The History and Causes of Unknown Cell Fat

Mobile or smartphone is a communication tool that is almost used by everyone. Sometimes, the problem faced by mobile users is slow. The reason for cellphones is slow usually because of various things. In the following we will discuss the causes of slow cellphones.

Before that, let’s first discuss the origin of mobile phones.

The Origins of the Emergence of Mobile Phones

hp history

Almost every person in the world uses a mobile communication device. Mobile phone or cellphone system was first discovered by Martin Cooper, who is one of the people who worked at the Motorola factory.

Cooper’s idea of ​​a portable communication device was finally realized by taking out his handphone on September 21, 1983, weighing 2kg.

The first cellphone issued was priced at 39 million or USD 3,995 dollars and issued in the name of Motorola, not Cooper. Another inventor, Amos Joel Jr. who is an expert in the field of switching that plays the role of developing mobile phones.

Now, mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone with a more sophisticated system over the times. This communication tool also experienced rapid development and the shape and weight was not like before.

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Cause of slow mobile

the cause of slow cellphone

For mobile users, usually the problem faced when using these communication tools is slow. Usually if someone often uses a cellphone, the system on that cellphone will slow down or slow down. This can be caused by various things, such as:

a. Full Internal Memory

Usually the cause of mobile phones become slow because of the large amount of data stored in internal memory, such as photos, videos, applications and even cache files that cannot be detected. This of course can be overcome by moving the data to microSD or other storage devices.

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b. Number of Installed Applications

Applications are often a problem for every mobile user. Usually this is because the application is really needed or really want to collect various applications. If you do not want a slow cellphone, delete some applications that are rarely used or that are not really needed so that the mobile system can run smoothly.

c. Uses Many Antivirus Applications

Want to make the data on a mobile phone safe, someone will install various antivirus applications to protect that data. However, if this antivirus application is installed more than one, the phone will be heavy and slow. Choose an antivirus that is good to use.

d. External Memory

MicroSD or external memory can also be a cause of slow mobile. Usually this happens because the speed of reading the microSD is slow which eventually drains RAM and processor resources.

e. Still Using Old Software

Mobile phones that still use the old version of the software, usually will cause the cellphones to be slow. This can be overcome by always checking for updates to the software and installing the latest.

f. Application and OS Updates

Applications installed on mobile phones usually need to be updated at a certain time. This of course can drain the memory capacity available on the cellphone because the update takes a fairly large memory. This can be overcome by only updating certain applications that are considered important if the RAM and cellphone memory are small.

Well, those are some things that cause cellphones to be slow which is often a problem for the owner of the communication device. This of course can be overcome by doing wise things in caring for mobile phones, namely by installing only important applications and always updating software updates available on mobile phones.

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