How To Check Xiaomi IMEI To Check The Authenticity And Warranty Of Xiaomi Phones

How to check Xiaomi IMEI- One way to validate our Xiaomi phones is to use an IMEI number.

IMEI or International Mobile Device Identity is a series of unique numbers where each device has a different number.

With this IMEI can prevent various things such as smuggling of goods etc. One of the simplest uses of IMEI is to find out the authenticity of mobile phones.

In addition, IMEI can also be used to track the location of a cell phone if a cellphone is lost.

In Indonesia, Xiaomi itself has become one of the HP brands with many sales. With so many Xiaomi phones in circulation, there are also individuals who distribute fake cellphones.

Here’s How to Check Xiaomi IMEI

How to check Xiaomi IMEI through Settings

Settings menu on the HP, in addition to using it to manage things, we can also see basic information from the cellphone.

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Even the information we get can be more detailed than the information on the label and also the cellphone box.

Easy to do

  1. Open the Menu

    open the settings menu or settings.

  2. Select About phone

    Then, open the About Phone or About phone menu.

  3. Done

    Here we can see the IMEI number according to the type of Xiaomi phone we use.

How to check Xiaomi IMEI with code * # 06 #

There are a lot of secret codes on Android phones that we can use in many ways. The secret code certainly differs between one brand of HP and another brand of HP.

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But there are also universal icons that apply to all Android phones. One of them is code * # 06 # which is useful for checking the IMEI code.

We can use this code by opening the keyboard menu,

  • open the keyboard menu.
  • then enter code * # 06 #.
  • A window will automatically appear with an IMEI number.
How to check Xiaomi IMEI with code 1

How to Check Xiaomi IMEI with code * # * # 4636 # * # *

This method is almost the same as before, using a secret code. But the secret code used is different. This code can be used to display various information, one of which is the IMEI number.

  • The way to do it is also very easy,
  • Open the contact list then enter the code * # * # 4636 # * # *.
  • A window will automatically appear with various information.
  • To view the IMEI number, select Phone 1 or Phone 2.
How to check Xiaomi IMEI with code 2

Check IMEI in Engineer mode

Enginer mode is the mode commonly used for HP verification. There we can see the overall status of the HP device.

Besides this mode, we can also use our IMEI number.

How to enter the cool mode is not difficult.

  • Open the Settings menu,
  • scroll down and select About phone.
  • Then press several times on the Kernel version.
  • Then the Engineering Mode window will appear, to check IMIE, we can see it in the list of SW and HW versions.

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Check the back of the cellphone

The simplest way is to look at the IMEI number on the back of the body.

When we just bought a cellphone, we would find a number of stickers connected to the back of Xiaomi’s body.

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The label contains various information about the product, one of which is the IMEI number information.

If we use Xiaomi phones, it is still possible to remove the battery like Redmi note 2.

Then we can see the IMEI number on the inside of the cellphone. You can do this by opening the back cover of the phone, then removing the battery, then we can find a sticker that contains IMEI.

Check the Xiaomi Cellphone Box

When we buy Xiaomi phones, we will definitely get a diary. Most users think that the HP box is useless.

However, in the cellphone box, we can find various concise information about cellphones. Like the HP specifications, the model number and of course the IMEI number.

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Thus those are some ways to see the IMEI number that is on each of our XIAOMI phones. It is important to know the IMEI number on the smartphone, especially when we buy a used cell phone to check the authenticity of the cellphone we are going to buy. Hopefully it will be useful.


What is meant by IMEI?

Every cellphone on the market must have an IMEI. IMEI means the identity of an international mobile device. IMEI for every cellphone is always different.

What is the IMEI number digit?

IMEI numbers usually consist of 15 to 16 digits


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