Not Pantofel, These 7 Models of Modern Office Shoes for Professional Women

Models of office shoes should not only provide comfort on the feet but must also make a woman’s appearance look professional. Good shoes don’t always have to come from world-famous brands. The quality of shoes we can not judge based only on the brand, but also must consider how or how the manufacturing process, the material used and the design of the alias model of office shoes for women displayed.

To make a woman look professional when in the office, closed shoes and matching colors with clothes are considered to be the most appropriate choice. Even so, do you know if a professional look doesn’t always have to rely on loafers? Indeed loafers become the target of professional women to maximize their appearance when in the office, but that does not mean other shoe models cannot be used.

Check out the latest shoe models that make the appearance look more professional

Trend fashion which constantly changes over time strongly supports the emergence of various shoe models. Various types of shoe models that are currently loved by women are certainly very capable of maximizing every appearance, including formal style. Therefore, it seems now not only loafers that can be relied on by women to make the appearance look more professional when going to the office. You can still look professional and up to date while in the office with the latest seven models of women’s office shoes below.

1. Square toe heels, women’s shoes in the 2000s that re-exist

Square toe heels, 2000s women's shoes that re-exist (Photo: Chiko Shoes)
Square toe heels, 2000s women’s shoes that re-exist (Photo: Chiko Shoes)

This model of women’s shoes is indeed not the latest trend. The reason is, in the early 2000s the shoe model with a square design on the front was very loved by women at that time. Named square toe heels, these shoes re-exist and now of course you can really wear to the office and are guaranteed to make a professional appearance. Eits! Not only professional, you will look more fashionable.

Square toe heels usually will be equipped with details of small straps that make your legs more beautiful. To give the impression of a minimalist and modern style, you can choose square toe heels with one small strap. But if you include a woman who observes detail in every appearance everyday, then square toe heels filled with small ropes that can be wrapped or shaped according to taste seems interesting to try to use to the office.

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2. Platform pump heels, more comfortable on the feet than stiletto heels

Platform pump heels, more comfortable on the feet than stiletto heels (Photo: Meet Fun)
Platform pump heels, more comfortable on the feet than stiletto heels (Photo: Meet Fun)

Each office certainly has its own policy regarding the style of dress or appearance of each employee. Not a few offices that require every female employee to use shoes heels. Maybe for some women the policy feels hard to do because of shoes heels can easily make your feet feel sore and even blister.

The feeling of comfort in the feet is the main point when you want to buy shoes heels to use while in the office. If the loopholes are impressed “Out of the date”, then try the lyrics the platform pump heels. These high heels are usually more comfortable to wear than stiletto heels which has a pointed end. Pump heels the design of the bottom looks quite thick this will help your feet to walk comfortably and make it easier for you to adjust your balance when using your shoes for the first time high heels.

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3. Square toe flats, widely used by fashion influencers

Square toe flats, widely used by fashion influencers (Photo: CHARLES & KEITH)
Square toe flats, widely used by fashion influencers (Photo: CHARLES & KEITH)

Square-design shoes on the front are indeed being regained a period of “glory” among lovers fashion. If you often spend a lot of time to see a variety of content on Instagram, certainly no stranger to this shoe model. Square toe flats now quite often used by influencer especially in Indonesia.

Low shoes or better known by the term teplek it also can help maximize the professional appearance of women while in the office. If usually flat shoes rounded design on the front, but it would not hurt not to try to use square design shoes like the example picture above?

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4. Loafers, closed shoe models that fit all office clothes

Loafers, a closed shoe model that matches any office attire (Photo: H by Hudson)
Loafers, a closed shoe model that matches any office attire (Photo: H by Hudson)

This shoe model can be called timeless aka timeless. The reason is, you will always remain visible fashionable, neat and professional when using loafers despite that trend boom not this model’s shoes. Shoes that are synonymous with style preppy and classic this turned out to be very suitable to complement a variety of dress styles.

Besides being timeless, loafers have the advantage of being very easily integrated with a variety of office clothes. When you choose to look professional using a skirt or dress, loafers ready to beautify your feet. Then how about if you use blazer and trousers? Well, loafers able to make the display more visible androgyny without reducing the professional impression of an office worker.

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5. Kitten heels, small low-heeled shoes

Kitten heels, tiny low heels (Photo: Unisa)
Kitten heels, tiny low heels (Photo: Unisa)

Shoes with high heels would be very tiring if worn all day at the office, especially if you have to move places to meet or meeting with client. Well, as an alternative to shoes high heels then, then kitten heels can be the best choice of office shoe models.

Besides making the feet more comfortable and avoiding aches and blisters, kitten heels very you can use to walk leisurely, fast even to run at times urgent during work. The closed design on the front to the back will certainly still make you look professional despite its size heelsit is much smaller and very petite than shoes high heels in general.

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6. Pointed block heels, office shoes with thick heels

Pointed block heels, thick heeled office shoes (Photo: New Look)
Pointed block heels, thick heeled office shoes (Photo: New Look)

Pointed block heels become one of the models of shoes with high heels but still can make it easier for women to walk, especially for those who are using for the first time heels. Because heelsthe thick, then you will not have trouble finding balance when wearing this one shoe. That reason makes pointed block heels as one of the suitable shoes worn for the office.

Front design pointed block heels which is closed and pointed makes the legs look smaller. Other than that, pointed block heels can make the appearance of the office look more authoritative and neat. So, while there are still many choices of comfortable shoes, it feels like footwear with heels tall and thin better not need to be used for the office and kept it for use on certain occasions such as attending a party.

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7. High heels ankle boots, make your posture look better

High heels ankle boots, make your posture look better (Photo: Shiekh)
High heels ankle boots, make your posture look better (Photo: Shiekh)

Ankle boots it is identical to the casual style of dress. Even so, it does not mean these shoes can not be used to complement the professional style of a career woman. In order to look polite, neat but still classy, ​​then choose high heels ankle boots.

Shoes ankle boots which is equipped heels low or high will help to form a better looking posture and appearance will be more professional. For the selection of office shoe material, you should choose one that uses leather. Besides looking more elegant, high heels ankle boots made of leather will be easier to clean than suede or velvet.

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How, the model of women’s office shoes above looks interesting, right? Which do you like the most?

(Veni Talimbo)


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