How to Limit the Use of Internet Quota on Android Smartphones

How to Limit the Use of Internet Quota on Android Smartphones – Smartphones with the Android operating system are sometimes very wasteful in consuming quotas, especially if automatic backups are active.

Now alone where you only have an Android smartphone with 4G LTE speed internet specifications.

So it won’t take long to access the internet, download, striming, and other internet activities, so that spending that much quota can be in an instant if the average speed of 4G LTE reaches above 2 mbps which is very reasonable.

Maybe many of us experience quota running out while watching videos on YouTube or downloading apps from Playstore, we don’t pay attention to our internet quota usage at that time.

If we really have spent a lot of internet data quota, this of course sometimes makes us upset.

How to Limit the Use of Internet Data Quota on Android Phones

How to Limit the Use of Internet Quota

To overcome such things we can outsmart by setting internet data limits or quota restrictions on mobile phones with the Android operating system.

Below we will share 2 ways to limit the use of internet data on the Android application

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1. Use Default Settings

  • The first thing you have to do, please open your mobile settings, here for an example we use Android KitKat version 4.4.2, usually different from the settings on your mobile.
  • After entering the settings, friend, click on data usage, or if in Indonesian data usage, pay attention to the picture below.
  • If so, make sure that the internet network on your mobile is active, because if it is not active, underneath there will be no boundary cellular data collection options, and cannot proceed to the next stage.
  • Now, if it is confirmed that the Internet is active, friend, check the cellular data limits that are set under the active cellular data settings. If a definite warning appears, just click OK.
  • Now to adjust the internet data quota limit that we want to use, buddy slide the red line up to add and down to reduce. For this yellow line, it serves to provide notification that the data will approach the limit, how to set it the same as with the red line or boundary line.
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2. Using Additional Applications

My Data Manager
  • The second way is to download it My Data Manager – Data Usage application, on your Android phone through Play Store.
  • If you have already download and install My Data Manager application – Data Usage, then you open the application, when there is a warning before we start, click I Allow, and usually after that will appear again before we start the second friend click i accept.
  • Now after that, then you will immediately be taken to the application settings to set the data limits on your Android phone, click prepare cellphone.
  • Please mate immediately fill in the data restrictions that you want, Data Usage, if so, please click Finish
  • After that our data usage statistics will appear immediately after the application settings.

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Thus our article on How to Limit the Use of Internet Quota on Android Smartphones, hopefully can help you in limiting the use of your internet quota.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.


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