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Cause The IDM Download Button Does Not Appear on YouTube – Internet Download Manager or IDM is software that is generally used to speed up the process of downloading various files from the internet.

This Internet Download Manager software was developed by the developer Tonec Inc. Which is a company originating from New York, United States.

This Internet Download Manager application is made specifically for Windows operating system users only.

In addition, this Internet Download Manager also has a simple display so it is easy to use by various groups ranging from lay people to professionals.

But how does this Internet Download Manager work? How it works from the Internet Download Manager application that will share data that is being downloaded.

Later the data will be divided into 16 parts during the download process. In addition, IDM will also share the same speed in each part of the downloaded data.

If one part experiences obstacles or falls during the download process.

Then internet speed from other sections will be shared with that section to help speed up the download process.

By using Internet Download Manager, we can also download videos on YouTube.

By installing Internet Download Manager on your laptop or computer, the Download with IDM button will automatically appear on our YouTube.

That way we will more easily download videos on YouTube with a variety of video quality. But sometimes this IDM button doesn’t appear on our YouTube, whether it’s Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

For those of you who frequently use the Internet Download Manager software, of course, have experienced the download IDM button that disappeared suddenly.

We can restore it by displaying IDM on YouTube. To resolve this problem, on this occasion we will provide information on the Cause the IDM Download Button Does Not Appear on YouTube. and a tutorial on how to display the IDM download button on YouTube on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Cause The IDM Download Button on YouTube is Missing

Cause The IDM Download Button Does Not Appear on YouTube

The loss of the IDM button on YouTube is actually already common, especially for loyal users of IDM.

One reason for this is that it is a problem that is compatible with the version of IDM used and also the browser version used.

This can happen when we make an update or an update to one of the software either in IDM or in a browser, which was previously incompatible to incompatible.

Apart from incompatible issues, there are also other problems, namely the problem of extensions that are still not activated.

How to Display the IDM Button on Youtube

Besides the problem of not appearing on the IDM button on YouTube, another problem that is more severe is that sometimes when we download an IDM file that should appear automatically it also doesn’t run.

Here’s how to bring up the IDM download button on YouTube.

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1. Update the Browser and IDM Application

The first way we can do is to update the IDM application and browser that we use.

Update both software to the latest version so that you will not experience compatibility problems again. Then for the update process, please download via the following link.

  • Mozilla Firefox Link:
  • Google Chrome Link:
  • IDM Link:

The IDM software in the link above will go to the official website. Later you will get a free 30 day trial.

The rest, then you can buy an official license that can be purchased at several local websites.

2. Add Back Extension in Google Chrome

Add Back Extension in Google Chrome

Like the previous way, IDM also provides a special file to add extensions manually in Google Chrome.

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The difference is that the file is not the idmmzcc.xpi file, but the IDMGCExt.crx file. The following are the steps that you can follow.

  • The first step is opening Google Chrome browser> click the dot button in the upper right corner> select the More tools> Extensions option.
  • Then look for the Integration Module and click the Delete logo.
  • Next, if a new window appears, please click Delete.
  • Next open where the file directory where you installed IDM.
  • Then please find the file by name IDMGCExt.crx then drag the file to the Google Chrome extension page as shown below.
  • Then a notification will appear about installing the IDM installation extension in Google Chrome. Please click Add extension.
  • Wait a few moments to process installation finished, when it’s finished, please restart your Google Chrome.
  • To try it, please open YouTube. Button download IDM previously lost will reappear.

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3. Add Back Extensions in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

If the IDM button still doesn’t appear, then you can add the extension again or add the IDM extension again to your Mozilla Firefox browser.

The trick can also be done very easily, namely by using the file integration module that has been provided directly by IDM. Look at the following steps.

  • The first step is opening Mozilla Firefox browser> click the three-strip button in the upper-right corner> select the Add-ons option.
  • Then click Gear button or Settings> Install Add-on From File.
  • Then open the file directory where you installed IDM.
  • Then select the file idmmzcc.xpi then click Open.
  • Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete, if you have restarted Firefox.
  • To try it, please open YouTube. Button download IDM previously lost will reappear.

Note: If there is a broken warning, then you can try another .xpi file. Select one of these files until the extension is properly installed.

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And keep in mind that your IDM and browser version must be in the latest version.

4. Reinstall Internet Download Manager

If using a number of methods above still fails. Then we can use the following method, which is to reinstall IDM. The trick is you can follow the steps below.

  • The first step please download IDM application with the latest version.
  • If the download process has finished, please open it file.exe by clicking 2 times.
  • Then the Internet Download Manager Installation window will appear. Then click Next.
  • Next will appear the License Agreement that you can read. To continue the installation process, please check the terms in the license agreement section, then click Next.
  • Then specify where we will install IDM, we can use the default settings. Then we can also choose whether we want to add IDM shortcuts on the desktop or not. If it is already click Next.
  • Then the Start Internet Download Manager Installation window will appear. Then to do the installation process we only need to press the button Next only. The installation process will run for a few seconds because IDM is indeed included in the lightweight software.
  • If the installation process has finished, please click Finish.
  • Finally, please open the IDM application then do the IDM integration with the browser Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

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Thus our article about the Causes of the IDM Download Button Not Appearing on YouTube, hopefully can help you in bringing up the IDM button on your YouTube application.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.


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