Recommendations and prices for the best bicycle bags for Pehobi Gowes (Latest 2020)

Cycling is a very pleasant sport. Besides being able to nourish the body, of course it will provide active work on the active without overloading the muscles and joints. By cycling for 30 minutes every day, you can burn at least 300-350 calories in the body.

To carry things while you are biking, you will need a special backpack for cycling, or commonly called cycling bag. There are various kinds of advantages of a bag for cycling compared to ordinary backpacks, namely air flow for a better back, lighter, and large capacity. Because everyone’s needs are different, different types of bags are available on the market so that it often makes confused in choosing. Therefore, BukaReview will provide recommendations for the best bicycle bag for you who like to ride a bicycle.

Choices of the Best Bicycle Bags You Can Have

Authentic AOTU AT6901 – Rp232,000

the best bicycle bag
Picture: This bag is equipped with a very strong nylon material. (Photo: AOTU)

For those of you who aren’t people who like bicycle sports and sports outdoorYou might be unfamiliar with the AOTU brand. AOTU is a company that makes a variety of sports equipment and accessories, ranging from outdoor gear, to bicycle bags. One of the AOTU bicycle bags that we will discuss here is the AOTU AT6901.

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The shoulder and waist part of this bag has a mesh-like design, so the air flow becomes smooth and cool when used. This bag has a size of 13 liters which is suitable for long distance travel by bicycle, besides this bag is made of nylon which is not easily damaged. In addition, the front of this bag is a small bag for storing small items, such as smartphone and wallet.

Sparkles Caliber 910501-029 – Rp700,000

the best bicycle bag
Image: Sparkles Caliber Bag 910501-029 has a special compartment for you to carry a laptop. (Photo: Bukalapak)

Just like AOTU, Kalibre is also a well-known outdoor equipment brand. Sparkles Caliber 910501-029 has 2 parts that can be filled with goods, so your items are not messy. The location of organized items will certainly make it easier for you when picking it up. Each part is closed using a zipper that can be locked so that safety is guaranteed. In addition, you can also carry a laptop using this bicycle bag. So for those of you who use bicycles to go to the office, the Sparkles Kalibre 910501-029 bicycle bag can be the right choice.

[blproducts title=”Pilihan tas Kalibre Sparkles yang keren banget” ids=”1di1t40,177xuwl,15pdcog”]

Deuter Trans Alpine 24 – Rp1,300,000

the best bicycle bag
Image: The Deuter Airstrips feature makes your back don’t heat up quickly when using this bag. (Photo: Deuter USA)

The name Deuter in the equipment field outdoor it seems you don’t need to doubt anymore. Many professional mountaineers have used Deuter goods to conquer the world’s highest mountain peaks. Deuter also produces bicycle bags that are not less cool, namely Deuter Trans Alpine 24.

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This bag has a cool and minimalist design that makes you look cooler when biking. This bag is also equipped with a fastener on the shoulder and waist to increase comfort while cycling. With the position of the bag that does not shift everywhere, cycling activities will definitely be smoother. The design known as the Deuter Airstrips on this bag allows air to flow smoothly through the back area, so you won’t feel too hot when you’re biking.

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Thule Pack n Pedal – Rp.2,650,000

the best bicycle bag
Image: Thule Pack bicycle bag ‘Pedal has a simple design but still multifunctional. (Photo: Thule)

This Thule Pack Ped n Pedal bicycle bag has a fairly simple design. The shape is not at all like a bicycle bag in general that is slim, but rather like an ordinary briefcase. Although the design is simple, this bag supports a variety of functions, such as a place to put a helmet, drinking bottles, and laptops. The large number of small bags available also helps you store small items such as wallets and bags smartphone.

[blproducts title=”Pilihan tas sepeda keren dari Thule” ids=”kyu882,zrh8se,bxho4s”]

West Biking Cycling Mini – Rp3.175,000

the best bicycle bag
Picture: This bicycle bag has anti-tear and waterproof material. (Source: YouTube)

One of the things you should consider before buying a bicycle bag is the material of the bag. Make sure the bicycle bag you are going to buy has a material that is not easily torn and waterproof like a West Biking Cycling Mini bicycle bag.

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On the shoulder of this bag there is PE (Polyethylene) foam which provides tenderness and comfort for its users. Your shoulder will not hurt even if you use this bag for a long time. In addition, this bag is High Utilization Rate Storage Space that makes it easy for you to store the items you need while on the go.

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Roswheel Waterproof Bicycle Bag – Rp95,000

Roswheel bag has High Density Touch Design technology (Photo: Bukalapak)
Roswheel bag has High Density Touch Design technology (Photo: Bukalapak)

Do you need a bicycle bag that isn’t too big, but can load your daily items like a wallet, cellphone, and other small items? You can make this bicycle bag product from Roswheel. The Roswheel Bag is a bag mounted on the stem of your bicycle frame. This bag has three compartments. The first and second compartments are specifically for storing your belongings. Whereas the third compartment is a place to put a smartphone with a maximum size of 5.5 inch.

Smartphone compartment has a transparent layer of High Density Touch Design technology. Makes you able to use a smartphone without having to take it out of the bag. No need to worry if it rains because Roswheel is made of waterproof polyester material, which is resistant to rain (mild intensity) and splashes of water. Roswheel is very easy to install and remove, because it uses the Velcro system as an adhesive on the bicycle frame.

[blproducts title=”Pilihan tas sepeda keren dari Roswheel” ids=”aaw08c,47a88q,a0hc0d,biqss6″]

Eibag Handlebar Bag 1508 – Rp.135,000

Handlebar bags from Eibag can be used as ordinary sling bags (Photo: Eibag Indonesia)
Handlebar bags from Eibag can be used as ordinary sling bags (Photo: Eibag Indonesia)

This Eibag production bag besides functions as a bicycle bag (mounted on handlebar/ bicycle handlebars) can also be used as an ordinary sling bag. Bag handlebar Eibag tconsists of 1 main pocket and 1 net pocket on the front. Enough to load goods yours when cycling such as to put on a change of clothes, smartphone, wallet, power bank, keys, and other objects. P.there is the front of the bag there are additional refle materialsktor. Besides make a bag looks more attractive. Other functions of reflector this is for add security when cycling at night. Because the reflector will turn on if exposed to light from vehicle lights.

How to install a bag handlebar Eibag bikes are easy enough you are enough tie 2 pieces rope on handlebar/ handlebars, then hook it one rope the other as an amplifier on the part headtube. the bag will stay securely installed without being shaken when you drive bike. Every purchase of this Eibag bag you will get raincover bag (to protect the bag when it rains) and a sling bag strap.

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Rockbros Trunk Pannier Waterproof – Rp500,000

Rockbros pannier bags have a large capacity (Photo: Bukalapak)
Rockbros pannier bags have a large capacity (Photo: Bukalapak)

Bag pannier This versatile bike from Rockbros can be used to carry various objects. Starting from first aid kit, emergency tools for bicycles, changing clothes, and other items. The advantage of this Rockbros bag is that it is waterproof because it is made of 840D Nylon IPX7 material. This bag is also strengthened thick and dense TPU layer. Provides comprehensive protection against splashing water. Make you can go through all kinds of weather conditions when cycling. Tno need to be afraid when it rains, goodiesyour stuff will remain safe in this bag

Besides being waterproof, the material used by this bag is also easy to clean. So you don’t need to be afraid of getting hit by mud and dust when riding. Locking system pannier Rockbros can be arranged easily. MThis bag can be securely locked. that the items in the bag aren’t will shake when the bicycle is speeding.

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Here are some of the best quality bicycle bags you can buy. But remember, adjust the bicycle bag that you want to buy with what you need. So, when do you want to ride again?


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