How to see the number of profile visits on Instagram without the application

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How to see the number of profile visits on Instagram- This application is the most popular social media. Especially among teenagers. Almost every time people use this application.

It’s great for finding interesting information, looking at other people’s photos, watching videos, or looking for a boyfriend. This is different from the past if we want to get to know others. What we need is a telephone number. For now, let’s search for an Instagram account to view the post.

In addition, social media can be used as a means of sharing memories. One of them is to share photos, videos and stories.

Have you ever seen someone or a friend show off a view that saw their Instagram profile?

When I try to look at my Instagram profile, I don’t see that menu. Obviously this is not a feature available on a regular account.

What does it mean? So the feature of the number of visits on Instagram in the last 7 days is not available for personal accounts.

However, this is only available for business Instagram accounts. Instagram recently provided a special account feature for people who do business or sell through Instagram.

This feature has many advantages for supporting individuals or companies when managing profiles on Instagram.

In your business account, you can promote or advertise every Instagram post. This ad will appear on the homepage and instagram of the story, including the location, age, and gender that you specify.

How to see the number of profile visits on our Instagram

To display information about profile visitors Instagram on your Instagram account, you need to change your Instagram account to a business Instagram account. Then how do I switch to a business Instagram account? Follow the steps below to see how.

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Here are the steps:

  • First, log in to the Instagram account that you want to convert to a business account to display profile visit statistics on Instagram.
  • Then select the Instagram profile menu or tap on the IG / icon of your IG account in the lower right corner to select it.
  • Then click the 3-row icon in the upper right corner, then select Settings.
  • The next step will bring up several setting options. Click your account among the available options and then click Switch to business account / Get Instagram business features.
how to see the number of instagram profile visits 1
  • You can also change your personal Instagram account into a business account from the Account menu by clicking on your business profile list.
  • You will then see a screen like the one shown below, where you can register as an Instagram business account or convert an existing account to create a new one.
how to see the number of instagram profile visits 2
  • Then you can follow the same steps as choosing a category for Instagram and other business profiles.
  • If so, repeat the steps noted above and check your account settings to see if your Instagram account has been changed to an Instagram Business account.
  • If your account settings have been changed to a personal account, this means that your Instagram account has been changed to a business Instagram account. You will also see the Instagram profile associated with your profile visit in the past 7 days, and the Promo button next to the Edit profile button.
  • After switching to your business’s Instagram account, you will know how many people have visited or seen your Instagram profile.
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You can also see Instagram insights about people visiting your instructor’s profile. So you can find information from your Instagram account visitors.

When you visit your Instagram account, you can see information about the location of the visitor, the age / age of the visitor, the gender of the visitor and the time and daily time data.

And at any time, you can change your business Instagram account to your personal Instagram account to hide your profile visit from your Instagram account.

Or hide it in the sense that you want to restore Instagram as well as your personal Instagram account as your original Instagram. Then, you won’t see your profile visit again on your Instagram account later.

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That’s the way you can see who is visiting your Instagram profile, good luck and thank you.


What is Instagram Business?

Basically, business instagram is the same as ordinary Instagram but Instagram business is more focused as a tool for online shop.

What are the advantages of a business Instagram account?

You can find out statistics from online shop followers on your Instagram. and you can see insights from your followers.

What is the difference from a regular account and a business account?

The only difference is the statistical data feature of your account.


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