Various Benefits of Red Betel Leaves Need to Know

What’s on your mind when you hear the word betel leaf? Grandmothers often chew to care for teeth! Right. Can be used to relieve nosebleeds! Iyes right again. From these two examples, it has been seen that betel leaf is often used as a natural ingredient for traditional medicines. Moreover, betel leaf is classified as a medicinal plant which is quite easy to be planted in a home yard with a tropical climate like in Indonesia.

Generally, the betel leaf used for traditional medicine is green betel. However, betel leaf also has another type, namely red betel leaf. This type is equally beneficial with green betel because it contains alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, essential oils, and polyphenolate compounds.

What are the names? Well, rather than confused, let’s look at the benefits of red betel leaves with ingredients that are good for the body.

Benefits of Red Betel Leaves for Health

Red betel leaf is a vines with physical characteristics similar to pepper. The leaves are shaped like a heart with a pattern on the top and the bottom bright red. The following are some of the benefits of red betel leaves that can be used for health.

1. Antiseptic ingredients

Well, the hand washing movement is popular due to the COVID19 virus and antiseptic soap sold out everywhere? Don’t worry because red betel leaf can be used as an antiseptic liquid mixture. The antibacterial content it possesses is not only effective in killing bacteria while inside the body, but also when it is still outside the body.

Historically, red betel leaf has long been used as a natural ingredient for hand washing. In fact, some studies say the antiseptic content in red betel is far stronger than soap in killing bacteria. It’s just that further research is needed, whether these bacteria fall into the category of pathogens (causing disease) or not.

2. Good for oral health

As mentioned earlier, betel leaf is often used to clean the mouth with chewing. According to research, it is useful to eliminate dental caries caused by Streptococcus mutans.

Compounds such as flavonoids, phenolics, and essential oils are active against the mutans bacteria. A group of these compounds can inhibit the growth of S. mutans bacteria.

3. Bleeding gums

In addition to preventing dental caries and refreshing the mouth, red betel can also be used for those who have sensitive gums. Constraints related to gums such as inflammation of the gums to bleeding gums can be alleviated thanks to the content of tannins, calcium, saponins and phosphorus that are contained in red betel leaves.

You do this by boiling several red betel leaves and gargle using the cooking water. Do it regularly until the gum obstruction subsides.

4. Relieve mastitis

Mastitis is a symptom of inflammation in the breast of a breastfeeding mother. The signs can be seen with swollen breasts, appearing reddish, until it feels warm in the chest area. If inflammation continues to cause infection until the emergence of fever in the body of the mother.

Red betel leaf containing flavonoids, tannins, and saponins can act as a compress medicine to relieve the symptoms of mastitis. However, its use can only relieve minor symptoms and can not be used for healing as a whole.

5. Treat allergic itching

The anti-inflammatory effect on red betel leaves can also be used to relieve itching allergies in the skin area due to insect bites. The trick is to boil about 20 pieces of red betel leaves and then use this boiled water when bathing. Do it regularly, the allergic itching will start to subside.

The use of red betel leaf as an alternative medicinal ingredient has indeed been known for a long time. Often also used as first aid for various obstacles that have been mentioned above. However, the use of red betel leaves as medicines also needs to be considered carefully. If the disease does not subside immediately, it helps you consult further doctors of related diseases.


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