10 Latest Full HD Uncensored Jpg No Sensor Video Applications 2020

Full HD Bokeh video – Hello, how are you? Meet again with us who present a series of tutorials and news about today’s technology. Now on this occasion, we will discuss about an application that is quite interesting, namely the Bokeh Video Application that you can use on your Android phone.

Is that bokeh? Bokeh or blur is a photography or videography technique in which, a photographer focuses only on a point or object that is captured in the picture or video.

Usually this can be done only with high-tech or contemporary cameras such as DSLRs or Mirorles and flagship phones that have bokeh or Macro features.

But along with the development of technology, producers and application developers have now created applications that allow users to make photos or video bokeh using only applications.

And now we have some recommended applications that allow you to make bokeh photos and videos too. There are at least 10 more that we will share with you.

This application can also be found on application stores such as Google Play and you can download it for free, or you can also download it through our website.

So let’s get to the point, let’s look at the article list of a few bokeh video applications below.

List of Full HD Bokeh Video Applications for Android

Bokeh Video Application

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Here is a list of some bokeh video applications that you can download and use on your Android phone. Among them:

1. Blur Video Application

Video Application Bokeh Blur Video

Blur Video is a utility that allows you to blur all videos in Mp4, 3gp, Wmv format for Instagram, Snapchat or other social networks

Main features of Blur Video Editor:

  • Freestyle blurred. Blur up, down, left and right, blur the rectangle around the video, and blur inside or outside the specified shape. Choose whether the video should be squared first, what should be obscured where and intensity.
  • Instagram no Crop. You can create a video box by adding a blur effect to the missing area. But why run away? Be creative and truly and truly highlight your most extraordinary effects. Free space for your imagination.
  • Fun Blur. Choose the shape, choose inside or outside, rotate the video and move your finger over the video. Check preview. Process as needed, if not repeat. Have fun with your friends. Watch and share videos on Intagram, Snapchat, or other social networks.

2. DSLR Camera Bokeh Application

DSLR Camera Blur Background

DSLR Camera Blur background photo editor application is the ultimate blur effect application. No DSLR camera is needed. You don’t even need to be a professional photographer to get a DSLR-style background blur effect on your photos.

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The Camera Blur DSLR application has many tools to blur and blur photos. With them you can easily create your own DSLR bokeh effect. There are manual blur functions and shapes. Touch the blurry part of the photo with your finger to focus on a specific part.

This blur image editor has automatic options for blurring the background of images and for blurring filter effects manually. Select a photo from the gallery or take photos from the camera. To blur the background image automatically, open the Shape Blur section. Adjust the blur level using the blur search bar. You can also adjust the brush size.

3. Cinema FV 5 Lite application

Cinema FV-5 is a professional video camera application for mobile devices with professional manual control. For video fans, professional videographers and filmmakers.

This video camera application lets you capture the best footage with the best controls for perfect post-production. The only limitation is your imagination and creativity!

main feature:

  • Adjust all image sensor parameters (exposure compensation, ISO, measurement mode (matrix / center / spot), focus mode, white balance) that can only be offered by professional video cameras.
  • Change the sensor parameters (ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, etc.) Even when recording.
  • Focus adjustment during recording: lock the focus of the subject before recording and change the focus level during recording.
  • Professional viewfinder: more than 10 composite lattices, more than 10 cutting instructions, safe area display, etc.
  • The most advanced electronic viewfinder for the camcorder: Live RGB and brightness histograms are also available when recording.
  • Professional sound measurement options: warnings about audio peaks and clippings appear during recording.
  • Use any audio input source for video: internal microphone, external microphone (wired), or wireless headset (Bluetooth).
  • Select video and audio codecs, set the bit rate, audio sampling rate and number of channels.
  • Record 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) video on supported devices.
  • All camera functions can be assigned a volume button. Use the volume buttons (including the wired headset button) and adjust EV, ISO, color temperature, zoom and more with focus and shooting. Devices with hardware camera triggers are also supported.
  • Support for video geotagging.
  • Auto focus, macro, touch focus, unlimited focus and focus lock switch (AF-L).
  • On Android 4.0, automatic exposure (AE-L) and automatic white balance (AWB-L) are blocked. White exposure and balance can also be locked automatically when recording clips.
  • Zoom after and during recording. With the focal length display, which corresponds to 35 mm, a certain focal length can be adjusted.
  • Powerful options for organizing video clips: Different locations and fully customizable file names (including variables).
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4. Insta Bokeh Application

Full HD Bokeh Video Application

Insta Bokeh: Blend Camera is a great application that lets you choose your favorite bokeh and add faded effects to your photos.


  • camera with bokeh effect.
  • Add different blur and light effects to your photos and keep updating them constantly.
  • Adjust transparency to various bokeh and light effects.
  • Drag and drop / rotate for various bokeh and light effects.
  • Share photos on Instagram or other social networks.

5. Square Video Application

Square Video: Blur Video Editor is an easy-to-use application for creating square-sized videos with blurred backgrounds and recording square-sized videos.

Main features of Square Video:

  • Real-time video editing: You can edit videos and see the effect directly.
  • Adjust background blur or background color.
  • Cut the video as you like.
  • Rotate horizontally and vertically and rotate video in all directions.
  • Add music from your device.
  • Cut music / songs to your favorite section.

6. After Focus Application

after focus

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AfterFocus allows you to take blurred photos in the background in a DSLR style just by selecting the focus area. You can also make the most natural and realistic photos with various filter effects.

If you choose a more appropriate focus area, you will get a more natural and professional image.

Simply mark the desired area and AfterFocus automatically recognizes the area of ​​focus even for objects with complex shapes.
With this automatic function, you can work faster with a smartphone with a small screen.

AfterFocus background blur effect gives the photo a realistic look between the edge of the background and the focus area.

Realistic filter effects make it easier for you to enjoy and share your photos and photo edits on SNS.

  1. Select the Smart Focus area
    Simply draw lines in the focus area and background, and AfterFocus automatically detects the focus area. You can also choose areas with traditional finger drawings.
  2. Background blur effect
    Like a DSLR camera, you can achieve the most realistic blur effect with different aperture styles.
    You can also use the blur effect to emphasize the motion of certain objects.
  3. Filter effect
    AfterFocus offers everything from basic effects to professional effects such as cross processing without artificial appearance.
    You can also use the bokeh effect to increase the backlight.
  4. Share easily
    Sharing is simple and uncomplicated via email and SNS.

7. VideoShow Video Editor application

VideoShow offers amazing video editing features. This film maker makes making memes, videos and slideshows with photos, photos, music, stickers and sound effects easy and fun.

Young filmmakers can even beautify videos with text, effects, effects, GIFs, trendy filters, transitions or direct comments in creative and personal ways.

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8. MagoVideo application

Video bokeh magovideo application

MagoVideo is the simplest video editing / video effects tool that allows you to make photo videos with slow motion, free music, magic touch, movie effects and GIF stickers.

Edit vlog videos with effects to make photo music videos. With Magic Video Maker you can win more fans and become a video star with TikTok.

Main features of MagoVideo:

  • Slideshow Maker: Make videos with music and photos with effects.
  • Edit videos with Magic Touch video effects.
  • A cool video mix effect editor for creating effective videos.
  • Slow Motion Video Maker: You can easily make slow motion or fast motion videos.
  • Add stickers, emojis, gifs, and MeMe to your videos.
  • To edit videos, decorate videos or photos with frames.
  • Multiple relationships supported, e.g. B. 1: 1, 4: 5, 16: 9.
  • Video editing: cut video, cut video, mirror video, mirror video.
  • Share videos directly on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and more.

9. Bokeh Inshot Video Application

InShot video editing application for YouTube. Cut and merge videos with the Giltch effect and add music, filters, text, stickers, blurred backgrounds, and more. The best video editor for TikTok.

Also an image editor for Instagram. Edit photos with various styles and frames. Create your own Instagram story by adding filters, text, stickers and emojis.

Video editing feature

  • Crop video. Video trimmer & professional cutter and video trimmer application. Divide video into two and divide several videos into several clips.
  • -Crop video and export in HD quality. Free video maker and professional vertical video editor, easy to use on YouTube.
  • New video features: freeze, extract audio, add blank frames, etc.

10. Blur Videos & Images application

With this application, you can apply blur effects to videos and images in the phone gallery or media recorded with the camera.

Unlike other applications, you can blur some areas using boxes or special shapes (select lasso / use fingers).

You can also specify the duration of each region and adjust the blur filter intensity with options to blur the selected or unselected regions.

You can also set the background of an image / video to a certain aspect ratio.

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Those are some of the most recommended bokeh video applications from us that we have explained in this article. You can download and try it on your mobile.

Thank you for visiting our website. check out our other articles, because we present many tips and tricks and tutorials about the latest technology. Thanks.


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