How to Backup Whatsapp Chat so that your chat isn’t lost

How to Backup Whatsapp Chat- Don’t let WhatsApp conversation data disappear. Save your chat data by backing up whatsapp to chat below.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application at the moment. Most smartphone users use WhatsApp as an application for daily conversation.

How not, the quality provided by WhatsApp is very good. Not to mention the many features offered by WhatsApp such as phone service or amazing video calls.

Besides that, don’t worry if you replace the phone. You can restore the conversation data on your old cell phone in the way provided by WhatsApp itself.

Before switching between smartphones, be sure to back up or back up your chat data first.

So when you have a new smartphone, you can immediately restore old chat data. To learn how to back up your whatsapp conversations, see the following steps.

How to Backup Whatsapp Chat

how to backup WhatsApp chat

What is Backup? In the world of Technology and Information, Backup is a process of backing up data by copying or archiving computer data so that data can be reused if damage or loss occurs.

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Therefore, when using WhatsApp, it is best to back up all data (including the contents of your message) to Google Drive. This method is now available automatically on WhatsApp.

So when you have to change your smartphone or, for example, there is a problem on WhatsApp that causes all chats to disappear and can be restored automatically.

Therefore, you must first activate the WhatsApp data backup feature to Google Drive.

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If you change phones, make sure to copy the chat data first. Because you definitely don’t want to lose the conversation data in it, for example like whatsapp chat.

To back up or back up whatsapp chats you can follow these steps.

How to Backup Whatsapp messages

  1. Open WhatsApp

    First, Open the whatsapp application on your smartphone.

  2. Settings

    Click the Settings menu in the upper left corner, click Chat, then Back up Chat. Select the menu button with the dot icon in the top corner> Settings> Chat> Chat reserve.

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You can manage backups only when you click Backup or automatically, whether daily, weekly or monthly.
After you change it, you will be asked to choose your Google Account.

Make sure your Google Account is always safe, because in the future you will need it if you change your phone.

You can also choose to back up only when using WiFi or you can also use cellular data.

Note that any automatic backups to Google Drive will replace the last saved file.

Therefore, if you delete something wrong, you must restore it before making a backup.

This is a way to back up or back up messages on your WhatsApp.

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You can do this just in case you don’t lose important messages that can be lost unexpectedly due to events such as the disappearance of a cellphone or cellphone that suddenly hangs, Hopefully useful,


How to backup WhatsApp?

Open the WhatsApp application.> Tap Menu> Settings> Chat> Backup chat.> Click Backup to Google Drive and select the frequency of the backup you don’t use.> Select the Google Account you want to use to back up your chat history.

What is Google Drive and its functions?

The main function of Google Drive Highlights is to save files or documents, and users can access them anywhere at home and at work, of course, through an Internet connection.


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