4 Ways to Open Blocked Sites on Google Chrome on HP & PC

how to open a blocked site on google chrome

If you are absorbed in the internet, it would not be fun to want to access a website, but you can’t. Usually the problem that arises is because the website you want to open has been blocked by the government. But, do not worry because this method can be used in the Google Chrome browser, HP or PC to open blocked sites.

Generally, if you try to access a website that has been blocked, it will be redirected to a positive internet page. Or, sometimes it is also not redirected but web pages also cannot appear and information appears This site can’t be reached, as if the problem is the internet connection, which is not the case.

There are various websites that are blocked by the government, for example adult sites, gambling sites, movie and software download sites, and even subtitle download sites like subscene.com. Not only that, the biggest forum site in the world like reddit.com has also been blocked and cannot be accessed. Therefore, if you want to access the blocked sites, don’t use Indonesian IP. Use foreign IP as will be discussed in this article.

How to Open a Blocked Site on Google Chrome PC and HP

Sites that have been blocked by the government will not be accessible to internet users from Indonesia, but foreign people can still access them. This is because if a blocking has been done, then when the Laptop or device is used using Indonesian IP, the site will not be accessible. However, if you use a foreign IP, the blocked site can still be accessed.

This method will be done so that you can access websites that have been blocked, by using foreign IPs in Google Chrome. In order for a laptop or cellphone to use an overseas IP when browsing, please use one of the following methods.

1. Access Blocked Sites on Chrome Laptops Using AnonymoX

The first way you can do if you want to open a site that has been blocked or exposed to positive internet is to use AnonymoX on Google Chrome. AnonymoX is a Google Chrome extension that you can use to change your IP browser to foreign country. So, when you surf using the Chrome browser on a Laptop, the public IP that is used will change to from abroad. Thus, you can already access the blocked site.

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To install the AnonymoX extension on the Google Chrome Desktop browser, please read the article how to install AnonymoX on Chrome Laptop.

After installing it, then please activate the AnonymoX so that you can access the blocked sites. The trick is please click the AnonymoX icon in Chrome, then select a country, then change it to On.

how to open a blocked site on Google Chrome PC

After that you can just use it to access sites that are blocked or exposed to positive internet. If you don’t want to use it, then simply change AnonymoX to Off and your Laptop IP will return to normal.

2. Access Blocked Sites on Chrome Laptops Using VPN

The second way that you can use if you want to open a blocked browser on the Google Chrome Desktop is to install the VPN extension. VPN Extension function is actually the same as AnonymoX as in the first way. By installing and activating the VPN extension, the public IP used when browsing will change to an overseas IP, depending on which country you choose.

To install VPN extensions in the Google Chrome browser, then please read the article how to install VPN on Google Chrome Desktop.

After you install it in Chrome, then please activate the VPN extension. The trick is please click the VPN icon in Google Chrome. Then, please select a country, then click Connect.

Enable VPN on Chrome Laptop

After that, then you can simply surf the Internet as much as you want and access those blocked using that foreign IP. If you have finished and want to restore the original IP, then please turn off the VPN by clicking Disconnect.

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3. Access Blocked Sites on Chrome PC and HP Using Web Proxy

The next way you can do if you want to open a site that has been blocked in Google Chrome is to use Web Proxy. Web proxy is a website that can be used to display other web pages.

By using this method, you do not need to install any application or extension. So, if you only occasionally access blocked sites and don’t want to bother installing extensions, then please use this third method. In addition, this method can also be used on Google Chrome Desktop installed on a Laptop and on Google Chrome Android.

There are many proxy websites that you can use to display positive internet site pages. One of the most popular and most frequently used is proxysite.com. To use a Web Proxy such as proxysite.com, then please follow the following steps.

Please open the Chrome browser on the Laptop or HP that you are using to surf, then please open the proxysite.com site.

Next, on the Proxy Web page, please select the country / server first, but if you don’t want to change it, it’s also no problem. After that, please enter the blocked website address that you want to open in the column Enter URL. If it is finished, then please click Go to display the website page.

How to access positive internet sites using a web proxy

After that, you can do anything like when browsing the website as usual. Unfortunately, sometimes some images from the site that is opened do not appear. When you have finished using Web Proxy, then just close the Chrome tab of the Proxy website.

4. Access Blocked Sites on Chrome Mobile Using the Android VPN Application

If you use the Google Chrome browser on an Android Smartphone, you cannot install extensions. This means you cannot install AnonymoX and VPN through Google Chrome. Therefore, in this fourth way you have to install an Android VPN from the Play Store.

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The functionality of an Android VPN installed through the Play Store is the same as a VPN extension on Chrome Desktop. By using the Android VPN application, the Android IP will change to foreign countries when browsing. To do this, please follow the steps below.

Open, please Google Play Store on the Android Smartphone being used. Then do a VPN application search, for example “touch vpn” or “turbo vpn”. There are many free VPN applications that you can use and install on Android.

After that, just tap Install it to install the VPN application on your Android Device. If it is already installed, then please open the application, then select a country then click Connect.

how to open a blocked site on google chrome mobile

After connecting, please open the Google Chrome browser and access sites that were previously unable to because they were blocked. Now the site can be opened and traced.

Please surf as much as you want using foreign IP on your Android phone. If you are finished and want to use the original IP, then simply reopen the VPN application then click Disconnect.

Please note that if you use VPN on Chrome Laptop or on Android, then the internet connection can feel slower than usual. This is because your data requests when browsing are sent first through the VPN server and then to the destination site.

That’s the easy way to open sites that are exposed to positive internet or blocked on Google Chrome PC and HP. The above method you can use to surf the Laptop or use a Smartphone. So, if you want to access a website but can’t because it’s blocked, then don’t worry, please use one of the methods above.


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