Free Android Root Application for the Latest Android HP 2020

Free Android Root Application for the Latest Android HP 2020 – Rooting activity is an activity that is usually done by android users at this time. This has been booming since the mobile-based operating system was appointed by Google in 2007.

Although this activity is an activity that has been carried out by many smartphone users at this time, rooting activity has also been considered legal by some people in the past.

However, smartphone vendors to remove the warranty on rooting phones is their policy.

But not a few vendors who still apply the warranty on the device that has been rooting.

Judging from the use of rooting itself is actually a process to make mobile phones become more special than mobile phones in general (which are not rooting).

This is because the phone can access applications that cannot be run on phones that have not been rooting, it can also run special applications.

Not only that rooting can also be used to update the operating system because rooting activity is actually the same as jailbreaking on an iOS device that can make a cellphone more special.

The Best Root Android Application

Free Android Root Application for Android Mobile

Are you interested in trying to root? see some of the advantages of rooting then surely you will be interested to try to do it.

Here are 7 of the best root applications on Android that we think are good and also stable and good for rooting. Please refer to some application recommendations below.

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1. Kingroot

This application was made by a developer from China which is a package with the Kingoroot application, both of which were made by Chinese developers. By using this application for rooting.

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We can delete the default application that is on the mobile not only that this application will make your mobile work faster and of course improve mobile performance.

This application is also classified as already reliable because it supports ngeroot 104136 phone models at once.

For the success or failure of this application for rooting, the developer has tried the application first.

And the possibility of failure of this application is only 5%, of course, including applications that are trusted right? what you say is up to you all.

But only 5% failure with one condition provided you are still using official ROM instead of custome.

2. SuperSU

super SU

The SuperSU application made by Chainfie is truly a super application. This application has a feature that offers you whether you want to do a normal or complete rooting.

Of course with the offer you are free to choose that not only that with root using this application you can improve the performance of your mobile performance.

This application also frequently updates / updates regularly so you can always enjoy various new features and new things related to rooting, of course.

Another feature is that you can cancel the root. Very interesting is not it? SuperSU allows you to manage super user rights or people usually call it with full access.

Not only that full access is also very user friendly and also many other interesting features are available.

3. Kingoroot

As discussed earlier, this application is a package with Kingroot. This application is also often referred to as the Kingo application.

This application is classified as a new application but is no less good than its predecessor so it is able to suppress the row of its predecessor applications.

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This application is classified as a root application for PC. This application also supports many cellphone models so that it adds quality and appeal to this one application.

As for phones that have rooting, they will be automatically installed by Super User.

If you rooting using this application automatically, it will install the Kingo SuperUser application and also the Kingo SuperBattery application called Kingo SuperUser Battery.

Its function is to manage the battery that you use on your cellphone, seen from some of the advantages of this application.

Therefore many have used this application and consider it a relatively good and stable application. How do you want to try rooting with this application.

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4. One Click Root

One Click Root

This application is a recommendation for the next root application and how to use it is also quite easy, namely by connecting Android and clicking on the root now in the application.

So that your Android is immediately rooted. But with the proviso that of course your phone has the driver installed first, some examples of the benefits of using the one-click root application are as follows below.

  • Process rooting fast.
  • Activate / get install incompatible application.
  • Apart from rooting cellphone, you can also install custome ROM later.
  • Cellphone performance is becoming more.
  • You can hack if your phone has been rooting.

Your battery will last longer because after you root, you can freely choose the application you want to activate and you can also install a battery saver application.

5. Flashify

This application is quite simple but you can do whatever you want.

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Not only that you can flash various ROMs that you have downloaded recovery pictures and Zip Fie and make full Nandroid backups, and also back up internal storage.

Includes entire partitions and saves them to SDcard. What’s interesting about this application is that it supports the command queue for TWRP recovery.

The advantage of this recovery is that you can immediately install the application.

The commands in this application are also very complete such as erasing data, backing up and restoring, zipping and so on.

The free version of the application is limited to three files every day, but in the premium version through the in-app purchase process, you can get additional features such as unlimited flaming.

Backup kernel through Google Drive and DropBox accounts.

6. Nexus Root Toolkit

This application is specifically intended for Nexus phone users, to use this application the conditions are that you must install this application on your PC first.

Then root your cellphone. But the use of this application is quite easy so for Nexus phone users please try this application.

7. Framaroot


This application is classified as a well-known application and is also easy to use, therefore many people use this application to root their phones.

We can talk like that because many people are already using this application.

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Thus our article about the Free Android Root Application for the Latest Android HP 2020, hopefully can help you in choosing the root application for your android.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.


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