How to Add Twitter Followers Quickly & Easily Without Application

How to Add Twitter Followers- Of course, having many followers makes your account better known. Besides being popular, having a lot of followers allows you to get commercial offers such as advertising several products.

Besides the ability to make transactions, having many followers also has its own meaning for several accounts. Like prestige quizzes with friends or make yourself more confident when posting status updates or the latest news.

The number of followers on Twitter is influenced by how often you use Twitter, how useful your content is, and how many people you follow. In addition, for those who are new to Twitter, you must follow many people to increase the number of followers on Twitter.

But there are also other ways to add it to your Twitter followers. Here are tips and ways to add Twitter followers.

How to Add Followers on Twitter

There are several ways you can increase the number of followers on your Twitter account. Here are ways you can do to increase the number of followers on Twitter.

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How to Add Twitter Followers Use a hashtag

The usual way to invite other users to follow your account is to use hashtag tweets. Hash tags that you can use to invite other users include # 500ADAY # 1000ADAY #instantfollow # Follow4Follow #follow #FollowME #IFollowAll #ifollowback.

You can use one of the hash tags above, or even all the hash tags that you place in your tweet post. The hashtags above also have meaning if someone follows you, which means you will also follow.

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Share or Retweet the Latest News

The use of tweets that you share also affects other users to follow you. To provide the latest news, you must also ensure that the news you share is not fake or deceptive.

You can share news in the form of text or you can also enter a link in your tweet. Tweet regularly so other users can see your posts on their homepage. You can also provide special hashtags to invite more users to read the tweets you share.

Promote Account

In the digital age like now you definitely have more social media applications. To invite more Twitter followers, you can also use other social media to promote your Twitter account.

For example, you can promote on Facebook, Instagram or other social media by embedding them in your resume in your social media accounts. Besides entering usernames on other vital social media, you can also enter usernames in each of your posts.

In addition to the above methods, you can also add followers in real time through the many available sites. Here are a few websites to add followers that you can reach.

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How to Add Twitter Followers with a Website

With this site, you can immediately add followers, you just need to be careful to enter your username on this site.

In fact, there are many free sites for service providers that you can access. But over time, many sites cannot run. The above sites are still functioning properly.

When you choose to use a free follower site, what you need to know is that the site can send tweets to your account. If you want to stop using the free services provided, you can change application permissions on Twitter.

How to open Settings & Privacy> Application Settings> Revoke access to the application you want.

This is a way to revoke access to applications on Twitter. By revoking access to your application, you will avoid automatic tweets sent to free follower provider sites.

Twiends is a free affiliate site that is mostly sought after by followers. By visiting this site, you can immediately follow the steps to get followers easily.


The way to get Twitter followers with twiends is as follows.

  • Open and click the Enter with Twitter section
  • Give permission of the application on Twitter.
  • Then there are many people who will be advised to continue
  • Follow the people recommended for you and your followers.
  • The more people you follow on the Twiends page, the more followers enter your account.

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That’s the tips and how to add followers on your Twitter account quickly and for free, you can use all of the above methods, Hopefully useful, Thank you.


Twitter is?

Twitter is an information network of 140 private messages called Tweets. This is an easy new way to find the latest news or what’s happening, especially relating to things you enjoy.

What is the function of Twitter?

Twitter contains information that you think is valuable. Messages from users you choose will appear on the homepage to read. This is like sending a newspaper where you are always interested in news headlines – you can find news as it happens, learn more about topics that are important to you, and get real-time information from sources.


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