How To Register The Latest WeChat Easily And Simple

How to Register WeChat- For those of us who want to use the WeChat application, we must first create an account. How to register WeChat is not difficult, but for those of us who might not face difficulties.

WeChat is a chat application made in China. This application was created by adopting many features found in other chat applications. Like Line made by Naver, now canceled BBM, and WhatsApp obtained by Facebook.

WeChat itself is very popular in its home country, China. Almost all residents of this state who use bamboo curtains use the WeChat chat application. Not because they do not want to use other applications. According to the news, other chat applications such as WhatsApp and Line are restricted in this country.

Although in Indonesia, WeChat is rarely used. But there are some people who want to use this application. Some Indonesians who want to use WeChat certainly have some concerns. Such as the desire to communicate with relatives who live in China, business interests, and various other interests.

How to Register WeChat

how to register wechat

Before creating a WeChat account, make sure we have the WeChat app on your mobile. Be it Android or iPhone. Once installed, we can now start creating a WeChat account with your mobile number.

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How to register for WeChat 2019:

  1. Open the WeChat application

    Launch the WeChat application on your mobile. Then press the button Sign up.

  2. Terms and Conditions

    The next step is to agree to privacy and policies. Be sure to read the regulations enforced by WeChat carefully. Don’t forget to check that you are OK, then press the Next button to continue. How to Register WeChat

  3. Security Verification

    Then we will find the security verification page. The following is the most complex part, because there will be two verification phases that we have to run. How to Register WeChat

  4. Done

    If we pass all verification, our account will be successfully created. Now we can communicate with other users.

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Causes and Solutions Failed to Register WeChat

Failure to register a WeChat account usually occurs at the security verification stage. However, if we fail to create a WeChat account, understanding has two solutions to overcome.

Solution 1

The first solution is if we fail the security verification process. Then try using the Telkomsel Sim Card and also use a cell phone that has never been installed on the WeChat application.

Solution 2

If you continue to use the first solution, we can try the next second solution.

  • First launch the web browser application, either using a laptop or cellphone. Then open the WeChat complaint page.
  • Then choose the operating system that we use as a platform. If you are using Android, select Android, but if you are using an iPhone, choose iOS.
  • Then select our country of origin in the Country section.
  • Then select Account Registration in the Category list.
  • Then, select Cannot receive SMS code in the Category section.
  • Then explain our problem using a few words. Specifically explain that we are new users and cannot register.
  • Then enter our mobile number in the first column. Start our mobile number with +62.
  • Then enter your email address in the field provided.
  • Then submit your complaint form.

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That’s the way to register for WeChat, follow the steps above to launch the account registration process, hopefully it will be useful.


What is WeChat?

Wechat is a voice and text messaging application, developed by Tencent in China.

What is wechat function?

Wechat functions as a means of sending messages like whtasapp. but just different looks and more functions.

How do you delete a Wechat account?

Not a wechat application> select settings> select security> select account cancellation> delete account> complete.


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