How to remove Android Default Applications without Root

How to remove Android Default Applications – Unlike deleting applications in general, deleting default Android applications requires special methods.

Why do I have to delete the default Android application (bloatware)? Because not all applications are useful for smartphones, they tend to be annoying. In addition, some applications will only lose memory capacity.

Then, how do you delete the default Android application? Relax, we will analyze how to delete the default application whether the smartphone has been rooted or without root.

How to remove Android Default Applications through Root

It’s even easier to remove bloatware when the phone is rooted, you can use many of the following applications.

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Root Explorer

Root Explorer is a mandatory element that must be possessed by smartphone users who have done root work. This application is not much different from other file explorer, but Root Explorer can open, edit and delete existing files.

To remove bloatware is quite easy.

root exploler
  • Open Root Explorer and click the “Mount as R / W“In the upper right hand corner. Make sure the position is “R / W “ (read-write / read-write), not “R / O“(Read only).
  • Then open the System> App folder. Later you will see various default applications stored on your Android smartphone. If you want to delete it, press and hold, then select Delete.
  • Be sure to delete applications that you don’t use, not dynamic applications. If you uninstall the wrong application, your phone will not function normally, and may even experience booting experience.

ES Explorer

xploler ice

Not much different from Root Explorer, this application can also access and modify system files. Moreover, ES Explorer is equipped with more complete features and a more friendly appearance.

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How to delete the default Android application is quite easy.

  • First, allow root access first.
  • Then, select the application that you want to delete using the same method as Root Explorer.



It turns out, besides using it to move applications to the SD card, you can also use Link2SD to delete the default smartphone application on Android. How to use it is also very easy you know.

  • Install the application first.
  • Then select the application you want to delete by clicking the Action button> Uninstall.
  • When the warning page appears, select OK to continue. In this way, the deletion process will run.

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How to delete Android Default Applications without Root

You can delete the default application even without root by using the method below:

How to Delete Default Applications with CCleaner

Remove Android APKs with CCleaner

  1. Download CCleaner
    First download the application called CCleaner below.
  2. Select the application
    Then, select the application that you want to delete. Make sure you don’t delete the dynamic application. Take the example of removing the Google Duo application.

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That’s how to delete the default Android application that you can do, the above method can be used on all Android devices with various brands, Hopefully useful.



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