Watch Out! These 10 Bad Effects of Skin Whitening with Vitamin C Injections (Updated)

Feel dull and quite annoying skin? Feeling it is not enough to just wear it skincare which is rich in vitamin C? Many women are now tempted to try injecting vitamin C because they often hear other people do it. Indeed, many have managed to whiten the skin with injections of vitamin C, but some of them also feel side effects. Do not want to, if your skin is white but there are bad effects felt by your body?

The following side effects whiten the skin with vitamin C

Whiten the skin instantly is the choice of most women to increase self-confidence. One attempt is to do a vitamin C injection. But if the injection of vitamin C to whiten the skin is done in the long run there will be some side effects felt by the body. Before you try it, you must know the 8 bad effects of injecting vitamin C to whiten this skin. Is it safe?

1. Vitamin C injections damage the kidneys and liver

The bad effect of injecting vitamin C is to aggravate the performance of the kidneys and liver because the vitamin C contained therein dissolves in water. This can happen if the injection dose of vitamin C reaches 4 grams, with the intensity of the injection once a week.

Launch from News Medical, daily vitamin C needs of adults only range between 75-90 mg per day. While the maximum allowable limit of vitamin C in one day is 2000 mg. Then, what is the effect if you over-inject vitamin C?

In addition, excessive vitamin C can trigger the formation of kidney stones. Vitamin C can also interfere with the absorption of minerals that the body needs, such as copper.

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2. Vitamin C injections result in unstable hormones

8 adverse effects whiten skin with injections of vitamin c
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For the short term, side effects of injecting vitamin C make the hormone unstable. Conscious or not, hormonal instability makes the body more susceptible to obesity.

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3. Vitamin C injections cause thalassemia

Excessive dose of vitamin C can provoke the potential for thalassemia. What is that? Thalassemia is a condition of blood disorders in the body. When hemoglobin should be produced sufficiently, it produces little. Hemoglobin is a type of protein that helps form red blood cells.

4. Vitamin C injections can trigger cancer

The next side effect of injecting vitamin C for white skin is cancer. Again the problem here is that high doses of vitamin C are injected into the body. Doses that are too high or too often are not a good thing because they can cause cancer cells.

Cancer cell growth can not only start from fast food or unhealthy lifestyles, beauty treatments are also at risk of cancer. It is important to know that high concentrations of vitamin C can cause cancer cells to multiply.

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5. Vitamin C injections can cause allergies

8 adverse effects whiten skin with injections of vitamin c
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For someone who has low immunization, high doses of vitamin C can cause an allergic reaction. Starting from skin flushed, itchy, to cause patches on the skin.

6. Can cause early menopause

One of the adverse effects felt by women routinely injecting vitamin C to whiten the skin is early menopause. For example, women who like to do vitamin C can get menopause even though they are still 50 years old. This makes the level of immunity and energy of women gradually diminish in the age that is still quite productive.

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7. Causes diarrhea

Not just bones and skin, injections of vitamin C also damage the digestive system that triggers diarrhea. Abdominal sensitivity will be higher when meeting with vitamin C, especially when you have an ulcer disease. So white injection is not recommended for women who have sensitive stomach conditions.

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8. Melanin production is reduced

Vitamin C injections can make copper levels in the body decrease. The effect, if the levels of copper forming melanin continues to decrease, over time this will also disappear.

Melanin served as the main ingredient used in the formation of skin tissue. Melanin also has a role in making skin cells can regenerate at any time. When vitamin C injections are carried out repeatedly at high doses, automatic formation of melanin is also disrupted, or more precisely it will be lost.

In one injection of vitamin C, usually added content glutathione and collagen. The goal is to reduce the dose of vitamin C contained in one ampoule. Glutathione useful to inhibit melanin production which if too much skin will get darker. In addition, to ward off being free.

9. Iron poisoning in the blood

The content of vitamin C can increase iron absorption. So for those of you who suffer from excess iron disorders in the blood it is not recommended to do a white injection. Excess iron will cause poisoning in the bloodstream and the body.

10. Can cause miscarriage

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

For you who are pregnant. White syringes are not allowed. This is motivated because in early pregnancy, mothers are advised not to consume or inject excessive vitamin C. Vitamin C with high doses can inhibit the production of the hormone progesterone which can result in miscarriage.

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Vitamin C injections are banned in some countries

In some countries, injecting vitamin C has been banned. In America, for example, I never recommend injecting vitamin C. In Australia, doctors can go to jail. Even in Africa it has been banned for 20 years.

How, still want to do vitamin C injections?


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