5 Best Sharp Refrigerator Recommendations 2020

Best Sharp Refrigerator Recommendations

Sharp Refrigerator is one of the refrigerators that are often hunted by the people of Indonesia. Because the Japanese brand is quite reliable for matters of cooling food ingredients. Moreover, Sharp is always at the forefront of introducing technology for its refrigerator.

Well, for those of you who are confused about determining which refrigerator to buy, here are 5 of the best Sharp refrigerator recommendations that can be listened to. What are the recommendations like? Just look at the reviews below.

The strength of the Sharp refrigerator you need to know

Before reading the best Sharp refrigerator recommendations, you should know in advance the advantages of this product. That way, you don’t need to hesitate when determining which Sharp refrigerator you will bring home. What are the advantages of Sharp’s refrigerator? See below.

1. Sharp Refrigerator already has Plasmacluster technology

As mentioned above, Sharp’s refrigerator is famous for the technology it brings. One thing you need to know is Plasmacluster. The existence of this technology will make all food ingredients in the refrigerator protected from viruses or microbes.

In addition, Plasmacluster technology will also prevent the inside of the refrigerator from unpleasant odors arising from food. With this technology, of course, anything stored in the Sharp refrigerator will definitely last longer.

2. Sharp Refrigerator has a Hybrid Cooling System

One of the sophistication of Sharp’s fridge is the presence of Hybrid Cooling System technology. This feature will make cooling evenly distributed to all places in the refrigerator. You do not need to worry anymore that there are parts in the refrigerator that are not exposed to the cooler.

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With a more even cooling to all places in the Sharp refrigerator, we can be sure that all food can last longer and stay fresh. Not easy to wilt because of the humidity in the refrigerator evenly.

3. The Sharp fridge has freezer with a large size

Another advantage you need to know is freezer Sharp’s fridge comes with a larger size. This is not owned by some other refrigerator brands. Because with size freezer wider, you can accommodate a variety of frozen foods more.

Then the freezer owned by Sharp’s refrigerator is also equipped with Express Freezing. A technology that will cool optimally. The point is so you can make ice cubes quickly enough because of this technology.

After seeing some of the advantages possessed by the Sharp refrigerator, of course you are curious about the list of recommendations. For this reason, the following is a list of recommendations.

1. Sharp Refrigerator 1 door SJ-X165M

Sharp SJ-X165M
Refrigerator Sharp 1 door SJ-X165M (photo: Sharp)

The first recommendation fell on the Sharp one-door refrigerator SJ-X165M. This refrigerator will be very suitable for use by those who are homestayers. Because of its small size with a capacity of 128 liters only. This refrigerator will not eat a lot of places to put in the room.

Complementary features are also quite capable, like tempered glass tray, direct cooling system, and semi automatic defrost system. The features provided are very sufficient for a one-door Sharp refrigerator.

Sharp Refrigerator 1 door SJ-X165M

Type: 1 door

Capacity: 128 liters

Electricity consumption: 84W

Price of the Sharp 1-door refrigerator SJ-X165M: Rp1.6 million.

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2. Sharp 2-door refrigerator SJ-236MG

Sharp 2-door refrigerator SJ-236MG
Sharp 2-door refrigerator SJ-236MG (photo: Sharp)

Next is the Sharp 2-door SJ-236MG refrigerator that you can make a choice for. In terms of size and type, this best Sharp fridge is bigger than the SJ-X165M series. Because this fridge has 2 doors and has a clean capacity of 187 liters.

For the sophistication of the Sharp SJ-236MG refrigerator can be seen from the presence freezer the big one, fan cooling system, and nano deodorizer. Its use will not make your home electricity bill become swollen. Because this refrigerator only requires power consumption of 100W.

Sharp 2-door refrigerator SJ-236MG

Type: 2 doors

Capacity: 187 liters

Electricity consumption: 100W

Price of 2 door Sharp Refrigerator SJ-236MG: IDR 3 million.

3. Sharp 2-door refrigerator SJ-IG961PG

Sharp 2-door refrigerator SJ-IG961PG
Sharp 2-door refrigerator SJ-IG961PG (photo: Sharp)

If you need a two door Sharp refrigerator with a larger capacity, there is the SJ-IG961PG. With this fridge you don’t need to worry about storing as much food as you want. Because its capacity has reached 600 liters.

One of the latest Sharp refrigerators is already in use hybrid cooling system, the latest inverter technology, as well new diagonal handle design. In addition, this two-door refrigerator is also very sophisticated because it is equipped with touch panels / buttons on the outside, so if you want to set something you don’t need to open the refrigerator first.

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Sharp 2-door refrigerator SJ-IG961PG

Type: 2 doors

Capacity: 600 liters

Electricity consumption: 148W

Price of the Sharp 2-door refrigerator SJ-IG961PG: Rp. 11.7 million.

4. Sharp side by side refrigerator SJ-IF91PG

Sharp side-by-side refrigerator SJ-IF91PG
Sharp side by side refrigerator SJ-IF91PG (photo: Sharp)

Next turn to the Sharp refrigerator type side by side the choice. In this type there are products with SJ-IF91PG series. This refrigerator is one of the newest products owned by Sharp, so that its features are quite complete.

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Sharp refrigerator with a capacity of 605 liters comes with features plasmacluster, hybrid cooling system, and also LED lights. Not only that, the design of this cooling machine is also quite elegant. Because it comes with a front that is coated by glass so it looks expensive.

Sharp side-by-side refrigerator SJ-IF91PG

Type: Side by side

Capacity: 605 liters

Electricity consumption: 173W

Price of Sharp side-by-side refrigerator SJ-IF91PG: Rp. 18 million.

5. SJ-IFX92PM Sharp multi-door refrigerator

Sharp multi-door refrigerator SJ-IFX92PM
Sharp multi-door refrigerator SJ-IFX92PM (photo: Sharp)

The last recommendation was Sharp refrigerator with multi-door type namely SJ-IFX92PM. Yes, this refrigerator will be very different from other products. This is because the product has 5 doors. With one of the doors can be used for certain modes.

Comes with a capacity of 665 liters, this Sharp refrigerator you can make a mainstay to cool anything at home. The electricity consumption is also not too big, only around 193W. It won’t drain the bag if you buy this fridge.

Sharp multi-door refrigerator SJ-IFX92PM

Type: 5 doors

Capacity: 665 liters

193W electricity consumption

Price of Sharp multi-door refrigerator SJ-IFX92PM: Rp. 23.7 million.

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So you already know which Sharp refrigerator you want to buy?

(Witanto Prasetyo)


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