5 Recommended Cosmos Fans Best 2020

The Best Cosmos Fan Recommendations

Cosmos fans are often the choice when the weather is hot. Yes, this product from Indonesia is indeed quite durable and has good quality. Moreover, some of the products also use the remote, so that it can be set remotely.

If you are confused to find a fan, try using Cosmos. What Cosmos fan products are worth buying? Here are 5 of the best Cosmos fan recommendations you need to know.

How to choose the best Cosmos fan

Before looking at a list of the best Cosmos fan recommendations, it helps you know how to choose a good product. What should be considered when choosing a fan? To know more details, just consider the explanation below.

1. Decide what type of Cosmos fan you want to buy

When choosing a Cosmos fan to buy, you need to determine what kind of product is needed. If you want a small and simple product, of course you want to buy a fan that can be placed on a table or floor. However, you also need to consider whether there are small children at home. Because if so, this fan is very easily achieved by small children and it is very dangerous.

If at home there are small children, maybe what you need is a Cosmos fan that stands or is placed on the wall. Thus, the product will not be easily reached so that it will reduce the risk of dangerous.

2. Pay attention to the needs of the room to be cooled

Yes, the size of the room certainly needs to be considered when buying a fan. Because, by knowing the size of the room, you can know what kind of fan needs to be purchased. For example, the room to be cooled is quite large, but you instead buy a small Cosmos fan. Automatic wind will not be felt.

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Likewise, if the room to be fitted with a small fan, but you buy a Cosmos fan that stands big. Surely every time you turn on the fan you will catch a cold. Because the wind generated is too big for a small room.

3. Check the electricity consumption

The last step you need to do is check the Cosmos fan’s electricity consumption listed. If it’s not listed, just ask the seller. Because you could have bought a fan and at the beginning of the month your electricity bill jumped. For that you need to check the electricity consumption.

Now, with an explanation of how to choose a Cosmos fan above, of course you can already buy a product that is very suitable. Therefore, consider just the following list of recommendations for the best Cosmos fans.

1. Cosmos fan table 12-DAR N ONY

Cosmos desk fan
Cosmos desk fan 12-DAR N ONY (photo: Cosmos)

The first choice on this list of recommendations comes the Cosmos desk fan with the 12-DAR N ONY series. This product is quite sophisticated, because it already has a mosquito type mosquito repellent with a heating power of around 5W. With this fan you can cool the room while eliminating mosquitoes.

In addition, the design of this small Cosmos fan is also quite interesting. The settings button is shaped like a piano with a 12 inch fan blade. Not only that, Cosmos also provides a 5-year guarantee. For that, you don’t need to worry if this fan is broken.

Cosmos desk fan 12-DAR N ONY

Type: Desk fan

Strengths: Cosmos fan is anti-mosquito

Power: 37W

Price of Cosmos desk fan 12-DAR N ONY: Rp.217 thousand.

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2. Cosmos 12-BFE fan

Cosmos 12-BFE fan
Cosmos 12-BFE fan (photo: Cosmos)

If you want a Cosmos fan with another model, maybe the 12-BFE series might be an option. The design of this fan box is about 12 inches in size. Not only that, you can also adjust the wind speed with 3 settings.

Unlike 12-DAR N ONY, this product has no mosquito repellent ability. There are only a few features like superspread as well the timer. The last feature allows you to set the time to turn on the fan.

Cosmos 12-BFE fan

Type: Desk fan

Pros: There is a timer

Power: 37W

Price of Cosmos 12-BFE fan: Rp.255 thousand.

3. Cosmos 18-TIF fan

Cosmos 18-TIF fan
Cosmos 18-TIF fan (photo: Cosmos)

For those of you who want to have a standing Cosmos fan, you can choose the 18-TIF series. One of the advantages of this product can be seen from the use of aluminum propellers. Then there is the Thermostat Overheat Protection which can protect the motor from overheating when used.

Then the Cosmos stand fan also has 3 buttons to adjust the speed of the propeller and the button model used has taken a rotating shape. Then the level of the height of the fan can also be adjusted, so that it can be avoided from the reach of small children.

Cosmos 18-TIF fan

Type: Stand / commercial fan

Strengths: Propellers are made of aluminum

Power: 90W

Cosmos 18-TIF fan price: Rp.490 thousand.

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4. Cosmos 16-COCN fan

Cosmos 16-COCN fan
Cosmos 16-COCN fan (photo: Cosmos)

If you want a Cosmos fan with a model that can be pinned to the wall, there are 16-COCN to choose from. You can rely on this product to provide coolness in the room. Because the fan blades used are already measuring 16 inches.

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The Cosmos 16-COCN wall fan can also be used by hanging it. Because this product already has 360 degree Oscilation. For the button is already separate from the fan blades and can be adjusted by turning it.

Cosmos 16-COCN fan

Type: Wall / Orbital fan

Pros: It can rotate 360 ​​degrees

Power: 46W

Price of Cosmos 16-COCN fan: Rp.439 thousand.

5. Cosmos fan wadesta 16-SO88

Cosmos fan wadesta 16-SO88
Cosmos fan wadesta 16-SO88 (photo: Cosmos)

For the last recommendation there is a quite well-known product from Cosmos, namely Cosmos fan wadesta 16-SO88. This product can be used as a desk fan, stand, and also the wall. Thus, this fan can be placed anywhere.

Cosmos fan wadesta 16-SO88 has a 16 inch fan blade, so it can make you feel cool in the hot air. Then if you are lazy to move to adjust the fan, take it easy, there is a remote control that can be used. Cool is not it?

Cosmos fan wadesta 16-SO88

Type: table / stand / wall

Strengths: Flexible and has a remote

Power: 46W

Price of Cosmos fan wadesta 16-SO88: Rp.444 thousand.

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Already know which Cosmos fan you want to buy?

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