Here are 7 Ways to Make Savory and Delicious Contemporary French Fries

When staying more at home, enjoying snacks while watching television or listening to music is the most exciting thing to do. Especially if you can make it yourself, like one of the latest fries menu. The taste is tasty and the way of making it is easy to make fried potato recipes really fit to try on weekends.

This is the rule for making fried potatoes to be more crispy

Have you ever cooked french fries but the results are too mushy, withered, and not crispy as imagined? Means there are some rules for frying potatoes that you miss, here. So that the results are more delicious, see how to make tasty and crispy the following.

– Choose the right type of potato. Start by choosing the right type of potato because not all potatoes can be processed as french fries. Try to choose potatoes that have a low water content and high starch.

– Boil the potatoes first. If you want to fry a potato with a thick slice, boil the potato first so that the inside of the potato when fried quickly cooks and does not burn. Pour a pinch of salt into the boiled potatoes until it boils.

– Soak potatoes in cold water. Before frying potatoes, you can also soak potatoes in cold water for about 30 minutes. Guaranteed the texture of fried potatoes will be more crispy.

– Lubricate potatoes with cornstarch. Maize flour is useful for absorbing water content in potatoes so it is not too soft when fried. So, the resulting french fries will taste crispy and savory especially if coupled with seasoning french fries.

– Fried potatoes with margarine. To enrich the taste and give a sensation crispy on french fries, try switching from using cooking oil to butter.

– Need to drain the french fries that have been cooked. Use a wire rack to drain the french fries from the oil after cooking. This is done so that the water and oil content of fried potatoes can quickly disappear and create a texture crispyit’s more durable.

– Do not store french fries in a closed container. Do not store fried potatoes in a closed container because the hot steam can turn into water. The texture of the potatoes is soggy and not fresh when served. Serve with french fries such as cheese or seasoning powder chilli powder.

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The following recipe is the latest fries that can be tried at home

Instead of spending money to buy snacks outside the home, it’s better to make it yourself. Moreover, the fast food restaurant-style french fries menu can also be easily made by you. By following the correct rules for frying potatoes and supplementing the recommended ingredients, you can taste your own snacks that are far more hygienic. Come, see how to make contemporary French fries here!

1. McD hashbrown style

McD hashbrown potatoes (Photo: Shutterstock)
McD hashbrown potatoes (Photo: Shutterstock)


– 2 potatoes (450 grams of potatoes)

– 30 grams of cornstarch

– ½ teaspoon salt

– 1 clove of garlic (puree)

– ¼ teaspoon pepper

– Pinch of sugar (optional)

How to make:

1. Peel the whole potato skin and wash the potatoes thoroughly.

2. Cut 1 potato into 4 parts.

3. Boil the potatoes until boiling.

4. After the potatoes are mushy, drain the freshly boiled potatoes and grate them in a separate container.

5. Put cornstarch, salt, pepper, garlic, and a pinch of sugar (optional) into the grated potato container.

6. Stir all ingredients in the potato mixture until evenly distributed.

7. The shape of the potato mixture resembles hashbrown.

8. Heat the cooking oil until the boiling oil has just been added to the potatoes hashbrown.

9. Fried potatoes until browned. French fries hashbrowns McD style you can enjoy. You can add seasoning french fries such as cheese powder or chili powder.

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2. KFC style fries

KFC style fries (Photo: Shutterstock)
KFC style fries (Photo: Shutterstock)


– 200 grams of frozen beef fat (can be replaced with palm shortening)

– 2 large potatoes

– 1 ½ cup of water

– ¼ cup of corn syrup or sugar solution

– ¼ teaspoon beef broth block (optional)

– 2 teaspoons of salt

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How to make:

1. Peel and cut potatoes with a thickness of 1 cm then put in a container filled with clean water so that it does not change color quickly.

2. Enter the corn syrup and let stand for 30 minutes.

3. Heat the cooking oil then add the potatoes that have been drained. Fried potatoes for 1-2 minutes.

4. Drain the oil from french fries and then chill in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

5. Reheat cooking oil and add beef fat. Cook more fries until they turn golden yellow.

6. Drain oil from french fries then add seasonings such as pepper and salt.

3. French fries with cheese sauce

Sweet Potato Cheese Sauce (Photo: Shutterstock)
Sweet Potato Cheese Sauce (Photo: Shutterstock)


– 4 potatoes

– 100 grams of cheese melted

– 50 ml of water

– 130 ml of fresh liquid milk

– 1 egg yolk

– 20 grams of cheese flavored potato seasoning

– 1 ½ tablespoon cornstarch

How to make:

1. Boil milk and cheese melted with a small fire.

2. Beat the egg yolks, water, cornstarch and add to the milk stew. Stir gently until it thickens.

3. Enter the cheese flavored potato spices into the sauce, stir until they are boiling or bubbling. Lift and wait for it to cool.

4. To make french fries, simply steam and slice the potatoes as desired. Heat cooking oil until boiling then add the potato slices until they turn golden yellow.

5. Serve fried potatoes with cheese sauce melted.

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4. Corn fries

Corn fries (Photo: Shutterstock)
Corn fries (Photo: Shutterstock)


500 gram peeled potatoes (cut to length according to taste)

4 tablespoons cornstarch

1 teaspoon salt

1 sachet fried corn flavored french fries

Enough ice water for the potato bath

Cooking oil

How to make:

1. Boil salt water then add the peeled potatoes.

2. Add the potatoes to the ice water bath for 1 hour.

3. Drain the potatoes and sprinkle with cornstarch. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

4. Fried until slightly golden and cooked then drain.

5. Sprinkle with roasted corn flavored french fries.

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5. French fries with bolognese sauce

Fried potato bolognese sauce (Photo: Shutterstock)
Fried potato bolognese sauce (Photo: Shutterstock)


– 2 potatoes (cut to length as desired)

– 1 packet tortilla chips

– 3 tablespoons cornstarch

– Right amount of oil

(Sauce bolognese)

– ½ minced onion

– ½ teaspoon black pepper

– 4 tablespoons of chili sauce

– 50 grams of minced meat (can also use instant corned beef)

– 2 tablespoons of oil

– 4 tablespoons of tomato sauce

– Salt to taste

How to make:

1. Steam the potatoes for 5 minutes then coat the potatoes with cornstarch.

2. Heat the cooking oil then add the potatoes, fry until dry then drain.

3. Saute onions and minced meat until it changes color. Then add tomato sauce, chili sauce, salt and pepper.

4. Serve potatoes and tortilla chips on a plate and flush the sauce bolognese on.

6. Crispy flour fried potatoes

Crispy flour fried potatoes (Photo: Shutterstock)
Crispy flour fried potatoes (Photo: Shutterstock)


– 3 potatoes

– ½ packs of flavoring

– 2 cups water

– 1 teaspoon salt

– 1 egg

– 2 cups flour

– Pepper powder to taste

How to make:

1. Peel the potatoes then cut them lengthwise and wash thoroughly.

2. Boil water and salt then add the potatoes.

3. Beat the egg well and the seasonings.

4. In a separate container, add enough flour and pepper.

5. Put the potatoes in the beaten eggs. Then mix the potatoes in the flour.

6. Heat the cooking oil and add the potatoes until they turn brown.

7. Potato wedges

Potato wedges (Photo: Shutterstock)
Potato wedges (Photo: Shutterstock)


– 2 potatoes (400 grams of potato)

– ¼ teaspoon salt

– Cold water and ice cubes to taste

– Right amount of oil

How to make:

1. Peel the potatoes and wash them clean. Cut 1 potato into 4 parts to resemble a shape potato wedges.

2. Soak the potatoes in ice water with salt then let stand for 15 minutes. Drain until dry.

3. Heat the cooking oil then add the potatoes until they turn yellow crispy then drain.

4. Repeat heating the french fries until the color is brown.

So, where is the french fries menu that you want to try immediately?


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