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Android and IOS Mobile Banking Applications To better serve customers, you now don’t need to go to an ATM to check your balance or transfer. The Mobile Banking application is now available that makes it easy for customers in various types of accounts to make transactions.

Besides being practical, we only need to register first then install the application
this is on android.

To make transactions, you also need an internet connection to access the application. So that the transaction you do can work well. Applications from various M-Banking are also equipped with a customer security PIN.

The features available on M-Banking are also quite complete, such as Account Info (Account Movements), transfer of accounts to another account or to another account, check savings balances and more.

To be able to do mobile banking transactions on Android, you must first install the application according to the bank account you are using. For M-Banking registration you can do this through the nearest branch, or also through an ATM.

Register for Android and IOS Mobile Banking Applications

The following is a list of mobile banking applications for Android and iOS from various banks in Indonesia that are already very well known, see more.

BCA Mobile


BCA Mobile is an M-Banking application provided by BCA Bank. In its application, BCA Mobile makes it easy for BCA customers to access their finances without having to go through a long and complicated process at Bank BCA.

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With the BCA Mobile application, customers only need an internet connection to continue trading their finances. For how to use and register BCA M-Banking is quite simple and hassle-free.

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You only need to go to BCA Bank and tell the official that you want to create a BCA M-Banking account. Then the officer will direct you to the manufacturing process.

BNI Mobile


BNI Mobile Banking is one of the GNI e-banking service applications that you can access via an Android phone.

Certainly very helpful and makes it easy for customers to make transactions such as transfers, check balances, purchases, pay bills and others.

To facilitate customers, account numbers will automatically be listed in the menu available at BNI Mobile Banking every time you make a transaction to another account or vice versa.

To make a transaction before using the application, you must register through the nearest ATM or GNI branch.

Mobile Banking Application BRI


BRI Mobile is an application that can facilitate customers to make transactions such as e-banking. Applications at BRI Mobile include BRI Internet banking, BRI Call and more.

You can register and activate as the first point. BRI Mobile’s main features include account details, check balances, transfers, purchases (pulses, cellular cash), change pins, and registration.

Mandiri Online


Mandiri Online is a convenient and secure application for customers who want to do Mandiri account transactions via mobile phones.

By using the Mandiri Online application, you can access your Mandiri Online account anywhere, anytime.

You will also learn how to activate step by step in the Mandiri Mobile description on PlayStore.

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BTN Mobile


BTN Mobile is also one of the M-Banking applications that can make transactions easier for you. Of course you can guess from this name that this application can only be used by Bank BTN customers.

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TN Mobile is also one of the M-Banking applications that can make transactions easier for you. Of course you can guess from this name that this application can only be used by Bank BTN customers.

To access BTN Mobile, you must register your mobile number first and make sure you have a Bank BTN ATM card.

Register now with an ATM and cellphone number and then accept all requirements. After that you will be asked to create a password, making sure that only you know the password.



Bukopin’s Mobile Banking is here to further facilitate financial transactions for Bank Bukopin’s customers. The Bukopin Mobile Banking application can provide easy access to transfers, payments, purchases etc.

In addition, Bank Bukopin’s customers can enjoy the new features provided, namely SKN Transfer, search for the nearest Bukopin ATM and open a passbook, current account and deposit.

To get this access, you can first click here to download the application, then customers can visit the nearest Bukopin Bank.

Mega Mobile Banking Application


PT Bank Mega Tbk presents the Mega Mobile application, which allows you to make banking transactions easier, faster, more convenient and safer with a smartphone.

It is protected with a password (access code) to access and use dynamic PINs to authenticate transactions.

This application serves two types of connections: SMS and mobile internet which gives you more flexible access. By using this program,

You can also make or save payments, reload or transfer lists too. After completing the transaction, you will receive a message via email or SMS.

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Muamalat Mobile


Bank Muamalat helps you access and manage accounts to facilitate transactions. This application was created to make it easier for customers to make transactions as needed.

The most important features you can use include payment, refill, and transfer. Besides Android, this application is also available for iOS, BB10 and Windows.

You also need to register Muamalat Mobile Banking as another M-bank in general.

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That is some Banking applications from various banks in Indonesia. Now you don’t need to leave the house to make transactions through an ATM. You can access M-Banking through Android and IOS anytime and anywhere. Thanks.


What is the Mobile Banking Application?

Simply by connecting to the internet and accessing the mobile banking application, all your banking is completed in minutes. An application on a smartphone that you can use for banking transactions, whenever and wherever you are.

Can I open savings at mobile banking?

Of course you can. You can open a new account now directly with the mobile application. Anti-complicated and save time.

Can you withdraw cash without a card at an ATM?

Difficult, sure you can. You can deposit and withdraw money without a card at an ATM. Simple with mobile banking. You Simply bring your smartphone.


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