The Best Popular DJ Music Remix Application For Your Android

DJ Remix Application- Being a DJ is not easy. DJs are required to be skilled in playing their roles. Apart from that, it doesn’t require a small fee to become a DJ or Disc Jokey.

Now specifically for beginners, you can use the application to study.

Why do you need to exercise before you become a Jokey tablet? Besides knowing yourself, you can also increase creativity with the virtual dj application on your smartphone.

Well, this time we have collected several DJ applications that you can install on your Android cellphone, see below.

List of DJ Remix Applications

DJ Studio 5 application

The DJ Remix_DJ STUDIO 5 application

The next DJ Remix application is DJ Studio 5 – Free Music Mixer. Many features offered, of course you can make it a learning container just by using your Android device.

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There are several features available in this application, such as sound effects such as Flanger, Phaser, Gate Reverb, Bit crusher and others.

djay FREE

DJ Remix_djay FREE application

djay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music gives an interesting impression with the features loaded. This application is integrated with Spotify, so you can synchronize between Spotify and this application.

Apart from that, you can also import songs to this application. Whether it’s a dangdut song or what.

3D DJ Mixer Music

3D DJ Mixer Music

The next DJ remix application is 3D DJ Mixer Music. The features in this application are also not inferior to other DJ applications.

You will get easy mixing of songs to produce unique music. Of course it’s not suitable for you who want to study DJ.

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DiscDJ 3D Music Player

DiscDJ 3D Music Player

As the name implies, DiscDJ 3D Music Player Beta offers a 3D interface. By using this application, you can mix any song as you wish.

In addition, there are also 10 band equations that you can adjust to produce music that meets your tastes. Download this application instantly.

edjing PRO LE

edjing PRO LE

This application is different from edjing MIX: DJ music mixer. To try edjing MIX: DJ music mixer, buy first.

However, to try this application, just download it through the Google Play Store for free. What are you waiting for, download this application immediately!

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Djay 2

DJ Remix_djay FREE application

This application was first released on iOS devices. In addition to its success, this application also began to spread to Android devices. Does not take long, this application also works on Android.

Some features are presented in this application, such as automatic mixing, miscellaneous effects, repetition and many other features. Unfortunately, this application is not free. You are required to buy it for $ 4.99.

DJ Party Mixer application

Party Mixer

Party Mixer – DJ player allows you to combine two songs at once. You can remix songs and change tempo to seamlessly merge songs.

Apart from that, you can also use Auto DJ mode which can automatically combine songs.

edjing mix

edjing mix

This single DJ mixer provides quite complete features. By using it, you can enter your songs on your mobile. Later, you can be creative with the music you choose.

Unfortunately, there are some features that force you to buy it first before using it.

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Cross DJ Free

Cross DJ Free

In addition, there is a DJ remix application that is suitable for beginners. Many features such as loops and mixers are provided so that they can remix songs perfectly.

For the professional version, there are additional features such as HQ quality notes, no ads, and more.

DJ Mix Pads application

DJ Mix Pads

For those who want to dive into the world of DJ music, it doesn’t hurt to try an application called DJ Mix Pads.

This application provides many features that users can enjoy such as physical dubstep. You can download this application for free on the Google Play Store.

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That is some DJ applications that you can download and install on your Android, with the application you can learn DJ without having to buy a Dj device that is said to be expensive, Hopefully useful.


What is meant by DJ?

Disc Jokey or sometimes called “deejay”) is someone who is an expert in choosing and playing sounds or music recorded before.

What is meant by remix music?

Remix album is an album which most of the contents are songs that are remixed or recorded. Remix album is different from recycled album, where the remix album material comes from the artist itself while the recycled album material is from other artists.


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