Signs of Stretch Marks Will Appear on the Body of Pregnant Women

Indeed, not all women will experience the appearance of changes in body shape. However, the fact that pregnancy is very closely related to stretch marks. After passing through the pregnancy, a woman’s body will usually appear vertical lines accompanied by itching.

Actually this is still quite normal. Unfortunately, stretch marks will reduce women’s confidence, especially in front of a partner. The itching that appears also certainly makes you uncomfortable. For that, you need to know the signs of these stretch marks will appear and how to overcome them.

Signs of Stretch Mark Appear After Pregnancy

There are several things that cause stretch marks to appear after giving birth (Photo: Shutterstock)
There are several things that cause stretch marks to appear after giving birth (Photo: Shutterstock)

There are several factors that can make your skin appear stretch marks after giving birth. Of course it can happen because the skin is stretched. However, there are still a few other things as explained below!

1. Heredity factors

The saying “fruit does not fall far from the tree” is also suitable for this case. If your parents experience strectmark during childbirth first, chances are that it will happen to you. This is a genetic factor that will decrease.

The position of the appearance of stretch marks will usually be similar to parents during pregnancy first. If your mother appears on the thighs, you will also appear on the same part.

Not something bad, really. In fact, this is a fun topic for conversation with parents before giving birth. I must be the only person in the world who understands you the most.

2. Young pregnancy

The young woman’s skin is certainly still springy and easily widened. Having a child in their early or mid-20 years will pose a risk of stretch marks on certain body parts. This risk will decrease with age.

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However, that does not mean it is not advisable to get pregnant while still young. There is still a good side. One of them is you can still play with children longer and certainly stronger holding.

3. Overweight

Being overweight during pregnancy carries a high risk of strokes on the body. During pregnancy and childbirth, women will experience a jump in body weight up to two times, then drop dramatically as well. For that, you need to maintain your diet while pregnant.

4. Fetal size

The size of the fetus is also influenced by the intake of food consumed by the mother. However, there are also other factors that cause fetal size to be very large. Even parents who have large descendants can make the size of the fetus follow. In addition, physical activity undertaken by the mother during pregnancy will also affect fetal growth.

Parts of the Body Where Stretch Marks Appear

Stretch marks usually appear on certain parts of the body (Photo: Shutterstock)
Stretch marks usually appear on certain parts of the body (Photo: Shutterstock)

Come on, find out the part of the body that will appear the skin stroke.

1. Hips

This part of the body is the main place where stretch marks appear because the hips will enlarge during pregnancy. Scars will usually extend to the abdomen.

2. Breasts

When pregnant, your breasts will experience drastic changes. This woman’s body parts will clean up because it will be filled with mammary glands. Stretch marks will appear on the bottom and sides of the breast or around the armpits.

3. Upper arm

Still near the breast, the upper arm will appear strokes due to widening of the skin. However, there are some women who already have this sign after entering puberty.

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4. Legs

Almost all parts of the foot can appear these strokes. Call it the hamstrings, inner thighs, and calves. Some women will also appear at the bottom of pubic hair.

5. Back

This part is rarely seen and rarely maintained. Some women also have rough backs. It also risks the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy.

Tips to Prevent Stretch Marks When Pregnant

There are a few tips you can follow to prevent the appearance of stretch marks (Photo: Shutterstock)
There are a few tips you can follow to prevent the appearance of stretch marks (Photo: Shutterstock)

Even if there are genetic factors, you can still reduce the risk of stretch marks after giving birth. Come on, check out the tips below!

1. Maintain food intake and consume healthy food during pregnancy. You need to consume more fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

2. Following pregnancy exercises conducted by professionals. Pregnancy exercises in helping you practice breathing during pregnancy, prepare yourself before D-day, and provide skin to the skin.

3. Give skin moisturizing lotion. It also helps you keep your skin elastic and not dry. You can also give coconut oil to reduce itching during pregnancy.

4. Take vitamin E so that the skin remains healthy. However, this certainly must be with the permission of an obstetrician.

5. Drink enough water, at least two liters every day to help keep the skin moist and keep the body from lacking fluids.

6. Reducing foods high in fat and salt. These two ingredients will trigger a drastic weight gain during pregnancy.

That’s her several signs and ways to prevent the development of stretch marks during pregnancy. Don’t forget to consult a dermatologist after giving birth. In essence, there is no need to be afraid of stretch marks, yes. Mother’s body will remain beautiful and sexy forever!

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