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How to Check an iPhone – The iPhone is still one of the most popular smartphones among smartphone users in the world. The popularity of the iPhone is inseparable from the quality and sophistication of this device.

In fact, every time Apple releases the latest iPhone products, users from all over the world await the release date to buy it immediately.

However, the increasing number of iPhone users has pushed many unscrupulous people to market counterfeit or fake goods. You can already show prices that are usually sold cheaper than the original item.

But it will be difficult to identify imitations in terms of materialism. Because the appearance of fake goods is almost 99% like the original appearance. But do not rule out this possibility, if there are counterfeit goods that you can detect from the physical side.

Here’s how to check the authenticity of your iPhone cellphone

Check the iPhone IMEI Number

To verify the IMEI number of your iPhone smartphone, follow these steps

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  • Go to the Settings menu> General> About and look for IMEI information from your device below.
check imei iphone
  • You can also use the iPhone contact list for * # 06 #.

Or you can check your iPhone’s IMEI number online by visiting

imei check site

This method is also very easy, just visit the site and enter the iPhone serial number and code provided.

The next method you can use is to use iTunes. This method can be a very easy alternative to checking your original iPhone.

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How to Check iPhone with iTunes

ITunes, an Apple application, can also be used to verify your original iPhone. Connect your iPhone to iTunes in the following way.

1. Prepare the computer

Prepare a computer / laptop that has the iTunes application.

2. Connect the iPhone

Connect your iPhone to your computer / laptop using a USB cable.

3. Open the iTunes application

Open the iTunes application and click the device icon in the upper right.

4. Select synchronization content

Then select synchronization content, such as photos, music, or videos, check the file you want to synchronize, then click Apply at the bottom left.


If automatic synchronization does not occur, you can choose Align.
But if you can’t connect, maybe the iPhone you are using is not a fake item.

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Check Applications on the iPhone


The next way that you can use to verify your original iPhone is to check the default iPhone application.

First, you can open an application store on your iPhone. If your iPhone isn’t connected to the App Store, your iPhone might be fake.

IPhone Physical Check

The next step you can do is really verify your iPhone.

Check the physical button

The iPhone has a lock button on the top right, a volume control button and a switch button on the left.

Also check by pressing the button, if the button is a little loose and the installation is wrong, it might be a fake item.

Check your iPhone screen

You can check the screen quality on an iPhone that already uses retina display technology. To see this, you can see the results on the screen.

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If it’s the original version, the display will be very clear unlike the fake iPhone, which has a dull and bright display image.

Check the label

The original iPhone features can be found from the design label on the back of the phone. Apple’s original labels were “Designed by Apple California” and “Assembled in China.”

If the text is different or doesn’t exist, you can make sure the iPhone you want to buy is fake.

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That’s the way to check the authenticity of the iPhone cell phone, you can apply the above method to avoid the fraud of fake iPhone or KW sellers, Hopefully it will be useful.


What is the meaning of the iPhone?

The iPhone is a revolutionary mobile phone manufactured by Apple Inc. Which includes camera functions, multimedia player, SMS and voice messages. Apart from that, this cellphone can also be connected to the Internet for various activities such as sending / receiving emails, surfing the internet, etc.

What is a reconditioned iPhone?

Refurbished iPhones are phones that are repackaged by Apple and resold after the product is returned or exchanged by the buyer. Refurbished iPhones are usually repaired by Apple technicians, and some components of this cellphone can be replaced if damage occurs when returned or replaced.


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