12 Recommended Bike Helmets with a Cool Look (Newest 2020)

Wearing a bicycle helmet when driving becomes a necessity to protect yourself from accidents. Even if you are only biking, don’t underestimate the use of helmets. For that, you need a bicycle helmet that is safe, comfortable, and of course still cool when worn biking.

Choosing a bicycle helmet is indeed tricky. The most important thing in choosing a bicycle helmet is comfort and safety level. For that, make sure both factors are owned by the bicycle helmet that you want to buy.

The best bicycle helmet table with price variations



Check Prices

Bell BS Stoker Mat TI L 14 US

> Air ventilation feature

> Light

> Hardiness


Rockbros WT012

> Very affordable prices

> Use ESP and PC material


Cairbull 04

> There are goggles glasses

> Impact resistant


Endura Luminite

> 3 type LED lights

> Anti-bacterial


Inbike MX-3

> Light

> Anti-collision


Limar 778 Superlight

> Insect resistant feature

> Good air ventilation


Avand A20

> Have adjusters

> Low price

> Made from matte finish


Mexel SV 27

> Light material

> Strong withstand impact


Xzone Fleet

xzone helmet

> Specially designed for road bike riders

> Light as well as comfortable to wear


Tips on choosing the best bicycle helmet

bicycle helmet
Image: Choosing a bicycle helmet must be comfortable and good for safety. (Photo: Pixabay)

For experienced cyclists, choosing a bicycle helmet that is suitable and has the best quality may not be difficult. However, for beginners it might be a difficulty, because they do not know what kind of bicycle helmet to buy and use.

In order not to choose the wrong, here are some ways or tips in choosing the best bicycle helmet. First, choose a helmet that complies with safety standards. Then, choose a helmet tailored to your needs. Then choose a bicycle helmet that fits the size.

Next, choose a bicycle helmet that has a strap to tie the chin. Then choose a bicycle helmet with a lot of ventilation. Choose a helmet with padding or pads. Don’t forget to try before choosing. Finally, check to check the foam of the bicycle helmet support.

The best bicycle helmet

So that you have no difficulty in choosing the best bicycle helmet, there are a number of recommendations for the best bicycle helmets that have quality with a variety of bicycle helmet prices, both cheap and rather expensive. Here are seven of the best bicycle helmets you can try. Come, see the review!

1. Bicycle helmet Bell BS Stoker Mat TI L 14 US, comfortable to wear even though the weather is hot

Get Stylish When Biking with These 7 Cool Bicycle Helmets
Bell BS Stoker Mat bicycle helmet TI L 14 US, comfortable to wear despite the hot weather. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Cycling in tropical regions naturally the weather is more often hot than cool. If you are wrong wearing a bicycle helmet, of course sweat on the head and on the helmet will interfere. Well, for that you should choose a Bell BS Stoker Mat TI L 14 US bicycle helmet.

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This helmet has air vents that deliver air to the back. That way, you no longer need to worry when cycling on a hot afternoon. This helmet will still be comfortable to wear. For safety, this cool bicycle helmet has SNI standards, you know. The price is fairly premium, which is Rp1,300,000, but guaranteed you will not lose to have this bicycle helmet.

[blproducts title=”Macam-macam helm sepeda dari Bell ” ids=”1b1pag2,1z43ug9,xk5ewu,1gkqgs0″]

2 Rockbros bicycle helmet WT012, affordable prices with good quality

Get Stylish When Biking with These 7 Cool Bicycle Helmets
Rockbros WT012 bicycle helmet, affordable prices with good quality. (Photo: Bukalapak)

For beginners, of course you will think twice if you have to buy a bicycle helmet that is too expensive. The solution, you can choose the Rockbros WT012 bicycle helmet. The price of this bicycle helmet is quite affordable, only Rp.240,000.

Although the price is not expensive, this helmet has good quality. This helmet is made using ESP and PC material so it is safe to use. In terms of design, this helmet comes with a red combination of white so as to give the feel of spirit.

[blproducts title=”Varian helm sepeda Rockbros ” ids=”mtk7zt,v4e7mc,1aclh1j,1nrqqno”]

3 Cairbull bicycle helmet 04, can be used for bicycle racing

Get Stylish When Biking with These 7 Cool Bicycle Helmets
Cairbull 04 bicycle helmet, can be used for bicycle racing. (Photo: Banggood)

Cycling is often used as an alternative entertainment and light sports by many people. However, cycling can also be used as an arena for agility or competition skill. The Cairbull 04 bicycle helmet is the best bicycle helmet suitable to accompany bicycle racing.

This Rp600,000 helmet is indeed designed for the race. One feature is that there are glasses goggles which serves to protect you from dust and direct sunlight. In addition, this helmet frame is strong and impact resistant but still comfortable when used.

[blproducts title=”Pilihan helm sepeda produksian Cairbull” ids=”1mvmcx9,yikaqg,1nxcewf,10i4e48″]

4 Endura Luminite bicycle helmet, has various advantages

Get Stylish When Biking with These 7 Cool Bicycle Helmets
Endura Luminite bicycle helmets, have various advantages. (Photo: Evan Cycles)

Endura Luminite bicycle helmets are the best bicycle helmets to be missed. With only Rp1,300,000, you can have a helmet with these various advantages. This bicycle helmet is equipped with LED lights 3 types of light settings on the back and removable visor thus supporting use at night.

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Unlike other helmets, Endura Luminite has unique features such as the presence of a net a bug as ventilation and antibacterial material. For convenience, you certainly don’t need to hesitate because it is guaranteed to make your cycling more enjoyable. This helmet is complete and cool, right?

[blproducts title=”Helm sepeda Endura harga terjangkau” ids=”1p7eg0c,1hnwaop,1hnwbsk,1j12w2e”]

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5 Inbike MX-3 bicycle helmet, suitable for mountain biking

Get Stylish When Biking with These 7 Cool Bicycle Helmets
Inbike MX-3 bicycle helmet, suitable for mountain biking. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Cycling in the mountains and on city streets is of course different. In addition to the different types of bikes, bicycle helmets that are used are also different. Inbike MX-3 bicycle helmets are the right choice for mountain biking.

This cool bicycle helmet is light enough so that it doesn’t overload during uphill biking. In addition, this helmet guarantees safety due to anti-collision. The price is quite cheap, only around Rp.340,000.

[blproducts title=”Helm sepeda Inbike nyaman dipakai” ids=”yi9p9j,n24vu2,mcb2a5,m9ogl5″]

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6 Limar bicycle helmet 778 Superlight, equipped with unique insect repellent features

Get Stylish When Biking with These 7 Cool Bicycle Helmets
Limar 778 Superlight bicycle helmet, equipped with unique insect repellent features. (Photo: Bukalapak)

For those of you who are looking for a helmet with unique additional features, you can try the Limar 778 Superlight. This helmet offers insect repellent features so it is very comfortable to use for racing or biking on the outskirts of the city.

The price of this bicycle helmet is not too expensive at only Rp. 900,000. In addition to insect repellent, this helmet also has good air ventilation. That way you will not be overheated and disturbed by the sweat that collects on the head during cycling.

[blproducts title=”Helm sepeda Limar aman dan nyaman di kepala” ids=”1fetzhc,20d7w2h,1j12t1x,1igdrdq”]

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7 Avand A20 bicycle helmet, cheap prices and suitable for casual cycling

Get Stylish When Biking with These 7 Cool Bicycle Helmets
Avand A20 bicycle helmet, cheap price and suitable for casual cycling. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Budget for limited bicycle helmets? Do not worry! Avand A20 bicycle helmets come with low prices. For quality is quite standard and comfortable to use relaxed biking. You can have this helmet for only Rp160,000.

This helmet has adjuster adjustable and made of Styrofoam EPU fiber. Made of dove and comes in a dominant black color, making this helmet look minimalistic and cool when used.

[blproducts title=”Helm sepeda Avand harga murah meriah” ids=”366glr,c9wukj,himuhv,7itwln”]

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8 MXL helmet SV27, the material is strong and lightweight

Light and strong material is the advantage of the MXL brand (Photo: Bukalapak)
Light and strong material is the advantage of the MXL brand (Photo: Bukalapak)

Bicycle helmet from the Mexel brand it has specifications which is very qualified, however at a price that is quite affordable. MXL SV bicycle helmet 27 has a weight of around 200 gram, very, very light when worn on the head. Made of flexible PVC material while able to reduce collisions. This helmet appears in the form of enduro, which is a bicycle helmet that covers the back of the head. It is suitable for you who like to cycle in the open. Interested to have it? Prepare money around 250 thousand rupiah, yes.

[blproducts title=”Helm sepeda MXL harga murah meriah” ids=”bb172u,lom63b,orgep7,lm6lny”]

9. Helmet Xzone Fleet, specifically designed for use on the highway

Xzone Fleet, specially designed for riding on the highway (Photo: Bukalapak)
Xzone Fleet, specially designed for riding on the highway (Photo: Bukalapak)

Xzone Fleet bicycle helmets have technology double shell in-mold with 24 water vents, which gives the sensation of a lightweight helmet comfortable and not hot when used. This helmet is specially designed based on the athlete’s needs road bike, which requires a comfortable and lightweight helmet and provides optimal protection, when there is a collision on the road. You can have an Xzone bicycle helmet in the price range of 400 thousand rupiah.

[blproducts title=”Helm sepeda Xzone harga terjangkau” ids=”274n1xp,2kt5qs5,37i792h,20wj2pn”]

10 G16 Genio Helmets, can be used by teenagers to adults

Helmet Genio G16 can be used by teens to adults (Photo: Bukalapak)
G16 Genio helmet can be used by teens to adults (Photo: Bukalapak)

Bicycle helmet Genio G16 can be used for teens to adults. Because tgot it belt size regulator so that it can be adjusted to the user’s head circumference. Genio G16 is the right choice for you who need an MTB bicycle helmet at an affordable price. This helmet is also equipped with a visor that helps withstand sun exposure while riding a bicycle. Helmet Genio G16 is available in a variety of attractive colors, which you can choose according to taste. You can buy this helmet with prices starting from Rp150,000.

[blproducts title=”Helm sepeda Genio harga terjangkau” ids=”rn2amc,r9hfk1,gzyo6a,2fcqrpe”]

11 Endura Luminitesafe and anti-bacterial

Endura Luminite is safe to wear at night or during the day (Photo: Bukalapak)
Endura Luminite is safe to wear at night or during the day (Photo: Bukalapak)

Looking for a bicycle helmet that is safe from bacteria? The Endura Luminite helmet product is the answer, because this helmet has anti-bacterial pads. This helmet makes users feel safe when worn at night, because it has a layer reflective safety on the entire surface of the helmet. Make the helmet glow when exposed to the lights of a motorcycle or car. Ftur safety other from Endura Luminite are LED lights rechargeable on the back side of the helmet. Endura Luminite is a bicycle helmet for you, who is looking for a comfortable and safe helmet.

[blproducts title=”Helm sepeda Endura harga terjangkau” ids=”bjwhq7,iyz8ty,21bnu2o”]


Well, that’s nine bike helmet recommendations for you. Of course, all these helmets are guaranteed safe, comfortable, and cool when you wear biking.


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