No Need to pay in installments to buy dreamy goods, here’s how!

It’s no secret that many people prefer to buy goods in installments compared to buying cash. Apart from economic reasons, alias does not have money, installments are considered the fastest way to get the desired item. Because, if waiting for money to be collected, when will you get it?

Another reason that makes installments more fun is because of the large 0% installment offer from a credit card. Coupled with the ease of debt through loan services on line and paylater, make installments increasingly become habit or the habits of the Indonesian people.

Installing is not a crime and not something that is prohibited by religion, but you must be wise in doing so. It is better to be in debt to buy productive goods or buy things that are really needed such as buying a house with a mortgage, not just consumer goods. Especially if you just follow trend and want to be seen uptodate by my friends.

Tips on buying goods without debt

Be indebted for important reasons so you don't get dizzy (Photo: Shutterstock)
Be indebted for important reasons so you don’t get dizzy (Photo: Shutterstock)

So how do you make it so that you don’t have to pay in installments to buy the dream item? The most conventional advice you can give is to save more and save. But if saving is considered too long, then you can use another alternative, namely investing.

What investment is suitable? As with prescription drugs, there is no medicine that can cure all diseases. Prescription drugs will depend on the disease or in this case the financial goals you want to achieve. Will the investment return you buy a house, car, for a walk, or to buy smartphone dream.

Every goal you set will affect the best type of investment you can make. For example if your financial goal is to buy a car in the next 1 year, then what you need to do is to choose the type of short-term investment but with high potential return, such as fixed income funds.

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Here are some products that can be an alternative to your investment;

Many products can be an alternative investment (Photo: Shutterstock)
Many products can be an alternative investment (Photo: Shutterstock)

1. Mutual funds

For those of you who have short-term financial goals, less than 1 year, such as buying smartphone dream, staycation, or returning home, then you can invest in types of low-risk portfolios such as money market funds and fixed income.

Whereas for long-term goals, such as collecting a down payment on a house, buying a car, or preparing a pension, you can try a equity fund. This type of stock mutual fund has become the most risky, only for me in the long run I am still optimistic that it will provide benefits. Especially now that many mutual fund stocks have lots of discounts, so you can buy them cheaply.

2. Gold

You can choose this type of investment because besides being safe it can also be a hedge of your wealth from the scour of inflation. Gold is said to be an investment safe haven because besides being safe it is also usually the price actually rises in times of crisis, like the Covid-19 pandemic that is happening right now.

3. Buy mutual funds plus gold

If you are still confused about choosing mutual funds or gold as an investment tool, then just choose both. You can buy mutual fund packages plus gold at Bukalapak. There are also sharia mutual fund packages or mutual fund packages plus health insurance.

What are you waiting for, immediately invest in the future without having to pay in installments. Buy mutual funds here or gold here. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t forget to register first here!


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