How To Reset An iPad Easily To Restore Your iPad

How to Reset iPad- There are many reasons why you want to reset iPad: maybe you sell it, or there are bugs that can only be fixed again, or maybe you just messed up the operating system and want to clean it easily.

But that’s not always easy – the option to reset your iPad is hidden in the settings menu, and even when you find it there are five types of resetting that you can do.

That’s why we created this practical guide to help you reset your iPad. When iPadOS is launched towards the end of 2019, this method may change, so we will update this article if that is the case.

What is Ipad?

In basic terms, iPad is a tablet computer or “slate”. After releasing the original iPad, Apple officially stated that it was a “magical and revolutionary” device for “surfing the web, reading and sending emails, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games, reading e-books and more.”

Specifically, Apple originally designed the iPad to occupy a new product category between iPod touch / iPhone and Mac, and as a result, it was actually not an iPod or iPhone or Mac.

However, it runs the same operating system version as iPod touch and iPhone. Likewise, iPad is compatible with most applications written for the iPhone and iPod touch as well, it doesn’t make sense to think of it as a “family” member of the iPhone / iPod touch product.

The iPad doesn’t run Mac OS X or Mac OS X applications, so it’s not Mac, even though iOS comes from Mac OS X.

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how to reset an ipad

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How to delete certain information from your iPad

To eliminate certain information from your iPad, such as your keyboard dictionary or location history, you can reset certain information pockets.

First, open the Settings application – this is on the home page by default, and the icon is gray with a cog. Then, in the list of options on the left, select ‘General’, which is in the third option cluster on the left.

Now, scroll right to the bottom of this list. At the bottom, above ‘Turn off’, ‘Reset’ – select this and you will be presented with a large list of options.

How to Reset iPad

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You can select ‘Reset Location and Privacy’ to erase all location data, ‘Reset Main Screen Layout’ to reset the applications you have on your home page (and delete all your carefully curated folders), ‘Reset Keyboard Dictionary ‘to erase all your saved words and lexical preferences, and’ Reset Network Settings’ to forget all your saved Wi-Fi passwords.

How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings

If you want to take the nuclear option, and return your iPad to the device as it was when you first got it, then there is an option for that.

Remember to back up all your information first, either by exporting it through the cloud or by physically uploading it to a computer, if there’s something you don’t want to lose.

First, follow the previous instructions until you get the ‘Reset’ menu.

Now, select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. You have to enter your password just to make sure that your device is sure to erase your data, and then your iPad will start cleaning its banks.

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This process won’t take long, and you will soon get a great new iPad.

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That’s the discussion from us how to Reset your iPad, now you can do it yourself easily. Good luck!


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