How To Check Quota 3 With The Following Four Ways-See More

How to Check Quota 3- For users of card 3 (Tri) and want to control the use of internet quota, of course you will need a way to check quota 3. Tri itself is famous as an internet provider with a large quota but the price is still affordable.

In addition, the 4G network that is already used in Indonesia makes three cards start donna for most people.

Current internet needs cannot stop. You who have a hobby of surfing the web will definitely need an internet connection.

Do not until when you surf the internet in space suddenly find countless data packages that make you die elegantly.

You can check your remaining internet quota to stay ahead of the quota.

There are 4 types of ways to find out the rest of the internet quota, See the following are some ways that you can use:

Ways To Check Quota 3

Check Tri Quota through USSD

USSD is the protocol used by GSM devices to communicate with your computer provided. To check Class 3, consider the steps below:

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How to Check Quota 3

  1. Open the call menu

    Make a call to * 111 #.

  2. Choose number 1.

    Then select Quota Checklist, or you can press 4 and select Send.

  3. Select the quota data list

    Select the quota data list, or you can press 2 and send. Then select the regular data quota list, or type 1 and send.

Wait a few moments until you get an SMS from Player 3 that will notify you of the remaining data plan.

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How to Check Quota 3 by SMS

If you want to use this method, calm down. SMS messages will not be charged because the use of this method is free. For further information see the route below:

  • Open the message menu
  • Type “data info” and send it to 234.
How to check tri sms quota
  • Wait a few moments until the process is complete.
  • You will then receive an SMS in the form of information about your number with the remaining Internet quota left.

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Check Quota 3 via the Bima Tri Application

bima tri

SQL 3 has a mainstay application called Bima Tri to facilitate you, to learn more as follows:

For android users, you can download Bima Tri application.
If so, open the application. You can see the remaining internet quota, remaining credit, telephone numbers, and many other information.

How to Check Quota 3 through the Website

TRI website

That way, you can see the rest of your remaining Internet quota through Tri. The steps that you can see are as follows:

Open Tri website through your cellphone
You will see the remaining internet sharing information in the form of a speedometer. In addition, you can also see your card number, remaining credit, and the type of Internet package used until the card’s active period.

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Those are some ways to check the remaining quota on your tri card that you can do, hopefully it will be useful.


How to free internet?

Press * 111 # and click the call button> After a short wait, a dialog box appears with a choice between 1 – 88 and the number 0 containing the “continue” option> You must select the number 0 to use the claim quota method.

How to check quota 3?

type * 111 #> Select Check quota > type 4,> select Quota Data> Select Check quota.


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