11 Recommended Unique and Comfortable Bunk Beds for Children

Not every house has a large size so every child can have their own room. When the area of ​​the house becomes a barrier to add rooms for children, it never hurts when brother and sister get a room for two. Do not need to be confused if the size of the room is also not too large or you want to keep the room spacious and your child can move freely, the model of a sleeping bed can be the answer. Now, before deciding what kind of bunk bed to choose, you should first know some information related to bunk beds below, and check out the recommended bunk beds for kids that are unique and comfortable, and make the room look more beautiful.

Choose a bed material that is strong and sturdy

There are many ingredients to make a bed. Can be of iron or wood. For those made of iron, you should choose a strong and not easily swayed. Make sure the frame is anti-rust and doesn’t bend easily. If you want to choose materials from wood, you can choose whether laminated wood or solid wood.

Laminated wood is usually lighter and has a variety of models. However, laminated wood is also quite strong and not easily bent. The only disadvantage of this laminated wood is water. Because the density of wood is not as dense as solid wood, laminated wood is easily brittle when exposed to water or humid air.

While solid wood can certainly be the right choice. Solid wood itself is made of mahogany, pine or teak. Mahogany wood has a smooth texture and is easily shaped, while pine wood has a distinctive aroma and has a distinctive motif. Well, if teak is clear the quality has a very strong resistance to weather, temperature, mold, and insects. As such, teak is the most expensive wood on the market.

The level of the bed should be right for the child

Because children who will use a level mattress, do not forget to choose a mattress that is not too high. Choose a level mattress where the steps are not too many and the footing is comfortable. So that children can go up and down without having to always be helped. And to determine who is above, it is better to sleep above an older child or one who is bolder.

Choose a bed that is simple and still multifunctional

To prevent a child from falling, choose one that has a protective fence on the top bunk

Choosing a level bed indeed contains risks. Especially for children who are active and like to climb. You must pay extra attention and understanding to avoid accidents due to mattresses of this level.

Choose a place that has a perimeter fence on the top bunk. Also make sure the ladder is sturdy and does not make a wretched child because they have to go back and forth up and down. The distance between steps should also be ideal for a child’s body size so that it is safe.

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Adjust the size of the mattress and choose a quality mattress

Ideally the bunk bed has the size of a mattress single. Because this size is very suitable for use by children ranging from toddlers to teens. In addition to the size of the mattress, also choose a quality mattress material and does not make your back hurt. Because children are still often active with energy, you should choose a mattress that has a good spring. So that the health of the child’s body will also be maintained with a good quality mattress.

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1. Blue white child bed level

Child Level Bed
Blue white child bed level. (Photo: Bukalapak)

This white level child bed can be your child’s choice at home. With a minimalist shape, this child’s bed comes with a style that is suitable for boys. This level bed is made of mahogany and the size of the top mattress is 100x200cm, the bottom mattress is 120×200.

There are three drawers on the bottom of the mattress that can be used to store your child’s belongings. In addition there are shelves that can be used to arrange story books or children’s school textbooks. The top mattress is also safe because there is a barrier so that the child will not fall while sleeping.

Price: Rp6,800,000

2. Children’s bunk bed IKEA Svarta

Child Level Bed
Children’s bunk bed IKEA Svarta. (Photo: Bukalapak)

If the room is not spacious, this level of mattress can be an option to complement your child’s room. This mattress with a white frame and made of mild steel is a product from IKEA that has clear quality. Plus all IKEA products are easy to install and assemble on their own. So it will not be difficult to build mattresses of this level.

IKEA Level Mattresses Svarta is recommended for children aged 6 years and over because the stairs on this level mattress are not suitable for children under five. The mattress used is the size of 90x200cm on the top and bottom. With this minimalist size, this IKEA level mattress certainly won’t make a room cramped.

Price: Rp2,999,900

3. Pink child-level bed with a display rack

Child Level Bed
Pink child-level bed with a display rack. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Well, if the siblings at home are girls and the age range of children is not far away, this pink bed will surely make them fall in love. With a combination of pink and white, of course girls will like it.

This level mattress is made of mahogany in the oven so it is getting stronger. Besides the drawers on the bottom and side of the bed, there are also shelves to store their toys. There are two rows of shelves that can be divided in half so that each has a place to store toys. This bed is 100x200cm for the top mattress and the bottom mattress is 120×200.

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Price: Rp10,200,000

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4. Jepara’s original level bed with safe stairs

Child Level Bed
Original Jepara level bed with safe stairs. (Photo: Bukalapak)

If the model of this level of bed does not need to doubt its safety. Although the standard shape is typical wooden mattress, but this bed model is very safe to use by children. Why safe? Because the stairs are made like a ladder with a handrail on the right and left stairs.

Besides it is even better because in the bottom drawer if pulled it turns out there is an additional mattress that can be used for sleeping or playing with children. And do not miss the drawers that are quite a lot for a place to store your baby’s equipment.

Price: IDR 6,950,000

5. Teak bunk beds with abundant drawers

Child Level Bed
Teak bunk beds with abundant drawers. (Photo: Bukalapak)

If you are bored seeing a level bed with a monotonous shape that’s all, this teak level mattress can be the answer to your boredom. This level mattress with easy brown color has a different mattress position between the bottom and top. Plus there are 12 drawers with a size large enough so that it will not fight over which battle is the drawer.

On the side of the mattress there is also a shelf that is useful for storing books and alarm clock. If it turns out that the younger brother who wants to sleep on the top mattress, you do not need to worry because the full top mattress is surrounded by a fence and stairs are also safe for children to pass on.

Price: Rp7,700,000

6. Teak level beds with classic models

Child Level Bed
Teak bunk bed with classic model. (Photo: Bukalapak)

The color of the bed in dark brown is a characteristic color furniture made of teak. So even with a level bed for this child. If your baby’s room size is large enough, you can choose this teak bed. Teak beds are usually stronger and more durable. Moreover, this teak can not be infested with termites let alone weathered.

With a mattress size of 120x180cm at the bottom and 100x180cm for the top, children can certainly use it in a long time.

Price: Rp4,900,000

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7. A minimalist white child-level bed

Child Level Bed
White minimalist child-level bed. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Want the feel of a clean white child’s room to make it look more spacious? Children’s beds with colors full white will certainly give this impression. Coupled with a minimalist model makes the impression of a more modern children’s room. On this level bed there are also drawers below and at each bottom of the stairs.

In addition, the stairs are quite safe because they are given the same limitation with the top mattress surrounded by a fence. In order not to be boring, you can attach a bed sheet with typical children’s motifs so that your child feels more comfortable sleeping alone in his room.

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Price: IDR 7,000,000

8. Children’s bunk beds are equipped with slides

Child Level Bed
Children’s bunk beds are equipped with slides. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Your child is an active child and always wants to move, you can try to choose a child’s bed that is equipped with a slide. Very interesting not when the mattress in the room there are slides. Certainly the children will be more comfortable in the room and will not want to return to the father and mother’s room.

This level bed is also equipped with a drawer and most importantly is safe on the stairs and railings on the top mattress. Before deciding to buy this mattress do not forget to make sure the size of the children’s room.

Price: Rp5,900,000

9. Minimalist child-level bed with natural wood color

Child Level Bed
Minimalist child-level bed with natural wood color. (Photo: Bukalapak)

This level bed model is suitable for homes with wooden and classic themes. With natural colors, this teak bed gives an impression of being cool and natural. Moreover, the ladder model is made like a ladder in a house equipped with a handle.

At the top of the mattress is certainly safe because it is made a fence that surrounds the mattress. In addition there are drawers with a size large enough even though the amount is not much.

Price: IDR 7,650,000

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10. Children’s bunk bed like a doll palace

Child Level Bed
A child-level bed is like a doll’s palace. (Photo: Bukalapak)

If you have a daughter who is having fun with the world of women, this bed model will definitely be her choice. This pink mattress is equipped with mirrors, drawers, stairs with handles and the most interesting is the slide.

With a very feminine model, this bed is very detailed like a royal princess’s bed. Your child will definitely feel special and happy if the place to get a new bed like yours princess.

Price: IDR 7,250,000

11. Minimalist model children’s bed complete with a cupboard

Child Level Bed
Minimalist child-level beds complete with cabinets. (Photo: Bukalapak)

If you want to complete the needs of your child’s room with a cupboard too, this bed will certainly attract attention. In addition to the unique arrangement of the mattress, there is also a wardrobe for putting the clothes of brothers and sisters in the room. In addition there are two large drawers that children can use to store their toys.

This simple bed model is perfect to complement a home with a modern minimalist concept. Don’t forget to choose bright color bed linen so that the mattress becomes brighter and more attractive.

Price: Rp7,500,000

Do not forget to determine the concept of a child’s room, ma’am, before choosing a child-level bed. So which one is the baby’s choice at home?


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