How to move the location of the IDM download storage folder

How to move the IDM download location folder

Using a download manager software such as IDM (Internet Download Manager) does have its own advantages. One of them is a download speed that is higher than downloading through a browser. But, just like the default browser, all files that have been downloaded using IDM will be stored in partition C. If you want to move the IDM download folder location, then please use the method that will be discussed in this article.

As said before that IDM will save all files that have been downloaded in the folder Downloads on the Windows C partition. Of course this will make the empty storage capacity on the C partition will continue to decrease every time you download the file.

Therefore, one of the best solutions so that your C partition is not full quickly is by moving the IDM downloaded folder to another partition, for example to partition D. Thus every file that has been downloaded using IDM will automatically be saved on the partition and folder already determined it. This will also make you no longer need to move the downloaded files to another partition in the future when partition C is full. (Also read: How to Move the Download Folder Location on Windows 10/8/7)

How to Move the Location of the IDM Download Results Folder

Even though you have changed the location of the download folder in Google Chrome, this does not apply if you use a download manager. Every file that you download will remain in the folder Downloads in partition C. Therefore, you also need to change the location of the IDM download folder. To do this, please follow the steps below.

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Please open the IDM (Internet Download Manager) software that is already installed on your Laptop or Desktop PC. Then, on the Internet Download Manager main page, please click on the menu Downloads. Then, in the options that appear, please click Options to open IDM download settings.

IDM Options

Next, on the window Internet Download Manager Configuration, please click the tab Save to.

After that, please change the IDM download location folder based on the file category. The trick is to select one by one file category in the section Category. Then, in each file category, please change the storage location of the download in the section Default download directory, please click Browse.

How to change the IDM download location

In the window Select a Folder, please select the partition and folder that will be used as a storage location for IDM downloads. If you have not yet created the folder, please click New Folder. When finished selecting the folder, then please click Select Folder.

Move IDM downloads to partition D

Please do the same steps in each file category, i.e. General, Compressed (rar, zip, etc.), Docs (doc file, pdf, etc.), Music (mp3, wav, etc.) files, Programs (exe, msi, etc.) files, and The video (mp4 files, mkv, etc.).

If you have changed all the file categories in the location of the downloaded storage folder, then please click Ok to close the window.

So that IDM downloads are stored in D

After that, every time you download a file using IDM, it will automatically be directed to be saved in the new storage. Thus, you no longer need to bother setting it every time the file is downloaded.

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That’s the easy way to move the location of the IDM (Internet Download Manager) storage folder. By using this method, your C partition will no longer be full quickly because all downloaded files are already stored on another partition.


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