How to Register Passenger Grab on Android and iOS Smartphones

How to Register Passenger Grab on Android and iOS Smartphones – Grab is one of the companies whose main facilities are engaged in transportation.

Grab provides many types of services to help the daily needs of its users. Originally known as Grab Taxi Grab Taxi, Grab itself has its headquarters in Singapore.

Various capture services are currently developing, the largest Grab target is currently in the Southeast Asian region, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, and several other countries in Southeast Asia.

In Indonesia, Grab has provided various types of services, such as Grab Bike (online motorcycle taxi service), GrabCar (car service), Grab Food (food delivery service), Grab Express (courier between packages and so on), and also Grab Hitch Car ( social carpooling services).

What has been warm recently in Indonesia is Grab Gerak, where this service is located.

The first service was developed to help and support people with disabilities so that they can more easily carry out their various activities in daily life.

Then maybe there are many of you who are interested in trying various facilities provided by Grab, right?

Well, if you need a pickup service or want to try using it, there are a number of things needed, among others, you must have a Grab account.

If you already have a Grab account, you will easily use the various services provided by Grab.

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How to Create a Passenger Grab Account

How to Register Passenger Grab on Android and iOS Smartphones

But what if you don’t have a Grab account and are having problems creating a Grab account, but don’t worry, friend.

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Please pay close attention to the article on How to Register a Grab Account on Android and iOS from us below.

  • The first step is to make sure you have install Grab application on your Android or iOS phone, if not you can download the Grab application via Play Store if your cellphone is Android, and through App Store if your cellphone is iOS.
  • Then if you already have Grab application on your mobile, please open the application, after that if you first open the Grab application on your cellphone there will be a welcome page as below, there will be several options. Here to make it easier when registering and because of course you already have a mobile number, then you can try registering a Grab account using phone number you, choose Use Cellphone Number.
  • Furthermore, if there is a warning To Protect Your Account, you need to access your device details. then you choose the right person approve and move on to the next stage.
How to Create a Passenger Grab Account

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  • After that the next step to register an account is take it through iOS and Android, please enter your mobile number that you are using, try to save the number that you have, then click Next.
  • If you have finished filling phone number You, then to register for a capture account through Android or iOS, you will be directed to fill in your full name and email as shown below.
  • Then after the previous step is finished we now enter 4-digit activation verification code sent to the number we registered before, please check sms on the mobile number you used before, then enter at this stage the image, then if your code is correct you will automatically be taken to the next step.
  • Finished, then take want to access your location as below, please just click allow.
  • Click start! and your account has been successfully created and is ready to use to use your capture service.
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Thus our article on How to Register Passenger Grab on Android and iOS Smartphones, hopefully can help you in registering passenger grabs on your smartphone.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.


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