√ Difference between Removable and Non Removable Batteries (Smartphone)

As stated in the title, for those of you who have been using HP for a long time, you must have heard the following two terms about batteries:

  • Removable Battery.
  • Non-Removable Battery.

For those who are still lay, these two terms are very important to know, because later it will definitely have an impact on its use.

For example in terms of:

  • Mobility, when the cellphone was taken everywhere.
  • Flexibility, remove the SIM card plug (also affects).
  • Up to the performance HP in the future.

Well, on this occasion, I want to explain it, about the meaning of the battery removable, meaning battery non-removable, as well as the difference between the two.

Come on, let’s discuss one by one, so it’s not dizzy. 😀

What is a battery Non-removable?

In short, batteries non-removable is a type of HP battery that is cannot be separated from casinghis. That is, this type of battery is integrated with the HP components.

As I recall, the battery non-removable this became popular since the 2015’s. At that time, ASUS, Samsung, and several brand Other well-known Android phones start using this type of battery.

Now, battery non-removable do tend to be more widely used, because:

  • HP weight becomes lighter (depending on other components too).
  • HP tends to be thinner.
  • The designs tend to be neater.
  • And others.

Even so, in certain situations, the use of this type of battery sometimes even makes too much trouble anyway.

For example, if for me anyway, when the cell phone again hangs so it can’t be helped. The option is to just press the button power Of course, now sometimes it doesn’t work because of problems hangs that.

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What is a battery Removable?

This one is the opposite of before. Battery removable is a type of HP battery that is can be removed from casing according to the needs. In essence, this type of battery is separate from the HP components.

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Battery removable itself has been around a long time. Even before Android and the iPhone were popular, most cellphones used to use this type of battery.

The hallmark of a cellphone that uses this type of battery, of course casing the back can be removed, and the HP is more easily repaired if any error.

Easy fix error what is meant here can be:

  • If hangs or bootloop, can be immediately turned off by removing the battery.
  • Easy to check when having problems. If for example the cellphone doesn’t work, you can check directly via the battery.
  • Can check the problem battery or not.
  • And others.

Now you can imagine more right?

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Battery Difference Removable and batteries Non removable

The most basic difference between the two types of batteries, can be seen from my previous explanation, where the battery non-removable is a type of battery that can not be removed, while the battery removable otherwise.

To understand the details of the difference, just check the following table immediately:

Removable battery Non-Removable Battery
The battery can be removed. Batteries cannot be removed.
The dimensions of the HP tend to be thicker. The dimensions of the HP tend to be thinner.
Heavier HP weight. Lighter HP weight.
There is a special section to open casing. The design casing merges.

Then, there are also differences in the location of the SIM between the batteries removable and batteries non-removable, that is:

Battery Removable: The location of the SIM is on the back of the battery. So, if the user wants to remove and install the SIM, then the battery must be removed first. The SIM itself is shaped micro SIM, some are still in shape mini SIM.

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Battery Non removable: The location of the SIM is on the side. To remove and install the SIM, a device called named tray SIM, and special tools are needed to open it. Tray This SIM can load cards micro SIM until the card nano SIM.

Next, this is to add to what I said before.

In the beginning, HP did use more battery types removable, because from the beginning most of the HP batteries can be removed.

However, taking into account some of the points I mentioned earlier, until now most vendors actually use more types of batteries non-removable.

This is because, the HP becomes lighter, thinner, and in terms of quality can also be more durable, because user can’t just open case Her mobile phone.

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Select Battery Removable or Non removable?

Well, this depends on the needs of each. But the first, just make sure the cellphone is in accordance. 😀

For me it’s simple. If you are a person who does not want to be complicated, and the use of his cellphone is normal, then it is better to take the cellphone with a battery non removable.

The reason is the same as I mentioned above, aside from being lighter, this type of battery also tends to last longer.

As for the battery removable also not much different. However, specifically for those of you who like to travel, then the type of cell phone with this type of battery can be a consideration, because you can carry a spare battery later. 😀

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The final word

That’s the discussion about the difference in batteries removable and batteries non removable.

This paper is only for a few sharing of course There are many other things that might not be explained here. So, if there are questions that still block in the heart, just send them via the comments below.

May be useful.


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