10 Tasty Biscuit Brands for Snack at Home

Running any healthy eating patterns, eating snacks remains a pleasant activity at home. Biskut can be a pretty filling stomach and friends chatting with family or guests who come to the house. For that, you need to stock several brands of delicious biscuits at home.

Because this food is a favorite, of course there are many choices you can get now. Unfortunately, not everything is good or has a good content for the body. You still need to select the right biscuits to fill your days at home.

Tips for Choosing a Biscuit Snack

Just as the “stirring” and “non-stirring” camps, biscuit snacks also have two types. You can get biscuits with cream and biscuits without cream. It all depends on your taste, but there are still a few things to consider before choosing it.

1. Have big and small packaging

This food is intended for you to relax at home. Certainly, large packaging will be an option so that it can be eaten by all family members. However, that does not mean you do not want to take it to eat on the way to campus or office. That is the point of smaller packaging.

2. Taste is a major factor

Someone chooses food for sure from the taste. Nowadays many biskut producers offer many flavors, ranging from chocolate, cheese, strawberry, and other flavors. It’s good to choose biscuits based on your favorite taste. However, the taste of chocolate can be very different between biscuits with one another, you know.

3. Crispy bitten

If the biscuits do not use cream, the texture must be crispy bitten. The shape is not too thick so it is easy to chew in the mouth. You can also easily cut it to eat a little or share with others.

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4. Have a sweet cream

The sweetness must be right There are some biscuits that are too sweet to make you thirsty. Also check the cream section. There are some biscuits that have a creamy taste that is incompatible with the biscuits.

5. Check the Expiration Date

Because this is open to food in packaging, of course there is a safe period of consumption. Well, you need to check before buying it. Some biscuits will mold after the expiration date.

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Favorite Biscuit Brands at Home

Maybe you have your own favorite biscuits so far. However, it never hurts to try other biscuits with different flavors. Come on, see the options below!

1. Oreo Cookies

Click to buy Oreo cookies!
Click the picture to buy Oreo cookies!

Oreos are well known all over the world and are an additive to several other foods, such as cake, ice cream, and cold drinks. This biscuit has cream in the middle with different flavors. Now you not only have vanilla flavors available, but there are also chocolate, strawberry, and peanuts. Oreo can also be obtained with various packaging options and contents.

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2. Khong Guan Biscuits

Click the picture to buy Khong Guan biscuits!
Click the picture to buy Khong Guan biscuits!

The Khong Guan biscuit brand has also been very popular in Indonesia for decades. You can easily buy these biscuits at supermarkets, convenience stores, and food stalls around the house. Inside there are also biscuits of various shapes and wafers. The race also makes you not enough to just eat one.

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3. Monde Biscuits

Click the picture to buy Monde biscuits!
Click the picture to buy Monde biscuits!

These biscuits are also often a mainstay snack for some Indonesian families, especially before the religious holiday. Its contents are filled with various kinds of very tasty biscuits. Monde also has a family package to be used as a snack when a large family gathering and even smaller sizes for friends to relax with friends.

4. Marie Regal Biscuits

Click the picture to buy Marie Regal biscuits!
Click the picture to buy Marie Regal biscuits!

Many people think Marie Regal is a baby biscuit because it has a soft texture and is easily broken when mixed with water. Right now, Marie Regal has become a mixture of cold drinks with liquid milk. It’s not too sweet so it doesn’t make you thirsty quickly when you eat more than one.

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5. Roma Coconut Biscuits

Click the picture to buy Roma Kelapa biscuits!
Click the picture to buy Roma Kelapa biscuits!

This snack is also a very favorite because it is easily found in various shops and stalls. The price is clearly very affordable and has a variety of size choices. For matters of taste, Roma Coconut Biscuits need not be doubted.

6. Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

Click clasps to buy Belvita Breakfast biscuits!
Click clasps to buy Belvita Breakfast biscuits!

These biscuits contain whole wheat which can help smooth digestion. Belvita Breakfast can also be your breakfast menu which is quite filling when in a hurry. Just add milk and you already have a nutritious breakfast in the morning. The packaging is small enough to carry anywhere.

7. Ritz Biscuits

Click image to buy Ritz biscuits!
Click image to buy Ritz biscuits!

Cheese lovers will definitely love the choice of biscuits on this one. The cheese is very much felt in every piece of biscuits. The shape of the biscuits is quite small and slim so that makes it easy for you to consume them. One thing that is not less important is the price that is quite affordable.

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8. Congratulations Biscuits

Click image to buy biscuits Congratulations!
Click image to buy biscuits Congratulations!

The Selamat brand is quite popular with delicious chocolate wafers. However, the biscuit variant is also a must try because it contains the same delicious chocolate. Congratulations biscuits have a variety of packaging options, ranging from units to cans to be eaten with the family when gathering.

9. Trenz Biscuits

Click image to buy Trenz biscuits!
Click image to buy Trenz biscuits!

Trenz also becomes a tasty snack at home when relaxed. This biscuit is a choice with cream in it. There are several choices of flavors, ranging from peanut, cream cheese, banana cheese, and many more. You can eat it together with a cup of hot tea to make chatting more enjoyable.

10. Green Coconut Nissin Biscuits

Click the picture to buy Nissin biscuits!
Click the picture to buy Nissin biscuits!

Nissin is also one of the most popular snack manufacturers. They have a choice of wafers, crackers, and of course biscuits. This soft Nissin biscuit has a savory green coconut flavor. Of course, eating this snack can also make you quite full while waiting for a big meal.

There are some good biscuit choices that you can stock at home. You should have several choices in your home. If you get bored with one biscuit, you can immediately switch to another biscuit!

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