How to Access the Deep Web on an Android Smartphone Safely

How to Access the Deep Web on an Android Smartphone Safely – For those of you who are used to surfing the internet, of course you have heard the name DeepWeb.

Surely you think or glance thought if the deep web contains negative things that exist on the internet. It’s not right to think like that, in fact there are many negative things that exist in the deep web.

What is the Deep Web

How to Access the Deep Web on an Android Smartphone Safely

The Deep Web is the dark side of the internet, the deep web is also part of the internet. But not everyone can access it because they need special tools to access the Deep Web.

The deep web contains things that are very unnatural and abnormal, on the deep web we can find things that are not used to being seen and are very disturbing.

Most people who have visited the web are experiencing trauma and don’t want to access it again. The amount of all web content in is 96% of all content on the internet.

The internet that we usually now access such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and so on is just a web interface that is only 4% of the total www.

Content from the deep web is indeed inappropriate to display and therefore is hidden.

Examples are content such as hit men, buying and selling organs, extreme pornography, buying and selling prohibited goods, super-secret things, sites for hacking services and other sadistic and abnormal things.

The deep web is the deepest part of the internet, and it is said that there are 5 levels on the deep web. On a deeper level, the content is also prohibited and sadistic.

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On this occasion we will provide a tutorial on how to access the deep web through Android safely.

How to Open the Deep Web on HP

Before proceeding, we must always prioritize our security and privacy for example by activating firewalls and so on.

Usually this deep web is accessed by most people via a computer, but here we will do it via Android. First, please prepare the following tools:

  • Android smartphone
  • Internet connection security application
  • Orbot
  • Orfox
  • Black soles / plaster

If you have already set up these tools, we will go to the steps.

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1. Close the Front and Rear Cameras

This is done so that our faces are not known by those who access the deep web. Why? Because a lot of heackers access this site, we have to be careful.

2. Activate Orbot


Please activate the orbox so that you can connect to the deep web. How to activate it is very easy by pressing the onion image or START.

Wait until the process is complete or 100%. If you already have Done, then you are connected and can access the deep web. You can also enable VPN Mode to be safer.

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3. Activate Internet Security

If you have a Firewall or droid wall, we recommend activating it so that when you visit the web inside, you can be safer.

4. Open Orfox


Orfox is a special browser that is used to access deep websites. Please open orfox and enter the address / link below.

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Deep web is different and not the same as us accessing the internet in general. To explore the deep web you need a link on the web because on the deep web there are no search engines like Google.

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Thus our article on How to Access the Deep Web on Android Smartphones Safely, hopefully can help you in accessing the deep web on android.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.


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