How to Clean Cell Phones from Corona Virus

How to Clean HP

Have you started working at the office? Have you started traveling outside the house after months of staying at home? Yes, the government has indeed allowed healthy citizens to return to activities outside the home. Even so, there are so many health protocols that must be implemented to avoid contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19 pandemic).

One suggestion from the government is to routinely clean mobile phones. In detail, you are asked to clean the surface of objects brought from outside with disinfectant.

Eitts, first later. Do not immediately clean your cellphone with any disinfectant. The reason is, your cellphone can be damaged if you just use disinfectant.

So, how exactly do I clean the right cellphone to prevent COVID-19? Check out the following article to find the answer!

Why should I clean my cellphone?

How to Clean HP
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As summarized from the Kaspersky Blog, the SARS-CoV-2 virus can survive at room temperature for several days. In addition, corona viruses can also live in steel, glass, ceramics and plastic. Steel, glass, ceramics, and plastic itself are common materials used as body and cellphone screens.

There are two ways that a corona virus can stick to a cellphone. First step, droplet from the person who passes next to you. For example, the person next to you is not aware of being infected with COVID-19 and is not wearing a mask. When he coughed, droplet issued may be attached to your cellphone. Well, that means the SARS-CoV-2 virus has stuck to your cellphone.

The second way, the virus can stick because of your own hands. For example, you accidentally touch a door handle or elevator button that has also been stuck with a virus. When you touch your cellphone, the device will certainly become a “den” of the virus as well.

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Actually, if you never lend your cell phone to someone else and no one coughs until your cell phone is exposed droplet from that person, there is very little chance of a viral infection “dropping by” on a cellphone.

However, just in case, it’s always good to assume the worst. Therefore, you should clean your cellphone regularly so that no viruses survive in the cellphone.

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How to clean iPhone and Android phones from Corona virus

How to Clean HP
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How to clean HP from viruses actually varies by manufacturer. You are advised to contact or visit the respective manufacturing site to find instructions.

Well, one that has provided a reference in cleaning HP from viruses is Apple. One of the biggest companies in the world suggests that you use it isopropyl alcohol 70% or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean the iPhone’s screen and body.

You are advised to gently wipe the surface you want to clean, not too hard or rough.

Do not use bleach or other disinfectants because it can damage the iPhone, only use the liquid recommended by Apple, which is 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Why not use other liquids carelessly? The reason is that the iPhone and most other cellphones use an oleophobic coating on the screen. The layer can prevent the oily screen due to finger touch. Well, the layer can quickly disappear if you carelessly use a disinfectant.

Well, Android phones are also believed to be cleaned in the same way as the iPhone. You can use 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the screen and HP body from viruses.

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The steps are roughly like this:

1. Turn off the cellphone or iPhone.

2. Wipe the screen and body using 70% isopropyl alcohol.

3. Make sure that no liquid has entered the holes in the HP, such as speaker holes, 3.5mm audio plugs, until charging port.

4. Dry the phone using a soft, lint-free cloth. For example, wipe glasses or microfiber cloth.

5. Make sure the HP is completely dry before turning it on.

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How to clean your cellphone without disinfecting liquid

How to Clean HP
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If you feel that disinfecting liquid can damage your cellphone, there are other easy ways to clean your cellphone from viruses. You can use hand washing soap available in the bathroom. Here are the steps you can take:

1. Turn off the cellphone, release casing installed.

2. Wet the microfiber cloth with water and hand washing soap.

3. Slowly wipe all parts of the cellphone. Remember, slowly, don’t overdo it.

4. Avoid the hole from the liquid. Even though your cellphone is waterproof, it could be damaged because there is liquid in the hole like that.

5. Dry the cellphone with a dry microfiber cloth.

By only using hand washing soap, your cell phone is believed to be clean of viruses. Oh yes, do not put the cell phone directly into the water, use a cloth that has been soaked in water and hand washing soap.

After your cellphone is clean, there is still a possibility that the virus can still stop by the device. Therefore, to prevent this, it is better to wash your hands using running water and hand washing soap before re-holding the cell phone.

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Well, have you cleaned your cellphone today?


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