The Best Android RAM Cleaner Application For Your Android Smartphone

Android RAM Cleaner Application For Android phone users, of course, they have experienced a time when their Android phone feels slow and delayed.

Android phones are slow, and once again this happens for a number of reasons, one of the reasons this slow and backward cellphone is the existence of slag and cache in HP RAM. The waste in your cellphone’s RAM is left causing your Android phone to feel very slow.

To overcome a slow Android phone, you can also use several methods. The easiest way is to clear the cache in RAM, your cell phone.

To clear this garbage or cache, you can do this manually and use the application. If using the manual method is more complicated, it’s easier to use the application.

Therefore, in the following we will recommend some of the best ram cleaning applications.

List of Android RAM Cleaner Applications

The following are some of the best Android RAM cleaning applications that we recommend for you

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Clean Clean Android RAM Cleanup Application

Clean Master

The first application is Clean Master. Of course you are familiar with this Clean Master application, right? This application has been downloaded about 500 times on the Google Play Store.

Clean Master application is also in great demand by people. This application is 18MB in size and has interesting features in it, such as saving battery life so that it can last up to a day.

Not only that, you can also make this application an antivirus program. So this application is very good and full.



The application provided by Piriform has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Google Play Store. CCleaner is also only 15MB, although its size is very small, but this application has interesting features and is very useful in it.

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In addition to the ability to clean junk and cache in your phone’s RAM, you can also set a cleaning schedule. So you don’t need to bother cleaning it manually. You can also delete the application using this application.

AVG Cleaner

avg cleaner

Another Android application for piston cleaning is AVG Cleaner. The application developed by AVG Mobile has been downloaded 10 million times on Google Playstore.

With only 18 MB, you can easily clean your Android RAM, and you can automatically delete junk files using this application.

This application can also improve the performance of your Android phone so that it can work normally and smoothly.

AMC Security

amc security

AMC Security is an application developed by iObit Mobile Security, this application has been downloaded 10 million times in the google play store. Even though this application is only 11MB in size, you can use it to clean your Android phone so it’s not too late.

This application also has a Game Speeder feature that is comfortable for gamers and likes to play games. With this application, you can clean viruses and cache and close applications that consume a lot of battery.

Fast RAM Android Cleaner Cleaner Application

Fast Cleaner

This next application, The Fast Cleaner, This application has a small size. Despite its small size, the application developed by Liquidum Limited has been downloaded 10 million times on the Google Play Store.

With this application, you can clean up trash on your Android phone, and you can also see how much garbage you clean. Not only that, but this application can also speed up the performance of your mobile.

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Avast Cleanup & Boost

Avast Cleanup

This application was made by Avast, which has been downloaded 10 million times on the Google Play Store. This application is very popular among Android and Computer users.

Avast Cleanup & Booster Although known for its antivirus software, Avast can also clean and protect viruses that enter your Android phone. This application can clean up trash on Android automatically.

Lite Clean

Lite Clean

Android RAM cleaning application installed is Lite Clean. Despite having a small size, this application is not much different from other ram cleaning applications.

The size of this application is very small, so it is suitable for those of you who only have a little Android memory.

Lite Clean is great for those who don’t want to install large applications and instead make phones slower.

Android Speed ​​Booster RAM Cleaner Application

Speed ​​Booster

The next application is Speed ​​Booster, Speed ​​Booster can quickly improve the performance of your phone, which includes speeding up web browsing speed,

Improve your gaming experience, and make your battery last longer and more! Our main advantages are CPU optimization, Junk File Cleaner, RAM Booster, Battery Booster, and Game Speed ​​Boost.

Super Fast Cleaner

Super Fast Cleaner

This Super Fast Cleaner application you can use to reduce or cool the CPU temperature of your Android HP device. So this application has many functions besides cleaning RAM for Android HP.

There are also battery saving features in this application. This application will look for sources that consume a lot of battery and reduce them. This application can also be a key on your Android phone using a PIN or pattern.

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Super Cleaner

Super Cleaner

The next application is Super Cleaner, this size is only 6MB. Although the application provided by LIONMOBI is only 6 meters in size, this application has unique features.

The unique feature of this application is that it can increase power, because it will stop applications that automatically drain your battery. Along with this application, you can also block notifications that can disturb you when using Android.

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Those are some Memory RAM cleaning applications on your Android that are often full which make your Android cellphone slow, Hopefully Helpful and Thank You.


What is RAM?

RAM means random access memory, whose function is to store data. the amount of RAM that can be used to run applications and games and not yet used to run the Android system

What is the function of ram on a cellphone?

Any memory that helps processor performance and saves temporary files. … This will help the processor’s performance so that it can read data in the application quickly.

What is the difference between ROM and RAM?

ROM (read-only memory) is a type of memory that can only be read and cannot be filled with data or files. whereas in the case of Random Access Memories (RAM) is a form of data storage that can be accessed randomly at any time.


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