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Difference between Android and iOS And Its Strengths & Weaknesses – At this time a smartphone is no stranger and has become a trend in itself, where anyone who has a smartphone can achieve everything with the smartphone they have.

At present, there are 2 operating systems that are quite well known and very influential in the development of mobile phones, namely Android and iOS.

Both of these operating systems become a conversation in the community,
because each operating system certainly has advantages and
each other’s shortcomings.

Before you own and use a smartphone, of course you should know what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Not because you just follow the trend or just want to look cool just to have an expensive smartphone but it is not what you need it to.

Difference between Android and iOS

Difference between Android and iOS And Its Strengths & Weaknesses

In this article we will discuss the differences between the Android and iOS operating systems.

So you can find out what operating system you currently are
need, here are some differences between operating systems
Android and iOS you need to know.

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1. Price

The first difference is in terms of price, because in buying
smartphone of course the price is one of the very things
compared to the public before buying it.

The comparison in terms of price is very striking and significant, because
as we already know that iOS is produced by Apple
has a very different price from the Android produced by

Actually to compare the two operating systems in terms of price
not comparable, but if you don’t understand and understand then we
will discuss.

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Judging from the price, of course the iPhone has a very price
high compared to Android, which is around 5 million and above.

While Android itself can be owned by the wider community with
the price of 1.5 million rupiah and above only. The high cost of the iPhone, because of Apple
itself only releases a few types and types only each year.

Very different from Android which has a very diverse types and types depending on the manufacturer that makes it.

So far in applying prices, the iPhone is still dependent on Apple, while Android is determined by each manufacturer.

2. Share Data

share data or share data

For iPhone users, of course very disturbed by one thing
this, even many of them say that this one product
is a UnSos product or not social.

Because data on iOS cannot be shared via Bluetooth to Android type smartphones.

This is what might make the iPhone an exclusive smartphone
and has its own advantages because the iPhone is not easily affected
by the threat of viruses, roses and things that damage data files and systems
from iOS.

3. Quality

You need to know that the quality of the iPhone is undoubtedly more reliable and resilient.

The iPhone smartphone itself is only produced by Apple and not yet
never produced by other manufacturers and the only product that
offered is the iPhone brand.

And the applications found on the iPhone are very limited and continuing
reviewed by Apple, so the application on the iPhone is much more
quality and better.

Very much different from Android, which makes it easy for developers or
Application developers to register easily on the Play Store. Then
we can see which one is much more quality.

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All Products are equally good, depending on the manufacturer again.

4. Appearance

In terms of appearance they do not have much difference, both have attractive and beautiful appearance.

But that is only because the price and quality of the iPhone tends to look exclusive and elegant compared to Android.

That’s because Apple itself has a Quality Checker in its factory,
starting from the application applied, the material used, and also
enhancements sold on the iPhone Store.

This is very different from Android, which is generally more numerous
mass produced and carried out by factories throughout
world. This is what makes Android smartphones look cheaper.

5. Memory

The next difference from the Android and iOS operating systems is seen
from his memory. In choosing products from the iPhone, of course you will be more
be careful in choosing memory capacity.

Because iPhone products are not equipped with extras such as memory
external. IPhone internal memory is available in various capacities,
i.e. 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, even up to 128 GB.

Very different from Android, which every product has
internal memory and can be added with external memory up to 128

So we can see that in this case Android products are indeed superior to iOS.

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6. Version Update

For iOS users who are accustomed to using products from Apple, of course, already know about this one.

Apple spoiled its users by making it easier to
access the latest iOS version update data. That’s only by displaying
notification or notification that there is a new version of iOS.

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Very different from Android which is not easy to update the operating system version.

Because it will take quite a long time to find the version
the latest on a public site or the official site of Android itself.

7. Camera

smartphone camera

For this one, of course, almost all smartphone users can distinguish and feel it for themselves.

From the results of the photo itself, the iPhone has a picture quality
sharper because Apple itself complements the smartphone they made
with a high resolution camera and a very light capture sensor
affect the quality of the photos produced.

Apart from that the iPhone is equipped with Digital Signal technology
Processor that can adjust image brightness, color in an image, and
toon mapping.

Because this technology can make the camera on the iPhone
used as a substitute for DSLR cameras that both carry
this technology because it is easy and practical to use.

Unlike the case with Android pinning the camera in accordance with
user needs, such as the camera only for selfies or for photos

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Thus our article about the Differences between Android and iOS And Their Strengths and Weaknesses, hopefully can help be your reference about the differences between Android and iOS.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.


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