How to Activate the Dark Mode Feature on WhatsApp (WA) Android

How to activate dark WA mode on Android

The dark mode feature is in great demand by gadget users lately. Various applications already feature the dark mode or dark theme in the application settings, so users can use it immediately. For example the WhatsApp chat application that has brought this dark mode feature or dark mode globally, including for Indonesian users. So, the way to activate the dark mode feature in WA is easier, which is enough through WhatsApp chat settings.

If you previously had to download and install the mod application to be able to use WhatsApp dark mode, you don’t need it anymore. You no longer need to install the display modifier application just to make the WA chat display completely dark. All you have to do to use the dark mode feature on WhatsApp is just to make a few settings.

The dark mode feature on WhatsApp will provide a dark background chat background accompanied by light writing. This display will certainly be more friendly to the eyes when you communicate and chat on the WhatsApp application. Especially if you often use WhatsApp at night which will disturb the eye’s comfort if the display gives a light that is too bright. Therefore, please activate the dark mode feature or dark theme in the WA application using the method discussed in this article. (Also read: How to Activate the Dark Mode Google Play Store on Android)

How to Activate the Dark Mode Feature on WA (WhatsApp) Android

To activate the dark mode feature on the WA chat application display, the method can be done very easily. You don’t need to download and install WhatsApp Mod or WhatsApp’s display modifier. You only need to make a few settings on the WhatsApp application. To be clearer, please follow the instructions and steps below.

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The first step is to make sure you are using the latest version of the WhatsApp application, if not, please WA update on the Android Phone being used. After that, please open the WhatsApp application that is installed on your Android.

Next, on the WhatsApp app’s main page, please tap menu (dot icon) located in the upper right corner of the WA application. Then in the menu list that appears please tap Settings to open WhatsApp settings.

WhatsApp Settings

On page Settings, please tap the section Chat to open the WhatsApp chat settings section. Then, on the settings page Chat, please pay attention to the section Display. To change the appearance of WhatsApp chat, please tap Theme.

Change the WhatsApp Chat settings

After that two types of display themes will appear that you can choose and apply. To change the appearance of WhatsApp to dark mode, then please tap the options Dark. When done, please tap Okay to implement these changes.

How to use dark mode or dark WA Android theme

After that, the appearance of your WhatsApp application will turn dark. Thus you can use this dark mode in everyday life with a more friendly appearance to the eyes.

That’s the easy way to activate the dark mode feature on the WA (WhatsApp) Android application. This method you can do without having to install special applications, and also no need to install WhatsApp mod. So, if you don’t like the bright appearance of WhatsApp, then please use this method to change the display to dark mode.


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