Terms and Conditions Using the Stall Voucher Feature

Terms and Conditions Using the Stall Voucher Feature

1. The Lapak Voucher is only valid for Pelapak Super Seller.

2. Pelapak can make maximum of 3 (three) vouchers in his stall.

3. Voucher costs are borne by the seller himself.

4. Pelapak can create a voucher code by following the following conditions:

– minimum 6 characters, maximum 10 characters.

– Does not contain words “BL”, “OPEN”, “OPEN”, or other prohibited syllables.

– Does not contain SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race and Intergroup).

– Does not contain names e-commerce/store on line other.

5. Minimum discounted voucher prices are Rp10,000.

6. Minimum voucher transaction value of Rp20,000.

7. Minimum voucher quota is as much 10,000 vouchers.

8. Pelapak can only change voucher status details “Not Active”.


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