These 10 best Didi Kempot songs to commemorate them

It’s been more than a month the legendary Indonesian singer, Didi Kempot, passed away. The singer, known by the nickname The Godfather of Broken Heart, died on May 5, 2020. However, his works are still remembered today and even continue to be in demand by service connoisseurs streamed songs, like Spotify and Youtube.

Didi Kempot’s song

Well, for those of you who want to remember it, BukaReview will provide a list of 10 best-selling Didi Kempot songs that are guaranteed to make you hum.

On Youtube there are indeed many videos of Didi Kempot’s songs uploaded, but we selected the most popular songs on the Didi Kempot Official Channel and the Axis Record which houses the legendary Javanese singer.

1 Tulung – Arda & # 039; Tatu & # 039;

Tulung actually a Didi Kempot song that was released in 2016 ago. However, two months ago this song was viral because it was sung by Arda Tatu.

Quoted from Compass, Arda Tatu himself met Didi Kempot at an event. Initially he wanted to sing together, but Didi did not know that the child was blind. Arda can sing Didi Kempot’s song fluently and melodiously.

In short, the disabled child was then offered to sing a Tulung song whose lyrics he could memorize in two days. The legend also advised that we always help people with disabilities.

2. Ora Iso Mulih

Ora Iso Mulih It was also released in 2019 and became one of the best-selling songs of Didi Kempotdownload it the past few months. Because the lyrics tell the story of a child who can’t go home when Lebaran is very relevant to the situation yesterday.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many Muslims to stop celebrating Eid in their hometown. This song is widely distributed in the WhatsApp group of families who cannot go home during Lebaran.

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3. Miss Nickeng Nickeng feat Dory Harsa

Same as Ora Iso Mulih, Miss Nickeng Nickeng is also a Didi Kempot song released 2019 ago. The lyrics of this song also tell about the heartbreak of a man who was left by his lover.

In this song, Didi Kempot duet with Dory Harsa. Dory Harsa was a member of a music group that was held by Didi Kempot. In the band Dory played the drummer.

4. Teki Suket (Id)

Many Indonesian music lovers download it this one Didi Kempot song. Song Teki Suket this is included in the album Kasmaran which was released in 2016. Kasmaran became one of Didi Kempot’s most lyrical albums to date.

One characteristic of Didi Kempot is that his expertise creates unusual parables to express his feelings.

In song lyrics Teki Suket this he analogizes the betrayal of love with No tandur stays tukule jebul instead suket puzzle, which means that he planted rice, which he reaped instead of pest grass (a bouquet of puzzles). Naturally, if sadboi and sadgerl can be very relate with this poignant love story.

5. Tatu

The next best Didi Kempot song is Tattoo. Tattoo in Javanese it means hurt. The premise is still the same, about someone left by a lover without a message.

For Southern children now, this song can be considered defining ghosting. Left away, without knowing where the error is. Sad

6. Ambyar

Well, this one Didi Kempot song is arguably the forerunner to what Didi fans called Sby Ambyar. Song lyrics Ambyar which released in 2019 also tells the story of someone who is a victim of promises.

7. Showing off Bojo

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For lovers of Javanese songs, Showing off Bojo be one anthem which must be played in all situations. Showing off Bojo also included in the album Kasmaran which was released in 2016. The story is again about the man who left his lover. After all this time they finally met again, but instead of letting go of the lover instead showed off her new husband.

The following excerpts of the lyrics of the song showing off Bojo Didi Kempot.

Dudu Klambi Anyar
Sing neng njero my closet
Nanging bojo newer
Sing mbok show off to me

Dudu smells of roses
Sing doesn’t see me anymore
Nanging kowe lali
Run for my patch

8. Cidro

Didi Kempot’s song is certainly a familiar song sung a lot millenials. Cidro so one of the top of the list download it Didi Kempot’s song because of its lyrics and music earworm even for people who can’t speak Javanese.

The story again revolves around a lover who reneges on sweet promises first because the economic condition of his partner who is miserable. Really sad.

The following excerpt from the song Cidro Didi Kempot

Wes samestine ati iki nelongso
Wong Seng doesn’t keep his promise
Opo ora eling naliko semono
Jeroning dodo fragrant flower
Kepiye wins my fate
Kudu loro koro mengent mengene
Crush ati iki yen eling janjine
Ora ngiro dropping lamis wae
Deko is wrong, my crew is iki
Kowe changed to promise
Opo mergo my urip
Mlarat Bondo is as good as your urip
I slipped mergo to bacut tresno
Ora ngiro saikine cidro

9. Banyu Langit

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Banyu Langit so one of the most widely played Didi Kempot songscover by pop singers who partly even skyrocketed his name on Youtube, like Dyah Novia who spoke solemnly.

The following quote song lyrics Banyu Langit Didi Kempot

Sworo breeze
Wind sing ngreridu ati
Using your slime is not transparent
Want to cry
Ngetokke eluh neng cheek
Suwe ra weruh
Dirty may you dream
Ngalem neng my chest
Tambanono Roso misses me
Ngalemo is with me
Ben ra cool gloomy udaning dalu

10. Ojo Mudik

Ojo Mudik is one of the most recent Didi Kempot songs made before he passed away. In this video clip that looks like a public service advertisement, you can see campaigns from various parties, ranging from the police, military, to farmers who are calling for not going home because of the corona virus.

This song also became the legend’s last work. Before closing age, Didi plans to hold a concert titled “Ambyar Not Jogeti” on July 10, 2020. According to the organizers, the concert will still be held despite being postponed to November 14, 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the concert, Didi Kempot planned to be “present” in the form of a hologram.

Apart from the song above, there are still Gold Necklace, Flying Kangen, Sewu Kuto, and Prau Layar no less solemn. Now, where is your favorite Didi Kempot song? You can streamed the song on Spotify and Youtube or see how to download the song Didi Kempot full album here.


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