2 Ways to Convert Text Web Pages into Sounds

How to convert web page text into sound

Currently there are many websites that provide a variety of information. Starting from news sites, infotaimen, education, and others that are accessed almost every day. To get or understand the contents of a web page, then of course you have to read it. However, there is actually a more practical way if you are lazy to read, which is to change the text of the web page into sound so that it can be heard.

If you always want to know information from online reading but are lazy to read, then please convert the writing contained on the web page into sound. So, you don’t need to bother reading longer web pages, but just listen to them. This method can be used for various purposes, for example to read news from news sites, read recipes for mothers, read novels from online novel sites, and so forth.

By using this method to convert text from web pages to sound, then you simply listen to the sound from the text reader application. That is, you no longer have to bother reading as usual to get information from a website page. So, you can do other work while listening to the sound of the text. For example, you can do homework while listening to the sound of the conversion from the text.

How to Convert Web Page Text into Sound (Laptop & Android)

Once again, there are many benefits that you will get if you change reading material from web pages into sound. Your eyes will no longer be concentrated by reading long web pages. Apart from that, you can also do other work while listening to the sound of the text.

For example, mothers who want to cook and want to apply a recipe from an online site, no longer need to bother reading the recipe first. You can immediately apply the recipe by simply listening to the sound of the converted text. Another example, for students who want to take a reference from a web page, then can listen to the sound of the conversion from the text while writing down the important points. As well as other benefits that can be felt by various groups and professions.

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The way to turn text or writing web pages into sound is very easy and certainly can be done by anyone. In this article we will discuss ways that you can apply it on a laptop or on Android. If you use a laptop, the tool that will be used is a browser extension. Meanwhile, if you use an Android Smartphone, the tool that will be used is a special browser application from Google.

1. Changing the Text of a Web Page into Sound on a Laptop

If you use a laptop to access the website, then you can convert the writing on the web page into sound using a browser extension. This article will discuss its use in the Google Chrome browser, considering that Chrome is one of the best browsers on a Laptop.

If you use another browser, then please adjust it. The difference from each browser is how to install extensions or add-ons. However, if you are already using the Google Chrome browser, then please follow the following steps.

Please open the Google Chrome browser that is already installed on the Laptop or Desktop PC used. Then, please install the Text to Speech extension which will be used as a tool to convert text to sound.

To install the extension, please open the page Chrome Web Store on Google Chrome Desktop. Then, on that page, please search the column Search the store by typing the keyword “text to speech”. Then, in the search results that appear, please select the extension Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader and click Add to Chrome. In the pop-up that appears, please click Add extension to add this extension to Google Chrome.

Install text to speech extension

After that, the extension will be downloaded and installed on the Google Chrome Desktop browser you are using. Please wait until the installation process is complete and can be used. When done, the speaker icon will appear in the Chrome extension icon.

To use this extension and convert web page text into voice, please open the web page that you want to convert to sound first. Then, click the speaker icon located in the upper right corner of Google Chrome.

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Usually the website pages that you open will be directly read out automatically, if not, then please click the button Play. After that, you just listen to the sound produced which is the text of the webpage. You can also pay attention highlights from the text that is read, or can also be closed and do other work on the Laptop.

Turn text into sounds to listen to without reading

If you feel something is not according to your taste, then please make adjustments to this extension. Please click the speaker icon again in Google Chrome, then click the icon Settings.

In the window Options that appears you can choose the language in the section Voice. You can change it to Indonesian so that the sound produced is in Indonesian. But, if you leave it in the options Auto Select, then this extension will detect the language used by the web page you are opening, then say the appropriate language.

Change the language and speed of the text reader

Apart from that, you can also change the speed of reading the text in parts Speed. In section Pitch You can also set the tone of speech of the text reader. In section Volume of course to adjust the volume of the text reader. If everything is set, then please click Test to check the results of these changes.

If everything is according to what you want, then all web pages can be heard without having to read it again. Using this method, you can listen to the sound of the text from the web page, while opening other pages. Even if you close the web page, the text reading will continue, as long as you do not close the Google Chrome browser.

2. Changing the Text of a Web Page into Sound on Android

If you are more comfortable browsing the internet using an Android smartphone, then there are also ways to convert web page text into sound on Android. However, to do this on Android it is necessary to install an apk browser that has a text reader feature.

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The application or apk browser that will be used is a browser made by Google, namely Google Go. This application is a very light browser and has many features. One of the cool features of Google Go is a text reader that other Android browsers don’t have.

To do this, you must first install the Google Go application on the Android Smartphone being used. If the process of installing this application is complete, then please open it on your Android phone.

How to install the Google Go application

Then, on the main page of the Google Go application, you can search the web page or website url that you want to open in the column Search. Please do a search and open the webpage that you want to convert to sound. Then, after the web page you are referring to is fully open and no longer loading, please click the icon Play which is at the bottom of the application.

Text reader of web pages on Android

After the contents of the web page you open are read, then highlights from the text you read you can also pay attention. You can also change speed by tapping on a part Speed. Or, if something is missing then please play back by tapping the text highlights then tap Rewind. Likewise if you want to listen to the next sentence, i.e. tap Forward.

Turn text web pages into sounds on Android

Furthermore, you can listen to the sound of the text of the webpage that you open on Android. However, when opening a web page and being read, you cannot open another page without stopping the reading.

Those are 2 ways you can do to convert web page text into sound, both on Laptops and Androids. So, if you are lazy to read and want to know the contents of a web page, then you can use this method. Or, if you are doing other activities and at the same time want to read news or other information, then this method is also very appropriate. In essence, you don’t need to bother reading web pages because it can already be converted into sound.


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