How to Overcome the Full Android RAM (over) Without Applications

How to Overcome the Full Android RAM (over) – The most recently used device is an Android smartphone. Similar to a smartphone that has anesthetized everyone to get it.

It’s not uncommon to meet someone who is a good friend or someone we just met, mostly using this smartphone.

In fact, Android should be called a smartphone or smartphone, because of its sophisticated use it can make it easier for everyone who uses it in daily activities.

Various Android phones launched by various famous smartphone products, we can choose according to your needs and a variety of prices, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

The point depends on our needs, if you want to use it to run social media and lightweight applications, you can choose Android specifications that are quite lightweight.

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If you want to have Android to meet your gaming needs, choose an Android specification that has a quad-core processor or higher. The higher the specifications of your Android, the better the performance will run on Android.

Like computers, android also has the name RAM. We often hear the term RAM in the Android specifications. RAM or stand on RAM is certainly also a very important role in running applications on Android.

In addition we must pay attention to the specifications of the Android processor, we must also pay attention to the amount of RAM on an Android device. If we can’t manage the application correctly, it will definitely affect the performance of RAM which will work harder.

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On this occasion, I will give some tips for handling RAM on Android that always ends. The point here is that using Over RAM on Android requires a lot of money.

How to Remove Android RAM that is Often Full (Over)

how to overcome the full ram android

The following are a series of tips and tricks for overcoming or removing the use of ram that is often full on your Android smartphone, see below.

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  1. Pay attention to applications that consume a lot of RAM, usually these applications enter or run, like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  2. Use the application to taste, if it is deemed that the application you installed is not, It is important to remove it to free up RAM performance space
  3. If your Android RAM performance is maximized, you don’t need to delete the application, so you have to stop the application or “Force Stop“In applications that consume a lot of RAM.
  4. How to turn off Force by going to Settings> Applications> Select Applications> Force Stop or Force Stop.
  5. You can also apply Stop on Running Service that runs on the “Running” menu or runs on your Android device.
  6. Use the background application to taste. Background data is an application that actually works but the process is not visible.
  7. It is best not to use Live Wallpapers or images that run on the Home screen menu. Because that will make Android performance heavier.
  8. Battery saver applications or the like are actually useless and use up RAM, it is best to delete the application.
  9. If there is a feeling that applications that function like social media don’t really matter, it is best to register an account so that it doesn’t overburden RAM.
  10. Use RAM as needed and not excessive.
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To overcome a slow Android phone, you can also use several methods.

The easiest way is to clear the cache in RAM, your cell phone. To clear this junk or cache, you can do this manually and use the application.

You can use ram cleaning applications such as Clean master and CCleaner and many more that we have shared.

Look to find out the Best Android RAM Cleaner Application that we recommend for you,

So those are some ways to overcome the RAM memory on your Android that is often full and make your Android phone often slow, Hopefully the tips in this article can help you to overcome it, Thank you.


What is RAM?

RAM means random access memory, whose function is to store data. the amount of RAM that can be used to run applications and games and not yet used to run the Android system

What is the function of ram on a cellphone?

Any memory that helps processor performance and saves temporary files. This will help the processor’s performance so that it can read data in the application quickly.

What is the difference between ROM and RAM?

ROM (read-only memory) is a type of memory that can only be read and cannot be filled with data or files. whereas in the case of Random Access Memories (RAM) is a form of data storage that can be accessed randomly at any time.


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