you want to enlarge> Right click The JPG> Then select Open with then click Paint :

Open the Paint App to Enlarge JPG

Step 2 : After the image is open> Click the button Resize

JPG Resize Button in Paint Application

Step 3 : Click menu Pixels > Then change the Pixels value as needed (What is important to zoom in from the initial value).

Steps to Enlarge JPG Photos Resize MS Paint on Windows

Step 4 : When finished> Click File > Then choose Save As > Then choose JPG.

Save Save As JPG Paint Enlarged

Step 5 : Name the JPG photo and save the result.

Enlarge Photo Image of JPG Paint Save with name

This method is arguably the easiest. One reason is the fast pace, and Paint is available in all versions of Windows.

Tips :

  • You can use the menu Percentage if you want to enlarge photos without setting pixels
  • Maintain Aspect Ratio must always be checked if you don’t want to set it manually
  • Do not set Skew (Degress) because it can change the style of the photo

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2. How to Enlarge Offline JPG File Size with Photoshop

Display Photoshop to Resize Enlarge JPG Files

7 out of 10 people think that Photoshop is difficult to use. It is not wrong.

With that note if we are still beginners. And again depends also on editing needs.

If it’s just to increase the resolution of a photo or JPG image it’s easy. Even the results are very satisfying, without breaking,

Step 1 : Open the Application first Adobe Photoshop > Then click File > Select menu Open.

Enlarge Image in New Photoshop Open

Step 2 : Browse then select the photo file you need.

Browse Photoshop's New JPG Image Changed Resolution

Step 3 : After the photo has loaded> Click menu Image > Then click options Image Size.

Image Size Resize PS Photos

Step 4 : Settings menu will appear> Please enlarge the column Width and Height as needed.

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PS Image Size Settings

  • Width : Image width sideways (Left right)
  • Height : Image height up and down

Step 5 : When you click File > Then choose Save As :

Save Results On PS To Create A Photograph

Step 6 : Name the photo you want> Then save the file in JPG format.

Save Photoshop PS File Name

Step 7 : Settings for image quality settings as needed.

Setting PS File Quality To Maximum

Well, beyond the shadow. Really easy right? If totaled without Browse or save image we only need two steps only.

Tips :

  • Always activate Constrain Proportions to get the right results
  • Resample Image you must always activate
  • You can click Image > Auto Tune and Auto Color to enhance your photos a bit
  • Always save files in JPG format so they don’t change
  • Quality settings can be adjusted as needed. But it is recommended to set it to a value Maximum so the results are good

3. Enlarge the Size of JPG Online Through Resizeimage.net Site

PC ResizeImage File site

In addition to using the application, there are several sites that provide features for editing a photo or image online.

One of which is Resizeimage.net.

As the name suggests … This site has been specifically designed to resize images or photos (Resize) online. With relatively easy and complete settings.

Step 1 : First open the site first Resizeimage.net in the browser.

Type Site Resize Image Browser PC

Step 2 : Please upload your JPG image in the column provided:

Upload New Image Site Resize Image

Step 3 : Underneath you can see various settings. The following is an example of how to set it:

Resize Photos Resize Image Settings
  • Crop your image : In the selection type, select Normal. The rest just leave it ..
  • Rotate your image : Leave the No Rotation setting
  • Resize your image : Please swipe to the right to enlarge the image. Check Auto mode and check Keep Aspect Ratio (if needed) …
  • Select Output image format : Select JPG (Because we are editing JPG images).
  • Optimize your image : I suggest checking the Best image quality for the best image quality.

Step 4 : If so, click Resize Image..

Resize Site Confirmation Button Enlarge JPG

Finally, you can save the results directly to the computer or laptop.

Tips :

  • There are several settings such as Rotation, Crop and Transparent. This does not need to be changed.
  • For settings Quality choose which Best Image Quality to make sure the photos are good and not broken
  • You can also try settings Normal Compression. This will make the size of the results more optimal
  • Resize images in addition to using sliding settings can also be done manually. Just fill in the fields pixels which are available
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4. Enlarge JPG Photos Using Let’s Enhance

Lets Enhance in a Web Browser

This way I can from the site Jalantikus. Let’s Enchance is a website that allows users to increase the size of the image many times.

For example HD images> Become Full HD. Even so 4K (Ultra HD) can also be used. Interesting right?

How to use it? Follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Open site Let’s Enhance > After that click the Upload Image button then select the photo you want to change.

Upload Image Lets Enhance

Step 2 : Press the button Start Processing to start the process.

Start Processing on the Lets Enhance Site

Step 3 : Finish Upload> Wait for the change process> Then please click the download button on the photo.

Different Lets Enhance Resolution on Site

From my test results … I can resize photos from 764 × 480 to 3056 × 1920. As for the tutorial above, you can see … From 640 × 426 Becomes 2560 × 1704.

Tips :

  • Perform photo optimization, because the resolution increases automatically as well
  • select Photos and Art when uploading photos
  • Select the JPEG format for storage. JPEG is the same as JPG

5. Resize JPG Online Through ILoveIMG

ILoveIMG Site Views To Enlarge Image

For those who are not familiar, ILoveIMG is a site that provides document media editing services. Convert JPG, Compress, Crop and others.

ILoveIMG features are also available Resize which can be used to increase the size of the photo. The advantage is we can adjust the resolution manually.

Let’s try:

Step 1 : Open site iloveimg.com/resize-image.

Visit the ILoveIMG Browser Resize Image Site

Step 2 : Click Select Images > Then select the photo you want to enlarge.

Select JPG ILoveIMG

Step 3 : Adjust the Width and Height columns as needed. When you click Resize Images.

ILoveIMG JPG Settings Site Browser

Step 4 : Wait for the process a few moments until it’s finished. If you have clicked Download Resized Images.

Download ILoveIMG Photo Resize Results

Tips :

  • Tick maintain aspect ratio to get a balanced width and height
  • You can upload more than 1 picture as needed
  • Adjust pixels manually to zoom in
  • Don’t use features Percentage. Because its function is to reduce, not enlarge

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6. Enlarge JPG with Picture Resizer (Android)

Display the HP Android Picture Resizer

One well-known application on Android when talking about functions related to photos. Picture Resizer.

This application allows changing the image resolution of any format. Including JPG, of course.

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We can also adjust the resolution manually if you really want to be enlarged.

Step 1 : Install Application Picture Resizer > Open the Application> After that tap the option Select Photos.

Select Photo PhotoResizer for Android

Step 2 : Locate and tap the desired photo.

Steps to Browse and Select Photos in PhotoResizer

Step 3 : Then tap the button to Resize. It is located in the top menu.

Menu Resize On Android HP PhotoResizer

Step 4 : Tap menu Customize it > Then adjust the resolution settings as needed (Enlarged).

Settings for Android Mobile PhotoResizer Dimensions

Step 5 : Wait for the process to finish. Later it will be as follows.

Example of JPG Results Successfully Enlarged PhotoResizer

If so, the results you can see and open directly through the Gallery Application. Very simple right?

Tips :

  • Open the main menu> Then select Resized Photo to see the edit history
  • You can take pictures directly from the camera via the main menu
  • In the main menu> Tap menu button> Select settings> Then adjust Output Folder for setting the image stored in Internal

7. Enlarge JPG Images With Multi Photo Resize (Android)

PicTools Android Display

Multi Photo Resize. The real name is long. Abbreviated PicTools.

Straight to the discussion. This application is actually designed for general photo editing. From the Crop feature, Convert to Optimize.

But there is one feature that allows us to increase (Resize) the resolution of a photo to be bigger. How to use it like this:

Step 1 : Install Application> Open> Then select an option Resize (Px).

Resize Image in PX PicTools

Step 2 : Tap Pick Image > Then select the photo you want.

Select Pick Image on PicTools Android

Step 3 : Contents Custom Resolution according to the needs of zoom.

PicTools Android Resolution Settings

Step 4 : Tap Continue > Wait a few moments> Then the results will be saved automatically.

PicTools Results Enlarge JPG Image

Tips :

  • Select menu Resize (Without Px) if you want to set the photo to CM, Inch to A4
  • Enlarge photos can also use automatic adjustment. The way to choose Make Larger By..
  • Don’t forget to tap More Options to see further settings from the Application


That’s how to enlarge JPG photos. How many are there? Actually here is discussed in full so that you can choose your own which is roughly needed.

If followed it’s actually quite simple. It doesn’t take long. Even certain methods are only a few minutes complete.

The steps above have been made as clear as possible. But if there are still confused, please ask via the comments below.

May be useful.


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