Review: Glitex masks, non-medical masks at affordable prices for maximum protection

The COVID-19 pandemic, which has not yet subsided, requires us to pay more attention to health protection. Not just maintaining fitness by exercising and eating healthy food, wearing a mask has become mandatory in the era new normal this.

If the WHO previously recommended that masks do not need to be worn by healthy people, and vice versa must be worn by people affected by COVID-19 and their nurses only, as of June 6, 2020, the world health agency changed its recommendations so that even healthy people must wear masks in public places.

The reason of course is to minimize transmission of COVID-19 in the red zone or areas that are difficult to implement physical distancing, like markets, public transportation, and so on.

However, keep in mind that not all of them need medical masks. For non-elderly people and without comorbidities, non-medical masks or cloth masks can also protect you from this Corona virus. By not wearing non-medical masks, you also contribute to maintaining the supply of masks that are more needed by medical staff and COVID-19 patients, of course.

One of the best non-medical masks you can choose from is Glitex. Want to know what are the benefits? Come on, see review of Glitex nonmedical masks the following.

The Advantages of Glitex Masks

Glitex mask
Glitex masks have two layers (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

Even if you wear a non-medical mask, that doesn’t mean you can just choose. Choose a mask that consists of at least two layers.

As an alternative to health masks, Glitex provides non-medical masks that have two layers, which are claimed to be antibacterial and waterproof. This can minimize the risk of dust, bacteria and even viruses entering your respiratory tract.

According to WHO, the size of the COVID-19 virus is around 0.12-0.18 microns. Meanwhile, according to a study in Cambridge in 2013, surgical masks or medical masks (usually three layers) have an effectiveness of 97% to ward off particles measuring 0.02 microns.

Meanwhile, a one-layer fabric mask has an effectiveness of 83 percent, while a two-layer mask has an effectiveness of 93% or almost equivalent to a surgical mask. So, obviously this two-layer Glitex mask is worthy of your choice to protect your daily activities.

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Glitex Mask Packaging

Glitex mask
Protective packaging ensures that the mask stays clean even if it is sent to a remote address (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

Of course I should start reviewing the most out of the way first, namely packaging. From the packaging we can already know whether the masks have good standards for health or not. Because, many masks on the market are sold naked without any protection, even though the purpose of buying masks is to avoid viruses.

I get a Glitex package containing three masks. The outer packaging also promises the protection I’m looking for. The packaging can be opened by tearing the right top edge, like snack. That is, the mask that I received remained clean, even though it had been through a long-distance shipping expedition and changed hands between couriers I didn’t know.

Glitex mask
Ziploc make sure unused masks stay clean (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

After that there is protective seal ala ziploc. Glitex is clearly thinking about sanitation thoroughly. For me this is important because I can’t possibly wear three masks at the same time. So, the unused mask stays clean because the packaging is tightly closed and ready to be used whenever I need it.

Experience in Wearing Glitex Masks

Glitex mask
The outer seam of the mask looks immaculately neat (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

In terms of stitching, this Glitex mask is also quite neat. I pay close attention to the seams on each side, outside and inside. The good news is that there aren’t any long stitches or threads that have been pulled at the sides, which might be infiltrated by viruses when I use them later. Who knows, right?

Glitex mask
Not only on the outside, the inside seam is also neat (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

Before use, Glitex recommends soaking it in warm water 40 degrees Celsius, with detergent without bleach, and ironed at moderate temperatures.

In addition, one of the advantages of this Glitex nonmedical fabric mask is that it can be used repeatedly, up to 30x! This is also one of the advantages of this mask; making savings, considering that this pandemic ends until how long. It could be a year, or maybe two more years. Kan spending quite a lot for the mask can be trimmed if you wear a cloth mask reusable this.

Wear a mask reusableOne of the problems I often face is forgetting where the outer or inner layer is, especially with this one-color mask like Glitex. This is important because if you use a layer that was previously outside upside down, it is not impossible that bacteria or viruses that have stuck to the outside of the last inhaled to the nose. Continues to hurt, deh.

Glitex mask
Although one color, the inside and outside are easily distinguished (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

However, calm this Glitex mask has an outer and inner layer which is quite distinctive. The outer material tends to have a stiff texture and has tight seams, while the inside has a softer texture. In addition, the inside of the Glitex mask has a whiter color than the outside which is somewhat similar to ivory. So, you don’t need to worry about wearing your mask upside down anymore

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Glitex mask
Like water on the taro leaves, see, the grains of water remain stuck and are not absorbed by masks (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

Testing out its anti-water and antibacterial claims, I tried to splash water on the outside of the mask. As a result, the grains of water remain intact and are not absorbed into the outer layer of the mask. It seems that Glitex uses material water-repellent for this mask. This is an important point because the Corona virus can be transmitted through droplet sufferers when sneezing, coughing, or even when talking in front of you.

Okay, I feel safe enough so far. Then I tried to use it for about four hours.

Glitex mask
The mask material is breathable, as promised by Glitex (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

Soft fabric material inside is comfortable for facial skin. For some people it might be trivial, but not for people who are allergic to latex. And claims breathable Glitex doesn’t taste too much because I don’t feel it engap wear this mask even for a long time.

Glitex mask
Front view of Glitex mask (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

After wearing it for a long time, there was a bit of anomaly that I found, namely the gap in the curve of the nose and the face that is less completely closed. Although I have tried L and M sizes – which he said for women – the gap is still there. Maybe in the future, Glitex can perfect it with a flexible clip on the nose that can follow the contours of the nose, such as a surgical mask or maybe with a strap adjustable, as prusik knots for example?

Glitex mask
A few shortcomings that can still be forgiven by all the advantages (Photo: Imanuel Kristianto)

Apart from that, overall I am quite satisfied with the experience of using nonmedical masks from Glitex.

From packaging, design, to materials, this nonmedical Glitex mask is worthy of your choice of protection in the midst of this Corona outbreak. Moreover, the price is quite affordable and you can use it many times. So what are you waiting for? Buy Glitex masks that are coming soon to Bukalapak! Keep healthy, yes!


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