The Best Android Voice Changer Application on Google Play

Voice Changer Application- Maybe you think the same thing with us to do something “evil” to fool a friend or someone close by using a different voice on the phone. In this way, they will think it’s not you who called, but someone else.

To do this, of course you need to apply the voice modifier. You can change your voice into a character or someone else with the help of several applications.

For more details, see below.

List of Voice Changer Applications

Voice FX Voice Changer Application


This application is reliable enough to convert sound and music with good sound effects.

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Interestingly, VoiceFX can play sounds directly with sound effects. Listening to other people’s conversations can live with a changing voice.

Not only that, with this application you can do striming directly.

Best Voice Changer application

Best Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer 3 offers voice modification facilities. Starting with a choice of sound effects (robotic, slow, accelerated), glide fake backgrounds such as at stations or airports, adding echo and choir effects.

This application is suitable for you who want to work with friends or people who have a complete package view.

Helium Voice Changer Application

Helium Voice Changer

Helium Voice Changer makes it possible to change your voice like after inhaling helium. There are also some sound effects like robots, nervousness, fig, and others. In addition, this application also supports video.

This application has an interface that is easy to use by anyone. You can also share the results of the vote with friends or closest people through various chat applications.

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Call Voice Changer Male to Female

Call Voice Changer Male to Female

As the name implies, Call Voice Changer Male to Female can change male voices into female voices with several options. This Voice Changer application offers sounds ranging from girls, teens, and even parents.

Sound Effects application

Voice Changer Sound Effects

Voice Changer Effects Effects offers unique and interesting sound effects.

Some sound effects such as Hexfluoride, Helium, Chipmunk, Fast, Slow, Monster, and many more. You can save and share the modified sound on your mobile.

Voice Changer_Androbaby Application

Voice Changer - Androbaby

The voice modifier made by Androbaby has a pretty unique sound effect. This application offers audio options such as Chipmunk, Echo, Helium, Monster, Smurf and many other options.

This application does not offer an interface that looks feminine. However, the interface provided is easy to understand.

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RoboVox Voice Changer Pro application

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

Apart from that, you can also use an audio editing application called RoboVox Voice Changer Pro. Unfortunately, you have to buy it before you can use it. Although there is a free version, there are only a few audio options.

This application also provides a parrot mode feature, i.e. you can simulate sounds like a parrot. Not only that, after editing the sound, you can share it with others through Soundcloud.

Voice Changer_Androidrock Application

Voice Changer - Androbaby

Androidrock Voice Changer application can make it easy for you to change voice. Various types of sounds are presented, such as the voices of children, parents, robots, bees, and even Chipmunk.

Apart from that, you can also add unique sound effects, such as church sound effects or horror movie sound effects. Just open the application and click the audio recording button.

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Voice Changer with Effects application

Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects is included in the best voice modifier application. This application lets you turn sounds into helium sounds, robots, monsters, Darth Vader (Star Wars) and more.

Uniquely, the modified voice recording can be saved and used as a ringtone. For example, the voice of Darth Vader is used as a notification via SMS.

Change My Voice application

Change My Voice

This application makes you don’t need to change your original voice. You can choose many types of sounds available. Can change the tone, speed and more.

You don’t need to wait for this process for a long time. Many are asked to add options to change the sound when connected. Unfortunately, this audio editing is not yet available.

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Those are some sound modification applications that you can use for entertainment or cuteness, Hopefully this will be useful, Thank you.


Is the application lightweight?

The application above is very lightweight and also small in size.

Is the application free?

Yes, it’s definitely free, but if you want more features, there are premium options and you can buy them.

Can it be installed on an iPhone?

For iPhone users, you can find and install it in the App store on your iPhone.


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