How to Overcome Lag on PUBG Mobile on Android & iOS Phones

How to Overcome Lag on PUBG Mobile on Android & iOS Phones – PUBG or the player known as Battleground Mobile is a Battle Royale war game that is quite popular on smartphones today.

Unknown Battleground Mobile Player or PUBG Mobile itself has several game modes including Solo, Duo, and a squad of 4 people, with 3 royale or Map battle spots.

Starting from Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. After previously we have discussed about 5 Tips to Overcome Slow Playing PUBG on a Laptop or PC.

What Makes Us Difficult When Playing Unknown Battleground Players, This time are Tips and Ways to Overcome Lag When Playing PUBG Mobile Games on our Smartphones.

That is none other than the PUBG mobile game itself has enough HD graphics and the features in it are quite complex, so don’t be surprised if it causes lag when playing PUBG Mobile games on a smartphone.

Especially on low-end smart phones, or only with mediocre specifications.

Table of contents :

How to Overcome Lag on PUBG Mobile Games

How to Overcome Lag on PUBG Mobile on Android & iOS Phones

Below is How to Overcome Lag When Playing PUBG Mobile Games on Android and iOS, look carefully.

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1. Pay attention to the Network Connection Used

Network Connection

The most basic and perhaps most important thing is the network or connection that you use when playing online games, especially PUBG Mobile which has the Battle Royale game.

Where the system must transfer (receive and send) data, between other PUBG Mobile players and the PUBG Mobile server.

So we must use a network that has a high speed and stable, or at least for the size of having a green ping or under 100 ms.

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2. Closing Applications That Are Not Running That Are Not Used

Furthermore, steps that can be taken so that the PUBG Mobile game does not lag when played is to close the running application that is not used on your iOS or Android phone.

Because this can affect your performance when playing games. Besides consuming RAM capacity that is not optimal.

The use of running applications that are not used will sometimes also consume internet data sources, such as WhatsApp for example.

If you play the PUBG Mobile game of course you will share the connection you use with the WhatsApp application, not only WhatsApp but also other people’s applications.

3. Use the Nearest Server Mode

pubg server

As explained in number one, that when playing a game you transfer data between the player and the PUBG Mobile server so the game can run well.

In addition to a relatively stable and fast data connection, the location of the server that you use when playing PUBG Mobile also affects the game.

Because the farther the location of the server you are using, the more time is needed to transfer data.

At PUBG Mobile itself we can have the location or location of the server that we want to use, because we are in Indonesia, it is recommended to only use the Asian or KRJP server.

Because the server is the closest to our country.

4. Clean Cache and Useless Files

Then to maximize the quality of reading and the memory process of our cellphones when playing the PUBG Mobile game is to clean the cache and files that are not useful.

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To add free space to our mobile storage system. Because in general the less free storage on our smartphone, will affect the performance of the smartphone.

Because the storage system is less than optimal and slow. The main thing is to clear the cache on your cellphone when you are about to play a game.

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5. Use Low or Medium Graphics

You can use graphics settings, and set it to a lower graphic quality if it is felt when you play a game that is stuck or left behind.

This is usually because we choose high quality graphics, while our own cell phone specifications do not support it but we are forced to use the best quality graphics.

Prioritize comfort when playing games compared to the graphics you use when playing pubg mobile games.

Normally the default graph is a suggestion from the system and don’t choose anything higher than the default settings.

6. Use Game Booster

Use the default booster game on your mobile, or if there is no built-in booster game, then you can download the booster game.

Usually there are already many good booster games available on the Play Store for Android smartphones, and in the App Store for iOS smartphones, you can search and download Game Booster there.

Game booster functions to optimize the process of playing your game.

Such as forcing to stop background applications that are not used so that the Free RAM is bigger, and automatically cleans the cache of applications that are not useful on your phone.

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7. Check for PUBG Game Updates

PUBG Game Update

In addition to system updates on mobile phones, the PUBG Mobile application update also needs to be checked, because Tencent frequently updates feature updates to update bugs in their games.

Or optimize the performance of the Mobile PUBG game when using smart phone resources.

So often you check whether there is a PUBG Mobile game update or not, if there is, then immediately update the PUBG Mobile game.

8. Always Perform a System Update

Whenever there is a system update notification, update it on your device as soon as possible, because it is most likely that the update can improve the performance of your phone.

So do the updates as soon as possible when there is a system update notification on your mobile, both the Android operating system or the iOS operating system.

9. Don’t Play When the Battery Is Weak

Smart phone models now, there are usually features where when the cell phone is being charged or refilled.

The smartphone will automatically minimize the use of resources on the smartphone so the charging process is faster. Things like this are good.

But usually smart phones that have features like this when in the charger, according to drastic mobile performance. So don’t use your cellphone to play games while on the charger.

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Thus our article on How to Overcome Lag on PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS HP, hopefully can help you in overcoming the lag on PUBG.

Thank you for reading and see you in our next article.


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